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Ragnarok is an online role-playing game based on Norse mythology. Users can create characters and venture off alone or in groups in far-flung fantasy worlds full of adventure. Players can select from a wide range of job classes that suit their individual playing style. Each job class comes with a unique array of skills and abilities. The strengths and weaknesses of these classes encourage players of different types to form parties. Ragnarok has an easy-to-control interface. Most of the basic functions can be controlled by using the mouse. Users can also customize the interface to optimize usability and comfort.

Ragnarok Online has two genders for characters, male and female. You must select your proper gender when registering. Because users play character based off of their gender, community involvement becomes livelier with a willingness to participate. You can chat with other players as well as get married within the game with another character of the opposite gender. There are wedding dresses available as well. Depending on gender, job and skills can vary as well. Through job changes, male characters can become a "Bard" while female characters can become a "Dancer" which both have their own special skills.

Creating a character

As soon as you log in to the server, a character selection screen will pop up. As this is your first time playing the game you will need to select "make". This will pop up a screen allowing you to set the initial stat points of your character, change their hair color, hair style and give your character a name. The stats are as follows:

  • STR: Strength - Increases attack strength and weight capacity.
  • AGI: Agility - Increases attack speed and dodge rate.
  • VIT: Vitality - Increases defense and health, as well as HP recovery.
  • INT: Intelligence - Increases magic attack and magic defense.
  • DEX: Dexterity - Increases accuracy and stabilizes the amount of damage done by a weapon. As well as lowers the cast time to some skills/spells.
  • LUK: Luck -I ncreases Critical hits and perfect dodge rate, and brings about lots of luck.

In Ragnarok Online, you start as a Novice and are able to change to one of six different first class jobs. After the first job change each job can change into a more advanced class. The character then continues to grow through the job changes. See diagram below for a detailed explanation.

How experience is obtained

Experience is given to each player based on how much damage was done to the monster's HP during combat. The player who does the most damage will gain the most experience.

Example 1: If a monster with 100 HP gave 100 experience points and your character did 65 damage to the monster, you will gain 65 experience points. When cooperating with other characters to attack a monster, a different experience system is applied.

Example 2: A monster with 100 HP that gives 100 experience points is being attacked by two characters A and B. Character A attacks first and does 50 damage to the monster, followed by character 'B' who also does 50 damage. Character A will then gain 66.6 experience points, twice the amount of experience of character B, who gains 33.3 points.

Also, if more than one player attacks the same monster, the total experience points the monster offers increases by 25% for every extra player. This system was implemented to reduce the 'kill-stealing' ill-mannered activity.

Sharing experience in a party

You can create parties with other characters using the friend button in the Basic Info window. The party leader can choose either Each Take or Even Share for experience points.

Each Take allows the normal experience point distribution without the special party experience point features. Even Share allows party members to share the experience points to help leveling with other characters. For normal monsters, the criteria mentioned above will apply, with 25% extra experience points for each additional attacker.

Even Share distributes the experience evenly to all party members. All members must be on the same map, and the lowest level member must be within 10 levels of the highest level member.

Experience Point distribution only applies to characters which are online and in the party. Characters that die during battle will not receive any experience points.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ESC-Open/Close menu to end the game or return to the main menu.
  • F1~F9- Use items or skills in the Shortcut Keys window
  • F10-Adjust chat window size
  • F11-Exit all windows except Basic Info and chat window
  • F12-Open/Close Shortcut Keys window
  • Insert-Character Sit/Stand
  • Page Up/ Page Down -Scroll up or down while in the text windows (Mouse wheel can be used as well)
  • Shift + click on character-Follow a character that was clicked on (left or right click on character using mouse)
  • Shift + click direction-Change the direction the character is facing to direction clicked.
  • Ctrl + enter-Send a message to your party with this command
  • Ctrl + tab-Adjust the mini map's mode (transparency off / on / no mini map)
  • Ctrl + v-Activate / Minimize Basic Info window
  • Alt + a, Ctrl + a-Open / Close Status window, Activate / Minimize Status window
  • Alt + q, Ctrl + q-Open / Close Equipment window, Activate / Minimize Equipment window
  • Alt + o, Ctrl + o-Open / Close Option window, Activate / Minimize Option window
  • Alt + e, Ctrl + e-Open / Close Inventory window, Activate / Minimize Inventory window
  • Alt + h-Open / Close Friend window
  • Alt + i-Open / Close Friends Setup window
  • Alt + d-Open / Close Arrange Detail window, Adjust sprite and texture resolution
  • Alt + z-Open / Close Party window
  • Alt + p-Open / Close Party Setup window
  • Alt + c-Open / Close Chat room window
  • Alt + s-Open / Close Skill Tree window
  • Alt + Home-Ground cursor on / off
  • Alt + End-Character Status Bar on / off
  • Alt + F10-Open / Close Chat window


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