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The Alchemist

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What is so great about being an alchemist? Well let's start with all the plants you can gather, dyes, and numerous potions including smithmagic potions you can make. Okay you're still not convinced. Let's take a look at some specific elements of the profession.

The Plants

There are seven different plant types that an alchemist can gather. Starting at level one you can collect flax flowers. With these flowers you begin making your first potion, mini healing potions; we will discuss this recipe more in a bit.

For every ten levels of experience you gain you will have a new plant to gather. At level 50 you will have your last two2 plants ripe for the picking. Take the time to mass harvest and stock pile the flowers for future use. Here is the breakdown as to when and which plants you will be able to harvest:

Plant Level





Five Leaf Clover


Wild Mint


Freyesque Orchid






Some plants can be hard to find so make sure when you find a good patch that you make note of it. Freyesque orchids are found on mass in the west area of breeders village, Edelweiss grows all over Kwismas Island. Yes, I said Kwismas Island. Make sure that you take advantage of that tidbit of information while the island is accessible. There are other areas to find Edelweiss plants growing but this plant tends to grow individually which makes it harder to collect mass amounts so be patient. Pandakin seeds can be harvested in Earth pandala which will be limited to access depending on your alignment and the alignment of the village.

Hmmmmm.....developers keeping us on our toes for this profession!

The Dyes

There are five different dyes for you to make, all of which are creatable at level one. The catch with making dye is that you will have to hunt or purchase the materials. The up side of creating dyes is that they are essential for other professions such as tailors, jewellers and shoemakers. Another plus is that the sale price of dye ranges from 2000 to 7000 per dye, depending on the colour.

Color Recipe


20 Blue larva skin, 1 Bluish Jelly


10 Arachnee Leg, 10 Moskito Wings


20 Green larva skin, 20 Wild Mint Leaf


20 Orange Larva Skin, 10 Water


10 Strawberry, 1 Strawberry Jelly

The Potions

At level one you have the option to make any of the 58 two-slot recipes.

Wow.....that is a lot of starter recipes.

Now some of these recipes will require you to purchase supplies, such as any of the unlearning potions. However, there are a lot of people looking to unlearn professions that they thought would make them instant kama with little effort. But for any of you that have been researching professions you won't need to buy unnecessary unlearning potions, right?

Earlier we mentioned mini healing potions (one water and three flax flowers) this potion uses the first flowers you pick. So half of the items used to make this basic healing potion are free. The other half will only cost you one kama per water to make and will sell for approximately 20 kama each. So that is a profit of 19 kama per potions. Yes, I know that isn't very much but it is a profit.

When selecting which potions to make it is good to have an idea of your profit margin, what the supply is like and who will be buying your potions. For example, mini healing potions are not bought necessarily as a healing potion. If you look at the potions associated recipes you will find the item is used by other professions. Mini healing potions are also used to make breeding items which makes them a useful item to create. But alas, the profit margin is not the best.

Now let's take a look at a few of the two slot potions that will sell (depending on your server) well.

Potion Recipe Use Intercity Brakmar Intercity Bonta Recall Potion of old age 1 Rice, 1 Pandapils Flask 1 Rice, 1 Pandaburg Flask 1 Water, 1 Five-Leaf Clover 2 Hemp, 2 Gobball Saliva Teleport to Brakmar Teleport to Bonta Teleport to last saved zaap Used in other potions

These recipes are staples for any alchemist. Teleporting potions allow you to travel around the map without paying for zaaps constantly, resulting in saving kama. The catch is that with these four potions you will need to buy the items other then the clover and hemp. But remember that hemp and clover are not unlocked until level 2 and 20. The flask are purchased from the inn on Pandala, rice is picked by level 50 farmers, water is collected from wells or purchased at any inn and gobball saliva is a monster drop.

The next set of fast kama makers come at five slots, yes there are some in between to make and explore but if you are looking to make the big K focus on:

Potions Use Slots

Raid Boole Potion

500-1000 energy points


Guild House Potion

Teleport to guild house


Guild Paddock Potion

Teleport to guild paddock


Remember to store some potions for your higher levels. The seven and eight slot recipes require that other potions be combined for the final product. Since most of the items will no longer give you experience points it is a good plan to make and store them: Potion of old age, Superior mini healing potion, Ghetto raid potion and Fairy water to be specific.

Smithmagic Potions

These are potions used by profession magi to tweak items. With the various smithmagic potions you can add or increase elemental damage to a weapon. The downside of these potions can be the price of material so double check the resale value before spending too much. It kills your profit if the materials cost more than the end product sells for. You may end up feeling a little silly for trying the new potion before checking market value. Yes, I am speaking from experience.....silly silly.

So that is a quick rundown of being an Alchemist. The only parts missing are the how to start and where to sell.

Where to begin

You can begin your career in Incarnam by visiting the Inn and talking to Foreman Ikure or in Astrub at the Alchemist seller by talking to Dragonsly. You will need to purchase your green fingers or apprentice alchemist gloves.

There are six workshops around the world of twelve, Incarnam, Astrub city, Brakmar, Bonta, the edge of the evil forest, and Otomai's Island. Seller rooms are located in all 3 cities and prices not only vary from server to server but also city to city, so check out where you will get the best price.

The plus side of being an Alchemist is that your potions will sell consistently and quickly. They may not sell for super high prices but you will make consistent kama to keep you happy.


Christy Bazell