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Legion Enhancement Shaman Change Guide

Catherine Daro Posted:
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Level 60: Tier 4 of Warlords contains performance-enhancing talents. Same tier in the Legion retains one of the old talents, [Ancestral Swiftness], with two new talents added:

Lightning Shield - Surround yourself with a shield of lighting for 15 sec which deals (25% of Spell power) damage to a random enemy within 0 to 10 yards.

Ancestral Swiftness - Increases haste by 10% and attack speed by 10% at all times.

Landslide - Rockbiter now also enhances your weapon, increasing your Attack Power by 20%.

Level 75: Tier 5 of WoD was either giving you a new healing cooldown or affecting the healing mechanism, boosting the shaman’s or the party’s survival. New Tier 5 is present in the following way:

Tempest - When Stormfury is activated, you now gain 2 Stormstrikes which are cost 50% Maelstrom and trigger no cooldown.

Spiritual Affinity - Reduces the cooldown of Feral Spirits by 60 secs.

Sundering - Shatter a line of earth before you, causing (30% of Spell power) Physical damage and knocking enemies to the side.

Level 90: Tier 6 of WoD holds a variety of talents designed to improve the shaman’s performance. Talents of Legion follow the same goal, however, all of the talents in this row are new ones:

Fury of Air - Create a vortex of wind 8 yards around you dealing 160% damage every 1 sec for 10 sec to enemies caught in the storm, and slowing them by 30% for 3 sec.

Crashing Storm - Increases the range of Crash Lightning by 4 yards.

Stonefist Strike - Attack your enemy causing 100% Physical damage and stunning them for 5 sec.  Deals double damage to targets permanently immune to stuns.

Level 100: Last tier of WoD had a variety of talents: from healing  Storm Elemental Totem to DPS-increasing Elemental Fusion or Liquid Magma. Storm Elemental is removed altogether in Legion alongside other Elementals for Enhancement Shamans. In this tier you can also find Ascendance which now becomes a talent instead of class ability:

Ascendance -  The Shaman transforms into an Air Ascendant for 30 sec. While in this form, auto-attacks and Stormstrike become Wind attacks, bypassing armor, and having a 30 yard range.

Feral Kin - Summons a Spirit Wolf to fight for you, under your command, lasting 30 sec. While the Spirits are active, your Haste is increased by 50% and you generate an extra 5 Maelstrom per second for 30 sec. Replaces Feral Spirit.

Earthen Spike - Summon an Earthen Spike, instantly dealing 775% Physical damage to your enemy and increasing the Physical and Nature damage the target takes by 10% for 10 sec

This overview above covers most changes to Enhancement abilities and talents, and leaves Shamans with much to ponder about. Now let us move to the new exciting feature which will be introduced in the Legion: the artifact.

Artifact for the Enhancement Shamans is one Doomhammer. While forums had a lot of topics discussing which of the Doomhammers it is - ours or one from Alternate Draenor - Blizzard has revealed that the hammer your shaman will be getting is the one that has belonged to Orgrim Doomhammer and later to Thrall, the most powerful shaman of World of Warcraft. I can, however, see why some Alliance shamans wouldn’t be as pleased with the weapon as their Horde counterparts. For those who doesn’t like the option of the artifact, you can transmog it to look like something else.

While certainly an iconic weapon, Doomhammer will be more than an eye-candy to your shaman. Each artifact, based on the specialization it belongs to, possesses a unique combination of traits. By doing Legion content, you would be able to unlock them all at some point. One day.

Check out the list of the traits below!

For some additional traits and bonuses check out the list of datamined world-drop legendaries on MMO-Champion - be warned, though, there might be spoilers out there!

This wraps up our look at Enhancement Shamans as they currently are in Legion’s alpha. What do you think of the big changes the spec has undergone so far?

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