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Squig Herder Guide

John Lisenby Posted:
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Warhammer Online: Squig Herder Guide

MMORPG.com Warhammer Online Correspondent John Lisenby writes this excellent guide to playing a Squig Herder in Mythic Entertainment's latest creation. In the guide, John talks about advancing your herder and even provides a full list of abilities.

So you want to know about the Squig Herder? Well here you go information and help to get you going rounding up those squigies. Here you will find skills, pet info, and other information just on this little git. Here is what I learned while hanging out with the guild Arsenal on the Bretonnia server. They helped me out with seeing how the herder works in groups and he is a great group support character. Also they helped in trying other things out, such as guild RvR and PQ areas. And the herder is a foe to deal with even on his own. So sit back and soak up the knowledge you are about to see below and enjoy!

The Squig Herder uses a bow and spear as his weapons. He can choose to sit back in the rear of the battle or jump up into the front lines along side his squig and stabbity the target. So you have the choice of sitting back in safety or jumping out into the front lines with this class.

Before I start. here are some basics to remember: You only train a skill once. You do not have to worry about getting the skill Stabbity rank 2, 3, or 4. You will start with the skill Stabbity and each time you gain a rank (level) it will increase in the damage it does. There is no mana in WAR. Instead, it is Action Points. They regenerate pretty quick and even regenerate during combat. Also you have Morale. This is what you build up while doing combat. The more damage you do in combat (or your group) the faster your morale builds up.

There are several abilities and tactics open to this class. You have Core, Path, and Morale abilities. You also have Career, Renown, and Tome tactics. All of these used together is what sets you apart from all the other herders. You are able to put together you own set of abilities and tactics that someone else might not use.

Core Abilities are skills that are open to all herders. They are the base skills such as Summon Squig. These are the skills you will need no matter what path you decide to take. And sure there may be one or two you do not use (depending on your way of playing). But on the whole you will need your core abilities.

Paths are the Mastery skills you can choose from. The paths are: The Path of Big Shootin', The Path of Stabbin', and The Path of Quick Shootin'. You can spend points in the path of your choice once you reach rank 11. You do not build up any Mastery points until rank 11 and you will have a total of 25 points at the rank of 40.

Path of Big Shootin': This mastery path is for the kind of person who likes to sit back in the safety of the rear lines and fling arrows at the target. This is more like a support role. You can sit back and shoot away at the enemy in the front lines while staying out of melee.

Path of Stabbin': This mastery path is for the person who likes to be up in the front lines stabbing his target. You can run up with your squig and both of you can stab away at the enemy. But do not confuse this with meaning you are able to be a tank. (Ya not a Black Orc)

Path of Quick Shootin': If you like to run and jump around while you fling arrows at your target, then this is your mastery path. You are able to run and jump around to avoid being hit while shooting and stabbing.

Morale skills give you special skills you are able to use during combat. As stated before you must build up morale to use these. When you have enough morale built up the skill with then appear and light up on your UI. You just need to simply click on it. There are many to choose from once you get to rank 40.

Tactics: These are passive abilities. They will give you boosts or buffs, cause the enemy to lose moral, and much more. You have five tactic bars where you can set up five sets of tactics. You can have one Career, one Renown, and one Tome tactic per set. Switching between them is very easy just click the number of the set already showing and it will bring up a menu for you to chose which set you want. Just click the next set you wish to use.

Depending on your playing style will depend on what skills, tactics, and path you decide to take. They are all powerful in their own right and the work well together. The herder is a great class to play for PVE, PVP, RVR, and PQ. Whatever your playing style or part of the game you wish to play you can find a herder that will fit your needs. You will find they are enjoyable to play if you like the hunter class.

Below you will find a "brief" description of the skills and tactics. What rank you get them and what they do. These are listed at the stats they will be when you get them. Just remember that what your character can do increases as you rank up.

On page two, you will find a complete list of Squig herder abilities.


John Lisenby