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MMO Holiday Festival Round Up

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“Tomorrow is Christmas, it’s practically here” - The Grinch

So that’s not exactly accurate but with the Christmas season comes a host of holiday events in some of our favourite MMOs. We thought we would do our best to highlight some of them for you, our merry readers, in one complied list. This is by no means an exhaustive list, I prefer to save exhaustion for myself, thank you very much! 


Aion - The Power of the Sky Event

From Dec. 16 until January 13, players can take part in The Power of the Sky event. Players who take part in the event will be rewarded with some sweet loot including everything from the Izar Weapon to the Izar’s Unicorn. For more details check out the official blog post. 

Albion Online - Breath of Winter

Albion Online Holiday

Ushering in the new year and starting on January 10, the Breath of Winter event will cover Albion in a fresh coat of snow. Players can complete deeds, follow unique world quest chains and face off in the Icy battleground. The even promises unique rewards for all those that partake. 

Archeage and Archeage Unchained - Advent Event 2020

ArcheAge Holiday

The good folks over at Trionworlds are hard at work with the Advent Event 2020. This unique event provides treats for players all season long. Log in to the glyph store, select your game and see what treats you’ve received that day. The event also includes daily sales in the store.  

Astellia Online - Christmas Tale Event

Interestingly, the folks over at Astellia Online are working to summon the best storytellers from their player base with the Christmas Tales event. Players are tasked with writing an Astellia-themed Christmas Story and submitting it between Dec. 11 and Dec. 25. Winners will receive some very unique items.   

Black Desert Online - Events

Black Desert Online is offering a whole host of in-game rewards and events. In fact, there were so many unique ones We thought it was easier just to link you to the whole event page. A couple of highlights include the change to earn a young ice dragon, a new story surrounding the last heir of Calpheon and a unique customization contest. Be sure to check out all the details on their site.     

Blade and Soul - Grim Tidings

New skill specializations, a dungeon, accessories and more await the fine players in Blade and Soul. The Grim Tidings event is rolled out with some nice updates with the Dec. 16th patch. Weekly challenges will offer some great new rewards as well. So your sharpest blade and dive in. 

Champions Online - Black Harlequin and Holiday Event

You heard it here… probably not first but it’s in a list so it still counts! Champions Online is running a three-phase event over the month of December that will see Millennium City transformed into a winter wonderland of peril. Join in on the fun and mayhem by teaming up with your superfriends to take on Clarence the giant teddy bear and reap the rewards. 

DC Universe Online - Season’s Greedings

Set out to find and recover the stolen gifts in Metropolis and Gotham all thanks to the dastardly Larfleeze. New missions have been added to the Mission Journal to help players get started on this festive event. As well during the event players can earn new Feats to add to their collection. A free gift in the form of the Miniature Festive Slight Accessory will be available to all players who log in before January 6th, 2021. 

Elder Scrolls Online - New Life Festival

Players can take part in the New Life Festival quest accessible from the in-game Crown Store starting December 17th. Once you’ve completed the starter quest you’ll be offered 10 special daily quests that offer unique rewards and items. Along with these rewards each day you complete your first daily quest you’ll be rewarded with event tickets that can be used to purchase unique gifts from Impresario.  

Elsword - Christmas Update

The latest update from Elsword invites players to the new region of Varnimyr. Along with a new place to discover, players can try their hand at a series of new dungeons. The new Winter event includes daily quests, unique buffs and a host of other bonuses. 

EVE Online - Winter Nexus

They say space is cold which is why it’s important to keep your weapons hot in the latest event from EVE Online. The Winter Nexus event includes volatile ice storms that are always on the move. These storms bring with them a host of environmental effects and content. Players can also expect to find daily rewards and challenges to complete. 

Final Fantasy XIV - Starlight Celebration

FFXIV players will be greeted with a series of seasonal quests to be completed. Quests will offer a mix of items and a unique mount for you to enjoy. Be sure to head over to the official site for more details. 

Guild Wars 2 - Wintersday

Tis the season for enormous airships, festive transmogs and more snow than the North Pole. It’s Wintersday in Divinity’s reach which means it’s time for gifts, quests and sweet, sweet rewards. All this and more await you as you explore all that Wintersday has to offer. 

Lord of the Rings Online - Yule Festival

The town of Winter-home is by far one of my favourite MMO seasonal locations to visit. Even if it’s been a while since the last logging in, every year I find myself reinstalling LOTRO just so I can visit Winter-home. This year’s Yule Festival is packed with fun events and activities to do in and around the little town. If you’ve never had a chance to check it out I cannot recommend it enough. 

Maplestory - Awake Flicker of Light

Smack dab in the middle of a massive series of updates, all wrapped under the new Awake content drop, Flicker of Light invites players to join in on the Awake Tera Burning Plus event, the first-ever Legion arena season as well as the new dungeon Sellas, Were the Stars Rest. This is more than just a seasonal event though and includes a host of content changes and quality of life updates. 

Neverwinter - Winter Gifts

Well, sometimes the simplest is the best. In the case of Neverwinter, players who log in between December 17th and January 7th will receive two unique gifts. The winter wolf mount and Snowflake the Sprite will be yours to keep. 

Phantasy Star Online 2 - An Arks Holiday Event

Phantasy Star Online 2 players will be greeted to the latest Arks Holiday event this year. Highlights for this event include a concert performed by Auna that will happen in the Shopping Plaza, holiday-themed decor and a special 12 person event. Did I mention that there will be some pretty sweet rewards?  

Revelation Online - Winter Wonderworlds Events

Revelation Online is offering a host of fun events, rewards and gifts for players this holiday season. Some of the more intriguing events include the Gift rumble which sees you transformed into a bear or Gremlin and a Yeti Battle because every game needs more yetis! 

Rift - Advent Calendar 2020

Rift is taking an interesting take on the Advent Calendar this year. In-game players will need to search for specific loot items in specific areas of the world. The catch is that the list for each day is located in a puzzle on the official forums. Players will need to put all their sleuthing skills to use to take full advantage of the gifts being offered this year.  

Secret World Legends - Krampusnacht 2020

This isn’t a conspiracy. Players really will be tasked with defending the world from icy invasions and public raids. The event is packed full of achievements, legends and cosmetic items. If you’re looking for a little extra in your stocking this year be sure to check out the store sales over the duration of the event. 

Trove - Snowfest 2020

Snowfest is back for another round of exploring, collecting, crafting and marvelling at the new Shadow stitched Snowfest quilt and other new recipes. A new quest chain is also available for the duration of the event for players to enjoy. You’ll also beagle to revisit the Present and Tree dungeons as you collect Subzero Snowflakes. 

World of Warcraft - The Feast of Winter Veil

It’s back! One of the longest-running holiday events, The Feast of Winter Veil offers players a host of holiday quests and rewards. The initial quests to kick of the event can be found in Orgrimmar(Horde) and Ironforge(Alliance). The event introduces a fun new item this year in the form of a Tiny Winter Hat. Some of the old favourites are back as well so be sure to take a look at all the event has to offer.    


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