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Is There PvP in Nightingale?

Brandon Morgan Posted:
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The survival genre seems to attract a particular type of player, specifically one who thoroughly enjoys crafting many rockets and blowing up another player’s base in their spare time. As someone who has spent a lot of time in both DayZ and Rust, I can see the appeal. But then again, not every survival game requires PvP. With that in mind, is there PvP in Nightingale?

Can You PvP in Nightingale?

At the moment, you cannot PvP in Nightingale, meaning it's not one of the best PvP MMORPGs you can plan, if that's your aim. The studio designed this adventure as a single-player or cooperative PvE experience, which means you can craft, gather, and build a base without fear of another player ruining your hard work.

To that end, the game doesn’t even have a friendly fire setting. You can’t accidentally damage your teammates while firing a slingbow at a wild boar charging through the underbrush.

If you want to play with another person, you can set your Realm to “Public” and invite someone to join your co-op party. Otherwise, the game allows solo play but requires a constant internet connection to enjoy.

Will the Developer Add PvP to Nightingale?

There is nothing set in stone. In their multiplayer overview, Inflexion Games stated they might explore a PvP mechanic in the future. However, they made no concrete promises. At its core, Nightingale is a PvE game designed for small parties of players. The studio never claimed otherwise.

If you want a PvP survival game, countless other options are available on Steam! 


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