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Lost Ark: How To Prepare For The Upcoming Brelshaza Raid

Kanishka Thakur Posted:
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Lost Ark’s Brelshaza raid will arrive later this year and we couldn’t be more excited. If you want to give yourself a headstart and be ready for the raid as soon as it drops, here are some pointers that can help you. The raid will arrive in December unless there are some unprecedented delays. Preparing for the raid is something you should do only if you want to jump into the new content early. If there are other priorities that you need to address on your account, you should tend to them first.

Brelshaza Raid Overview

Brelshaza is an 8-player 6-gate fight. You will be able to jump into the raid in its Deja Vu, Normal and Hard Modes. The Deja Vu mode is like a practice mode and requires just item level 1430. The new practice mode will share the same weekly lockout as the Normal and Hard modes so you should do it only if your item level is not high enough for the Normal and Hard modes.

All three difficulty modes will drop tickets that you can exchange for honing materials. The Hard Mode is unlikely to be available on the launch day and will likely be unlocked sometime after the raid is out. You can check out the Brelshaza infographic created by the community if you want a quick visual breakdown of what you need to do to prepare yourself for the raid.

Crafting Brelshaza Armor

Normal and Hard More will drop the same amount of materials. However, Normal Mode will drop Horns while Hard mode will drop Crystals. The Normal Mode will unlock the new maximum level of 1590 at +20. The Hard mode will unlock the new maximum item level of 1615 +25. 

For armor, you will need 40 materials and for weapons, you will need 100 materials. The crafting cost is the same for both Normal and Hard Mode but you will need their respective materials. If you want to craft the new weapons, you will need 100 materials. 

You will need crafting items to get an armor piece in the first week. You get 30 on your first clear and another 28 from the first four gates, which means you can get 58 crafting materials at most. If you win both auctions you can get an additional 10 crafting materials but that will now allow you to craft more than one armor per week. 

Whenever you beat 1490+ content, you will get access to a new tier of honing materials. You can use materials from the previous tier at a 5:1 ratio to convert them and you will require quite a few honor shards. This is a good time to farm up some materials if you need some to hone your gear. Make sure that you have a good supply of Fused Leapstones and Honor Shards before the raid releases.

Week One Cheese Strat

Lost Ark

The Lost Ark community has discovered a cheese strat that can be used to G3+4 during the first week itself at a reduced cost if you utilize the soft reset. If you are someone at 1490, it is recommended to use the cheese strat. 

You can leave a piece at +19 and it should ideally be your highest piece. If you are a DPS, you should do it with your gloves while supports can do it with chests. Complete Brelshaza Gate 1+2 for Horns. Hone a gear piece, preferably a weapon to +21 which will take you to item level 1500. Now that you are ready, complete the Brelshaza Gate 3+4 at 1500. This is a good way to save some honing materials.

You can also use the same strategy to do all six gates and it is one of the best ways to save some honing materials. For a visual breakdown, you can check out the Brelshaza infographic by Lost Ark community member Civo which shows how many materials you save. 

Optimizing Your Gear Post-Launch

If you are a Lost Ark veteran, most of this advice might already be known to you. But if you are a newer player, here are some tips that can help you level up faster. Do remember that if you are below the raid requirements you can always do the practice mode and still earn rewards. It shares the same weekly lockout and is rewarding for players who are not able to do normal mode just yet. 

If you are already at All 1490+ content will give players access to Relic Bracelets while 1540+ content will offer Ancient Bracelets and Accessories. Bracelets are your best bet for getting more stats and unique effects. Relics can offer up to 100 in two Combat stats while Ancients can give up to 120. It is your best way to min-max your build.

You should also focus on acquiring Ancient Accessories that share the same Combat Stats as Relics but they can offer much higher main stats and can roll +6 +3 instead of +5 +3 on engravings, which can make a noticeable difference.

Lost Ark Dragon

Other Things To Look Forward To

Lost Ark is not a race, it’s a marathon. You do not need to beat all the content on day one and you can take it easy and complete the activities at your own pace, especially if you are not fully caught up with the game.

In addition to the Brelshaza Legion Raid, we also have the Caliligos Guardian Raid as well as the Summoner advanced class. We are excited for the Galiligos Guardian Raid in particular as he is by far one of the best-designed bosses we have seen in the game. A holiday event is also expected around Christmas and there should be some fun stuff in it for everyone. We do not have information on what to expect in 2023 and beyond, but the developers have promised that there will be a full list of updates for the coming months as well as store updates and events very soon.


Kanishka Thakur