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Tips For Starting Out in Outriders

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I’ve been cranking on Outriders with any free time I’ve had to game over the past few days (when the servers cooperate) and I’m having a blast so far. These are some tips to help you get started with the game if you’re just starting out.

Auto Loot

Auto loot is one of the game’s best QoL features. Pressing down on the D-Pad or H on the keyboard will vacuum up all the loot on the current map, with a user selectable minimum quality threshold you can set up in the options. If enabled, auto loot will also automatically pick up everything anytime you die or exit a map.

Weapon Leech Is Your Friend

The simplest and most universal way of dealing with survivability in Outriders is to prioritize even a small amount of weapon leech. I’ve found with even 5-10% leech either through the weapons I’m using or nodes in the skill tree I’m able to make a huge difference in my survivability by just being able to heal some with every shot. The Technomancer has this function built in, but other classes need to meet certain conditions to be able to heal based on their individual class mechanics.

Dismantle Gear

Weapon and armor mods are a critical component of itemization in Outriders. Dismantling gear will add its mods to your mod library, so you should definitely try and collect as many mods as you can as unlocked mods can be used an unlimited amount of times to modify future gear.

Pro tip #1: You can click the rarity colors as the bottom right of your inventory screen to instantly mark all items in your inventory of that rarity for dismantling.

Pro tip #2: Keep in mind that you can only mod a single slot on an item. Once you’ve replaced a mod on an item the other slots will be then locked from modification.

Don’t Die

Outriders does emphasize playing aggressively (“It’s not a cover shooter!”) but dying is counterproductive. Deaths will set back your World Tier XP progress (though you can’t downrank a tier) so it’s best to avoid dying if you want to continually unlock new World Tiers.

Turn it Down If You Need To

I like to play on the highest World Tier I’ve unlocked, but there’s no shame in turning it down if you’re having a rough time. This is especially true when you’ve unlocked a new World Tier as WTs scale with character level, meaning you’ll need even better gear to survive. It might be better to get the most out of a particular World Tier before moving on to the next one. YMMV here.

Got any of your own newbie tips for Outriders? Share ‘em in the comments below!


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