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Squig Herder Guide

John Lisenby Posted:
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Squig Herder Guide Page Four - Abilities Table

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Skill Name Description Level

Tastes Like Chicken

You eat your squig and gain 50 health. Less health if the squig has been damaged. Next 10 secs will summon the next squig


Focused Mind

Removes and ignores silencing, disarming, rooting, and snaring effects. your abilities will build 50% faster and may not be set back. Lasts 10 secs


Big Claw

You force your battle squig to claw at your target. Deals 60 dmg over 9 secs and snares target for 40% of movement for 9 secs.


He's a Biggun'

Summoned squig's strength and toughness are increased by 4


Head Butt

Squig slams it's head into the ttarget dealing 15 dmg and knocking them back


Run Away!

Any time you are hit you get a 25% chance that your movement speed will increase by 30% for 5 secs.


Death from Above

Squig bounces on target knocking them down for 3 secs


Explosive Shots

All your attacks for the next 10 secs will explode dealing 40 dmg to all enemies within 30 feet of target


Clever Recovery  

If target dodges any of your attacks you gain 75 action points


Drop That!!

On squigs next attack it will deal an additional 20 dmg and disarm the target for 5 secs


Strength In Numbas

Any time any group mate hits an enemy, ther is a 25% chance you will gain 100 points of morale over 3 secs.


Soothin' Mushroom Wrap

Your group members actions cost 50% less action points for 10 secs.


Pierce Defenses

If target blocks, dodges, or parries any attack, their block, dodge and parry will be reduced by 15% for 10 secs.



Cause your pet to bounce dealing 20 dmg and knocking you target down for 3 secs.


Don't Hit Me!

Deals 25 dmg and interrupts any ability target is building up.


Pick on yer own size!

Any time you defend against an attack, your chance to critically hit is increased by 30% for 10 secs.


Squig Goo

Deals 120 dmg over 9 secs to all enemies within 30 feet of target and snares for 60% of movement


All By Meself

You deal 25% more damage when you have no pet.


Sharpened Arrers

Explodin' Arrer now deals 46 dmg to target and 45 dmg over 9 secs with it's explosion.


Choking Arrer

Deals 20 dmg and silences target for 5 secs



Triples pet dmg and increases pet size for 15 secs



I Got Lots

Your pets no longer have cooldown times



Da Smell Don't Bother Me

Squig armor cooldown reduces by 120 secs and loast for 90 secs.



Hail of Doom

You focus on a spot on the ground for up to 5 secs. shooting all enemy within 30 feet of that spot for 40 dmg.



Shoot Thru Ya

Deals 33 dmg to all enemies in front of you up to 65 feet away




Explode you battle squig causing you to be launche upward out of you squig armor. All enemies within 30 feet take 50 dmg and are knocked back.


Have fun playing your Squig Herder and be sure to play around with the abilities to find the right combination for your playing style. If you ever have any questions just ask the herder next to you or seek out the in game help guide ("H" key). With all the skills that are available it will be easy to fine tune your herder to fit your needs and play style along with being able to PVE, PVP, and RVR. I hope you all find this information useful. There is so much more but these are the basics to get you going and up to speed with no troubles. Seek out the Renowed Trainers to get your renown tactic skills once you are able. Hope to see you in the game!


John Lisenby