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Tips for Starting Out in Conan Exiles

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Given all of the connectivity and stability issues going on with Conan Exiles, I’ve not been able to make it too far into the game, but after many restarts, you tend to pick up a few things! This week, we’ll be sharing some tips for starting out in Conan Exiles.

Steam Server Browser

If you’re having issues with the in-game server browser, try using the one on Steam. You can access the Steam server browser by going to View->Servers. Set the filter to Conan Exiles along with any other filters you like and you’ll be able to consistently pull down a list of servers you can join.

Water Skin

I find this particular tip to be fairly critical. It’s tempting to just beeline out for the wilderness as soon as you spawn, but you should check your immediate surroundings for a rock with a water skin on it. Picking up the free water skin will allow you to address your immediate thirst as well as refill it for the future. Crafting a water skin requires unlocking the recipe and enough resources to be annoying if you don’t have one and find yourself darting around for water sources all the time. To refill your water skin, put it on your hotbar and press the associated key while in a body of water.


I found dumping points into Survival early on was a godsend. These points make a huge impact on cutting down on how often you need to eat and drink, giving you more uninterrupted time towards other goals.

Craft a Bedroll and a Storage Box

These are some of the first things I like to go for early on. Your bedroll is your spawn beacon, so if you don’t want to spawn back at the beginning of the map, you’ll want to put one of these down often. Keep in mind that you must press ‘E’ (or whatever your interact button is bound to) on the bedroll once it’s placed in order to update your spawn location. The bedroll is consumed upon death, which is where the storage box comes in. Packing some useful materials in a nearby storage box is a great way to ensure you have success on your corpse run (or at least allowing you to put down another bedroll immediately in case things go wrong).

Repair, Don’t Re-craft!

You can repair items that break by clicking them in your inventory and hitting repair (or by simply clicking them on your hotbar). No use wasting resources putting together entirely new items once they break.

Killing is Rewarding

This may be something addressed through tuning, but for now, killing is the way to go if you want to gain levels. Crafting and harvesting aren’t  great sources of experience. Even if you want to focus on building, you’re going to likely want to get to those sweet new recipes by bloodying your sword. Also, be sure to hit the corpses of your enemies for additional loot!

Share your tips for starting out in Conan Exiles by posting ‘em in the comments below!


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