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Money Making Guide

Faisal Baig Posted:
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RuneScape: Money Making Guide

MMORPG.com Runescape Correspondent Faisal Baig writes this guide to making money in Runescape.

Have you ever had trouble making money in RuneScape? This is a guide for old players or new players, members or non members, or even if you haven’t started playing yet. I have compiled information from surveys, polls, and a bit of research to get you the most reliable and up-to-date RuneScape money making guide. Whether you are an experienced player or not, this guide will help you make lots of money. Many websites guarantee you money and wealth for signing up, but the truth is that the best way to make money is to train hard. By the way, there are no ways to get free Runescape money or any rare items for that matter.

If you have just started playing RuneScape or are planning on making an account, then this is the portion you should read. Once you begin playing you will notice all of your stats will be one, except hit points (level 10). My saying is: “It doesn’t matter what skill you choose, as long as you are good at what you do”. I recommend that you train a single skill (fishing, woodcutting, mining, cooking, etc.) and get good at it first. Once you reach a level thirty or higher, you may start your career! Note that if you want to earn a living by killing other players (PvP) or computers, you will have to train attack, defense, and strength at a steady rate. After you have mastered one skill, then go on and train other skills for multiple ways to make money.

If you are have been playing RuneScape for a while now and need some assistance making money, then read this portion. By the time most players have reached level thirty they have a pretty good idea of what their means of gaining wealth is, though some players are still not sure. Decide on a skill that seems appealing to you. Woodcutting and Fishing require a lot of patience, many trips to the bank and water sources, and may be very boring, but can give you some big money. Combat skills (defense, attack, and strength) are fun to use. Many players think you can’t make much money in combat, but you can. Try the Duel Arena, Castle Wars, and PvP (Player versus Player) to earn money if you have high combat skills. The following list will give you the best ways to make money with every skill:  


  • Kill chickens and sell feathers for 5 to 15gp each (level 1 to 5)
  • Kill cows and sell hides (100 to 150gp) and/or meat (62 to 68gp each) (level 6 to 15)
  • Kill minotaurs and sell iron arrow drops for about 15gp each (level 16 to 44)
  • Kill many types of giants for big bones and sell for 300 to 400gp each (level 45 to 86)
  • Kill lesser and greater demons for money and rune item drops (level 87 to 100)
  • Kill various dragons for many drops and sell dragon hide (level 101 to 138)


  • Buy fish, cook the fish, and sell it for many different prices depending on the fish (level 1 to 50)
  • Make pies of every kind and sell them for a good amount depending on type of pie (level 51 to 138)


  • Make armor out of hides and snakeskin (level 1 to 56)
  • Make armor out of Dragon hides
    • Green Dragon hide (level 57 to 63)
    • Blue and Red Dragon hide (level 64 to 79)
    • Black Dragon hide (level 80 to 138)

Farming (Members only)

  • Farming is generally hard to make money and may be costly
  • Best way is to farm Ranaars and sell them


  • Generally hard to make money
  • Best way is to be a member and burn Loar Shades


  • Non members: Go to Karamja Island by taking a boat from Port Sarim. Fish for tuna (100 to 300gp each), lobsters (250 to 300gp each), and swordfish (200 to 400gp each).
  • Members: Fish Monkfish (300 to 340gp each) and Sharks (750 to 1000gp each).

Fletching (Members only)

  • Hard to make money. Requirements: level 65 Fletching, high level Woodcutting, Crafting, Magic, and Runecrafting.
  • Fletch Yew logs with a knife into Yew Long Bows. Buy Bowstrings and string the unstrung bow. Then sell the complete bow.

Herblore (Members only)

  • Kill Chaos Druids in Taverly Dungeons, collect various herb drops, and then sell.
  • Members can create potions for enhancing strength, defense, magic, etc. They can be sold for thousands

Hunter (Members only)

  • Trap animals in the Feldip Hunter Area
  • Recommended that you have at least level 65 hunter


  • Mine for gold in The Crafting Guild, Karamja, TzHaar, Keldagrim
  • Coal mining is easy and gets you a lot of money fast (level 35). (150 to 200gp)
  • Mining Mithril ore requires level 55 mining. (200 to 400gp)
  • Mining Adamant ore requires level 70 mining. (1000 to 1500gp)
  • Mining Rune (runite) requires level 85 mining. (11,000 to 12,000gp) Possible to make 1,000,000gp per hour!


    • Better and more choices for members
    • Non members: Sell Air Runes for 20gp each after completing Rune Mysteries Quest
    • Members: Reach level 44 Runecrafting and craft Nature Runes.


    • Smith Steel plate body and Iron weapons
    • Use alchemy on most armor

    Summoning (Members only)

    • Summon a spider and use Egg Spawn Scrolls to get spider eggs. Sell the eggs for 340gp each. (level 10)
    • Summon a rat and use Cheese Fest Scrolls to get cheese. Sell the cheese for about 120gp each.

    Thieving (Members only)

    • Pickpocket Paladins (80gp)
    • Pickpocket Knights of Ardougne (50gp)


    • Cut normal logs and sell for 10 to 25gp (level 1-15)
    • Cut Oak logs and sell for 25 to 50gp (level 15-29)
    • Cut Willow logs and sell for 25 to 30gp (level 30-39)
    • Cut Maple logs and sell for 55 to 70gp each (level 45-59)
    • Cut Yew logs and sell for 300 to 400gp each (level 60-74)
    • Cut Magic logs and sell for 800 to 1200gp each (level 75-99)

    One very important part of being financially stable is having a money making business and being smart when you buy or sell items. As time progresses, prices do not always stay the same. Be smart when spending your money and use it sparingly. Also, try setting goals for yourself and making a limit for how much you spend. Most guides won’t tell you this: Try making a business with other players. You can add them as one of your friends and on set days you can sell things to them. Remember to buy cheap and sell for a lot of money. This concludes your RuneScape Money Making Guide. I hope this helps you in making a lot of money and being smart when buying, selling, or trading.


Faisal Baig