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Sprout's Guide to Glamour and Cosmetics in Final Fantasy 14

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It’s a pretty famous trope for items to be mismatched in RPGs, and Final Fantasy 14, as a massive MMORPG, is sadly no exception. Even as you level up, chances are that you’re going to have some cool gear that just doesn’t quite mesh, which is atrocious when you’re trying to get through cutscenes and your character pops up.

Therefore, FFXIV has implemented a “glamour” system so you can look cool while you level up. This system does not directly affect the attributes of the actual items you’re wearing, minus appearance, so you can look however you want given your items fit the requirements.

Even once you finish the game, there’s a joke that “glamours are the real endgame.” There’s some wildly good-looking stuff in Final Fantasy 14, and even sites and blogs dedicated to the fashion in the game. Many people even opt to do some cosplay!

Whether it’s to look like characters in another game, or just because your outfits are an eyesore, we’re here to help you figure out how to make your character look nifty.

Reminder that this is about the glamour system; if you’ve got questions on stuff like item stats and “item levels,” or “iLvl” for short, we’ve also got your back in our Gear guide!

How To Try On FFXIV Gear And Clothing 

Before you even unlock Glamours, you’ll likely be out in the world, gathering more clothes and gear than you can handle. While you’re out there, it’s actually possible to “Try On” the clothes without equipping nor buying them!

When you have a piece of gear that you want to see on your character, right-click the item then choose “Try On.” Your character will show up with the glamour on in a new “Dressing Room” window! ...however, they’re going to look pretty nude, so you’re going to likely want to hit the “Display Gear” option in the bottom of the window.

What’s good is that you can try on gear visually pretty much anytime you want in FFXIV, assuming no cutscenes. So whether you’re in a dungeon, at a party, or buying items, you can throw on the item and see how it looks.

FFXIV Glamour costumes

How To Unlock FFXIV Glamours and Glamour Prisms

First, you’ll need to unlock the use of Glamour Prisms (as well as Glamour Dispellers). These items will let you change your appearance. Keep in mind that you need to use one Glamour Prism per item or outfit change, so if you have any reason to think you’ll be changing these outfits, you should probably stock up.

Unlocking Glamour Prisms is actually pretty easy. There’s a quest you can take at level 15 in Western Thanalan’s Vesper Bay, where the infamous Waking Sands is located. The quest is called If I Had A Glamour, given by a very unmissable Roe sitting on a bench named Swyrgeim; it’ll be denoted by a blue quest icon.

The quest itself is actually pretty easy. All you need to do is pick up some Orange Juice from a nearby bartender, and she’ll explain the whole system to you. The glamour system will then be automatically unlocked afterwards. You’ll also get 12 Glamour Prisms once it’s all said and done.

How To Find, Buy And Make FFXIV Glamour Prisms

Glamour Prisms aren’t terribly difficult to acquire in FFXIV, especially given the high popularity of glamouring in the game. On one hand, you can’t buy it with gil; on the other, it’s terribly easy to acquire.

Your best bet, if you don’t have a free trial, is going to be the Marketboard. Thanks to the high demand, these tend to go for relatively cheap, and in large numbers. And if you’re going to be doing a lot of glamouring and swapping, you’ll want a lot.

However, if you’ve only got the free trial, you won’t be able to buy on the Marketplace, nor trade with friends to pick some up. Therefore, you’re going to have to get a little more creative — or crafty, even, as you can actually make your own!

Even without the trial, your best bet, both in efficiency and price, is going to be to level up a Disciple of Hand class, also known as a crafting class, to at least level 15. Then, you’ll want to do the Absolutely Glamorous quest from Swyrgeim, the same person you got the original glamouring unlock class from. This allows you to craft Glamour Prisms using Clear Prisms, which will be sold by the nearby Folcind NPC.

If you’ve also got certain types of currency saved up, you can get them from quite a few vendors. Unfortunately, you need to turn in a lot of your Grand Company Seals — for the Immortal Flames, Order of the Twin Adder, or Maelstrom which you choose during your Main Scenario Quests — in order to be allowed to purchase them with more Grand Company Seals. There are also Bicolor Gemstones from Shadowbringers FATEs, but that’s a Level 80 ordeal.

On the flip side, there are also Glamour Dispellers, which you need in order to wipe the glamour from your items. However, those are buyable across FFXIV, so don’t fret too much.

Item Requirements For FFXIV Glamours

Keep in mind that there are requirements in order to glamour.

First of all, glamoured items need to be equippable by the same job as the one you’re currently equipped to. The item window will show you what jobs can equip which items.

Second, the items should be at or below the equippable job level (not item level) of the current item worn. That means if you currently have a level 15 headpiece, you cannot glamour a level 60 item over it. This also implicitly means that any items you want to glamour cannot have a minimum job level than your current job. So if you really want that level 60 item, you can’t be level 15 in that job/class

Finally, the item should be equippable by your race and gender. There are very few actual race blocks, but there are some on gender. However, if you’re a Viera or Hrothgar trying on headgear, do double-check that the item actually shows up. These two races have infamously low compatibility with a lot of popular headgear!

Once you’re certain these are the case, make sure you have some Glamour Prisms, and then you can get grooving.

How To Apply And Remove FFXIV Glamours

There are two ways you can glamour items. We’ll go over the basic single-item method first, which can be useful if you’re in a dungeon and picked up a really, really cool hat. (Looking at you, Bards, with those massive feather hats.) This is also usable no matter where in FFXIV you may go, so it’s universally useful. 

This first and more painful way is by first going into your Character Menu. Then, individually pull up the menu for each item you want to change. Go find “Cast Glamour,” and when you click on it, a menu called Cast Glamour will show up. On the left, pick the item you want to glamour over; on the right, you’ll see your options.

Note that it won’t be able to preview it normally. You’ll want to pull up the menu for (i.e. right-click on) the item you want to try on, then click, of course, Try On. (Go back a bit in this article if you need a recap there!) Once you’re done, you can confidently click into the item you want to glamour over.

Once the item is glamoured, the item will have a little “plus” sign over it. There are a few going on here, so let’s break it down:

Glamour Dye Guide FFXIV

Not pleased with how something looks? Just grab a Glamour Dispeller, available in a ton of places across the game. You go into the Cast Glamour menu the same way you would for any other Glamour, then instead choose Remove from the list of items. 

How To Glamour Full Outfits And Use FFXIV Glamour Plates

If you have more substantial outfits that you’re going for, you’ll likely want to utilize the “Glamour Plate” option. This allows you to glamour entire outfits with only one click, assuming the items all meet the requirements above. This also only uses up one Glamour Prism per go, so it’s a much more efficient way to dress up. You can have up to 15 Glamour Plates

You can create Glamour Plates by accessing the Glamour Dresser in any inn in the major cities: Ul’dah’s Steps of Nald, Limsa Lominsa’s Upper Decks, New Gridania, Ishgard’s Foundation, Kugane, and the Crystarium.

Then, put items you want to use exclusively for glamour into the Glamour Dresser. The items need to be at 100% durability; if you use these glamours for endgame content, make sure you extract Materia too.

The Glamour Dresser looks like this:

FFXIV Glamour Dresser

When you have the pieces of your outfit stashed away, you’ll want to “Edit Glamour Plates.”

Once you’ve pulled up the Edit Glamour Plates window, you’ll be able to pick and choose which items you want on each Glamour Plate, as well as the dyes you want to apply to them. Make sure you hit “Save!” And once you’re done, you can use a Glamour Plate to apply outfits in any of the major cities, including those that don’t have Inns. However, this doesn’t include mere Sanctuaries including Mor Dhona.

Keep in mind, if a Glamour can’t apply to any or all of the items, you’ll just use up a Glamour Plate and not see any items on you.

How To Dye FFXIV Clothing

One of the best parts of FFXIV is that the outfits allow for a massive breadth of creativity, including by dyeing most of the clothes in the game. The process is pretty simple! You’ll first need the type of dye and the item you want to dye, of course. Many dyes can be found around Eorzea; some are locked behind side content progression or crafting. Most can be bought on the Marketboard, and some are exclusive to the Optional Item Shop.

If your item can be dyed, there’ll be a little clear (or filled-in) circle or “plus” on the upper right-hand corner of the item. (See our reference image under “How To Apply And Remove FFXIV Glamours.”) Once you’ve sorted that out, all you need to do is right-click the item, select Dye, and apply the Dye you want!

Of course, there’s also a way to remove it as well. Simply pick up pots of Terebinth, which will then be available on the white-and-black tab in the Item Dyeing menu.


Stuck on something else in FFXIV? While we can’t give you fashion tips, we can help you with our start-up guide to the game, as well as our more extensive basics guide and FAQ.


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