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Making Sense of Currency in Marvel Heroes

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Last month we put together a fresh level 60 guide for Marvel Heroes, and while we covered most things, we didn’t adequately touch on the confusing array of currencies that you’ll want to focus on once you’re at endgame. With that in mind, we’ve put together this handy new guide to help you navigate it all.

Eternity Splinters: You’re likely already familiar with these, but just in case, Eternity Splinters will drop periodically from defeated mobs and collecting enough of them will allow you to unlock new heroes and Team--Ups for your roster. Unless you have a specific hero or Team-Up in mind, it’s best to spend Eternity Splinters on random hero boxes until your roster is more populated. You’re likely to luck out and unlock a bunch of more expensive characters with fewer Splinters used this way.

Source: Defeated enemies. Spend at: Adam Warlock (Avengers Tower).

Odin Marks: This is one currency we did cover in our level 60 guide, but just to recap, Odin Marks are earned from Legendary Quests and can be spent on a Legendary item for your character, to enchant an Uru Forged item, or to bless your Artifacts. Generally speaking, you’ll want to stick to Blessings of Hela for your Artifacts.

The most commonly used Uru Enchants are God of Mischief and The Power Doop for hybrid or physical damage dealers. Marvel Heroes’ barter economy also relies heavily on trading blessed Artifacts, so acquiring Odin Marks regularly will be fairly important throughout your Marvel Heroes play.

Source: Legendary Quests. Spend at: Enchanter, Legendary Items Vendor (Odin’s Palace hub), GLF Quartermaster (Hammer Bay hub).


Cube Shards: Cube Shards can be earned by completing green and red Terminal content. Each terminal (green and red) will grant you a single Cube Shard on a daily reset timer. Cube Shards can be spent at Clea in Avengers Tower to unlock some useful recipes such as Unbind Medallion and Unstable Molecules and can also be spent to purchase an Ancient Gourd of Prestige (10 shards) to prestige your character.

Source: Green and Red difficulty Terminals (daily). Spend at: Clea (Avengers Tower).

Cosmic Worldstones: This is an event currency specific to the Cosmic Chaos event. Cosmic Worldstones drop from defeated enemies during the Cosmic Chaos event and can be spent at Moondragon in Avengers Tower for a variety of critical items and recipes. Items of note include The Power Cosmic (hybrid character Legendary item), Gifted Doop Rune (used in Moondragon’s various recipes), The Power Doop (recipe), Cosmic Insignia Upgrade (recipe), and Doop Inspiration (recipe).

Source: Defeated enemies (Cosmic Chaos event only). Spend at: Moondragon (Avengers Tower).

ARMOR Research Drives: This is an event currency specific to the ARMOR Incursion event. ARMOR drives can be collected a number of different ways, such as defeating normal enemies, through defeating targets marked by ARMOR Intel buffs, and more.

You can turn in these drives at Jocasta in Avengers Tower for some useful recipes and items, such as: ARMOR Alternate Reality Chaos Portal (summoners), ARMOR M-26 Anti Reality Grenade (hybrid damage AOE focused characters), Portal’s Darkhawk Armor (replacement any hero slot 2 unique), ARMOR Issued Nano Poison (replacement option for Advanced Metasensory Array for some characters), and various ARMOR enchant recipes.

Source: Various (ARMOR Incursion event only). Spend at: Jocasta (Avengers Tower).

SHIELD Omega Access Files: This is an event currency specific to the Operation Omega event. Up to 100 SHIELD Omega Access Files can be earned each day of the event through logging in, completing the daily Shared Quest, and completing Agent Coulson’s training mission.  Trade Omega Files to Dum Dum Dugan in Avengers Tower for the incredibly powerful Agent Coulson Team-Up and for Mysterious Blue Omega Boxes that grant one of the game’s many boss unique items at random.

Source: Login, daily Shared Quest, Agent Coulson training mission (Operation Omega event only). Spend at: Dum Dum Dugan (Avengers Tower).

Commendations: Commendations are essentially Marvel Heroes’ raid tokens. They come in three tiers: Hero’s, Protector’s, and Champion’s. Hero and Protector commendations are awarded through daily and weekly quests, red and green raids, and One Shot terminals. Champion’s commendations can currently only be found through Achievement Coffers, but will be the primary currency rewarded by the Red AXIS raid whenever that comes online. Commendations can be spent at Hogun at the Odin’s Palace hub to purchase recipes to upgrade your unique items to slots 66 and 69, add challenge bonuses to your gear, and unlock recipes and materials needed to craft raid boss unique items.

Crowns of Valor: Crowns of Valor are earned through PvP and can be spent on a variety of unique rings by speaking to Valkyrie at Odin’s Palace.

Source: PvP. Spend at: Valkyrie (Odin’s Palace hub).

Danger Room Merits:  Danger Room Merits are earned through, you guessed it, completing Danger Room scenarios. Merits can be spent at Danielle Moonstar in the Danger Room hub to purchase a variety of useful items.

Some notable examples include: Ultimate Power Upgrade tokens,  Danger Room Blue/Crimson/Black boxes, Cyclops Was Right T-Shirt (AOE characters), Fist of Apocalypse (physical characters), Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Class Ring (best in slot for hybrid characters), and boxes of Relics.

Source: Danger Room scenarios. Spend at: Danielle Moonstar (Danger Room hub).


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