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Sorceress 101 - A Melee Caster's Guide to Glory

Suzie Ford Posted:
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With the launch Black Desert Online later today, a lot of players may be wondering about what class to play. Of course, and as with any MMO these days, there are a number of different ways to experience BDO that are mainly dependent on the role a player wants to take on.

The Sorceress is considered by many as a difficult class to master since she is not a typical caster class and she could be considered a “glass cannon".  She is a strong mid-range melee class with a ton of mobility that allows her to jet in and out of combat and escape danger when needed but overall she has very low defense balanced by incredible burst damage. The key to playing a Sorceress successfully is to ensure that no mistakes are made. Punishment for missteps can be harsh if she is overwhelmed.

The Sorceress is a mana user for most of her skills which can be generated using both LMB and RMB attacks. She also uses a resource called “Shards of Darkness” that buffs when attacking. Each time she uses a skill to hit a target, Shard fragments are generated. After accumulating ten fragments, a Shard is created. The number of stored Shards is displayed above the health bar. Mastery of Shards and the timing of exactly when to use them (using the Q key) is crucial since they both restore mana and apply a damage buff.

Dark Trade is another way to generate Shards. Using the skill, the Sorceress will consume part of her health pool to create Shards.

Shard Explosion will, as the name implies, blow up any available Shards to do a large amount of frontal AoE damage. This also comes with 100% Crit Rate and Accuracy.

Dark Split (LMB) is the basic Sorceress attack that is a four-hit combo, the third hit doing more damage than the others. This is a mana generating attack.

Sinister Energy (RMB) is a ranged attack shoots bolts of shadow at enemies and that restores mana. Sinister Shadow will give the Sorc a buff to Crit while strafing side to side.

Abyssal Flame (LMB+RMB) is a skill that requires charging by pressing both mouse buttons simultaneously. The more charge, the higher damage. It generates Shards and can return HP.

Flow of Darkness is a strafe attack that moves the character from side to side while auto-attacking and it applies an evasion buff. This is one to be a bit wary of as it uses stamina. Alternately, but at a higher Stamina cost, is Night Crow that teleports the Sorceress in any direction including forward.

Rushing Crow is an opening skill that features a forward attack (forward + RMB) that reduces magic defense.

Darkness Released is accomplished by pressing forward to knock down or backward to knock back.

Midnight Stinger is a punch attack that gives a Crit buff.

Storming Crow uses Shift + a directional key after teleporting. This allows the Sorc to both move and attack.

Claws of Darkness deals a ton of damage and provides knock back.

Mark of Shadow is a shadow form of chain lightning that drains enemy health and restores health to the Sorc.

Dream of Doom knocks down targets and produces massive damage.

Kicks come in three versions: High, Low and Flying, the latter which can restore mana.

Passives come in either Melee/Magic/Attack or Melee/Magic/Evasion trees and there is also a defensive buff that features 100% up time.

Bloody Contract allows the Sorceress to convert mana into health for a decent heal

There you have it, our quick and dirty guide to your early days as a Sorceress in Black Desert Online. Be sure to head to BlackDesertTome.com for the best skill calculator out there too, if you feel like messing around with levels and the points needed to get your ideal build going.


Suzie Ford

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