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Mike’s TemTem Tips: Choosing Your Starter

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Like its inspiration, Pokémon, TemTem presents you with three choices for your starter Tem shortly after you create your character. The decision is as daunting as always, but we’re here to help you sort through the options. Here are some tips for choosing your starter Tem in TemTem.


As its name would imply, Crystle is a Crystal type Tem, one of the 12 types of Tem available for players to collect in the game. Crystle features fairly balanced stats, though it does lean towards more defensive stats such as HP and Defense.

Crystle is strong against Electric and Mental type Tems and is weak against Fire, Earth and Melee types. You won’t encounter Fire Tems early on, but you will run into some Earth here and there, though your biggest concern will be Melee types. However, Electric and Mental Tems are fairly common place, so Crystle is still a great choice for the early game.

The catch with Crystle is that you’ll be able to capture it later, which is not the case for the other two options available to you. For that reason, I don’t really recommend selecting Crystle at this time, unless your heart is just set on the design and abilities.


Smazee is probably the least popular starter and for good reason. Smazee is a Melee Tem, which makes it strong against Earth and Crystal types, but weak against Mental and Digital. As we mentioned earlier, you’re not going to see a whole lot of Earth and Crystal types, so its strengths don’t really come into play early in the game. However, you will run into a considerable amount of Mental Tems, so it’s not too hot in the beginning. That said, you’ll be fighting Earth and Crystal types regularly later in the game, so if you’re a huge fan of this Tem, I still recommend picking it.

Smazee’s stats aren’t exceptional, though it does come with a passive that boosts its attack by one stage each time its inflicted with a negative status. You’ll get a ton of mileage out of that, but it’s hard to say if it will make up for its stats.

Remember, at this time you will not be able to catch Smazee in the wild, as far as I know. This will change in the future, of course, but if you have your heart set on this Tem I would not hesitate to pick it even it means you’ll have a harder time in the early game. There are plenty of Tems you can catch to help shore up your weaknesses.


Finally, we come to Houchic, my favorite starter Tem and a great pick for the early game, too. Houchic is a Mental Tem, making it effective against Neutral and Melee types, and weak against Electric, Crystal and Digital. Digital types are nowhere to be seen early on, and you’ll run into a few Crystal here and there, but your biggest worry will be Electric Tems. I would definitely switch Houchic out as soon as you run into a Ganki! It’s not a very hardy Tem.

While Houchic may be weak defensively, it makes up for this by having considerably high Special Attack. This combined with its effectiveness towards Melee and Neutral types, which are practically ubiquitous in the early game and especially when attacked in the wild, make Houchic a great trash clearing Tem in the first hours of your adventures.

Like Smazee, Houchic can’t be caught in the wild just yet, so if you’re looking for something a bit more balanced for the early game, Houchic would be my recommendation. You can always catch Crystle later.

And there you have it. That’s the full rundown of each of the three starters in TemTem. Which one will you choose?


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