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Independent Dungeons 90-98

Andrew Corpuz Posted:
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Hello Atlantica Online fans and inquirers!

Today I bring you a guide on the independent dungeons (IDs) Forbidden Abyss, Arachne's Nest, and Hypogeum of Death, more commonly known as ID 90, ID 94, and ID 98, respectively.

Hm.... Why Should I Even Bother?

Independent dungeons are basically a fun way to grind. Features that are unique to IDs require the player to strategize a little bit differently than in the usual dungeon. For example, you may only bring five mercenaries in addition to your main character, so ready your flexible mercenaries who can adapt to any situation. Additionally, knowledge of mob behavior will inform how to construct your more bare formation.

IDs also dole out a relatively high amount of experience points, compared to monsters of similar difficulty. Many will use IDs to help level their new mercenaries.

For most though, the primary motivations for completing independent dungeons are the goodies; the reward that comes from completing a dungeon and mob drops. Once a dungeon is completed, the reward box is left in your inbox. Inside the reward box you will find a variety of equipment; you are basically getting equipment for free! Compared to equipment of the same level requirement, they are usually noticeably lower in certain stats while noticeably higher in others. Depending on your mercenaries' utility in your formation(s), ID equipment can be very useful. Since the equipment cannot be sold at the market, it's a good idea to focus on one or two equipments rather than several (only applicable to ID 90 & 94 rewards where you manually select your reward).

Ahh!!! I'm Scared to Enter!

Having heard many intriguing stories of Independent dungeons, many level 90 players often enter ID 90 unprepared, simply for the experience. As a result, many who do an ID for the first time die frequently; but most importantly, they enjoy the experience. Eventually, a much higher level guild/nation mate or a friend will be willing to team up with the inexperienced player, offering advice when needed.

All mobs are above level 100. IDs 90-98 each have a time limit of one hour.

As with any dungeon, information sharing will improve your ability to kill and item drop rate. This guide will list the mobs that are present in each ID as well as their attack/skills so you can be ready to face the challenge.

Lastly, I'll be here to help you plow your way through providing some tips. For example, did you know that per mercenary, AP regeneration is higher when fewer mercs are active? Use this knowledge to your advantage!

ID90, The Forbidden Abyss

Key: Sea King's Scale; Obtained from Pointry in Bazaar; 150 Battle Points Reward: Orb of Forbidden Abyss Contains Level 90 Weapons Sea Palace General's Lance (Spear), Bow of Forbidden Abyss, Water Dragon Scale Cannon, and Dead Sea Wand (Staff) Mob name: Weapon Type; Skill(s) Deep-Sea Guardian: Bow (Weak); Freezing Axe Clawed Guardian: Sword; Powerful Charge Attack (Flame Sword?) Sea Palace Head Maid: Bow; Silence [Any row] Sea King's Royal Guards: Bow; Flame AoE Dead Sea King [boss]: Bow; Powerful AoE Suggested Formation: 2 Front, 2 Mid, 2 Back (empty middle column)

Strategy: Deep-Sea Guardians can be extremely detrimental to Three Front, Three Back formations without a monk. Though they are of bow weapon type, they rarely attack the back row, primarily attacking your front.

Bringing along a monk may decrease your offensive power and thus your speed in completing the dungeon, but if you are dying frequently, a monk may be essential. Monks can help prevent freezing and also silence. Since Sea Palace Head Maids usually do not silence the same row that has been frozen by a Deep-Sea Guardian, a monk-less formation may find their front-link tanks frozen and their support silenced rather quickly in a battle. Princess can be useful to debuff the many bows.

Sea King's Royal Guards can be considered the advanced mobs of the dungeon, threatening your party with a strong fire-based AoE and fearlessly sniping anyone in your formation. Killing them first may need to be a priority. They are only present in mob groups closer to the boss.

Clawed Guards may be the least threatening but have the best survivability of the mobs.

Notes: ID 90 is infamous for having "hidden" mobs. Because of typical clearing practice (going from entrance to boss), the physical layout of the dungeon, and mobs' visual similarity to the surroundings, it's easy to overlook mobs. One commonly awkward place to find a mob is on the apex of the left side hill. Check behind the translucent curtain veils overlooking the cliff and you may find a mob lurking. Don't let it get away!

The right passage from the entrance can be considered easier since the space is less cramped, which means there are less chances for aggro.

ID 94, Arachne's Nest

Key: Arachne's Web; 200 battle points Reward: Arachne's Egg Contains Level 90 Weapons Arachne's Fang (Sword), Gatekeeper's Sickle (Axe), Destroyer's Stinger (Gun), Thick Larva Shell Shield

Arachne's Bodyguard: Irregular (can attack an entire column; can target 2nd row deep; sometimes when targeting front, back row will not be considered); no skill Follower of Arachne: Irregular (similar to Arachne's Bodyguard); Passive Heal to Melee Giant Destroyer [flying]: Bow (with one row penetration); Poison Arrow Mad Destroyer [flying]: Bow (with one row penetration); Immediate High AP Drain (Single, infrequent) Nest Gatekeeper: Spear; Single Attack Petrify (infrequent) Nest Warrior: Spear; Single Charge Attack

Evil Arachne[boss]: Sword; Powerful Lightning AoE

Suggested Formation: three front (at least two tank), three back (empty middle row) - gun/bow heavy to lay consistent damage to flying mobs

Strategy: Unlike ID 90, the difficult mobs are undoubtedly near the entrance. Aggro is high in the initial pathways primarily due to the pathways' claustrophobia-inducing corridors. However, much like ID 90, if splitting the clearing process into two with a duo group and a more experienced soloer, give the soloer the right side as the right pathway is not as cramped.

ID 94 has dangerous Bow type mobs (the Destroyers), just like ID90. However these Bows are much stronger, so protecting your main (especially if you have a spongey ranged/staff main) is much more crucial. The mobs also seem more intelligent as they can be extremely aggressive and collaborative in their sniping objectives. On the left pathway are tons of mob groups that consist of just Destroyers, which can be much more threatening to a main character than mixed mob groups, which is another reason to give the soloer the right side.

Notes: Arachne's Bodyguard and Follower of Arachne can't be debuffed by signets or by any weapon-specific move. Thankfully though, they are the least threatening mobs.

Poison Arrow AP drain lasts 3 rounds (including the initial attack)

ID 98, Hypogeum of Death

Key: Three Headed Dragon Tag; 250 battle points Reward: Death Jar Contains Level 95 Rings Sumbha's Determination (+Vitality); Masan's Grudge (+Dexterity); Asura's Rage (+Strength); Phantom fo Agasura (+Intelligence)

Hades Gateekeper: Bow; Multi-Arrow Hades Patroller: Mage; Highly Damaging AoE Enraged Masan (flying): Staff; Multi-Hit Fire Attack Possessed Masan (flying): Staff; Simple Single-Hit Fire Attack Nisumbha: Sword; Light Slash (can target back row) Sumbha: Sword; Simple Single-Hit Fire Attack

Agasura [boss]: Bow (debuffable); Powerful AoE

Suggested Formation: three front (at least two tank), three back (empty middle row)

Strategy: If you think ID 94 is relentless, then I give you permission to cry in advance. ID 98 is infamous for being difficult to clear for its level requirement; almost all would agree that the mobs are significantly more irritating than the mobs in the first two floors of ID 101. Here are some reasons why:

  • High Aggro
  • Self-Resurrection
  • Simultaneous Skill Usage

Because of the High Aggro, do not hesitate to flee. Especially in the two initial pathways, choose mobs carefully so as to not excite too many. Solo-ing for pride is definitely possible for those under level 105, but watch the clock.

In mob groups with Hades Patrollers, snipe (and loot if possible) them down first as they are the most deadly. Hades Gatekeepers are not as much of a direct threat unless you are against several mob groups of once (or are not careful to keep health high on your main); however, their high amount of health makes them difficult to kill. Compounded with mobs' self-resurrection, a Hades Gatekeeper in front of a lootable mob can be a major nuisance.

Likely because of cooldown, ID98 mobs usually unleash their skills simultaneously, which can be extremely deleterious if against 3 mob groups in a row. Thus, while in one turn, only a few mobs will act using regular attacks, in the following, hell may descend upon your dead carcass. Study their attack patterns, and keep in mind how often they resurrect -- you will learn to recognize which mob becomes imperative to kill each turn.

Notes: Three Headed Dragon Ring is, on rare occasion, dropped by Agasura. The +0 ring provides +80 Vitality and 50-100 Attack Power, among other bonuses.

Agasura is stationery, so you will not be aggro'ed by Agasura if attacking a nearby mob.

I'm So Itchy! Get Rid of These Bugs!

A rather common bug in Atlantica is the occurrence of invisible opponents or teammates in battle. I am not sure what causes this bug to occur, though it seems to happen more frequently when a teammate joins a battle mid-fight. In my experience, this bug occurs rather frequently in independent dungeons, especially ID 98. If anything becomes invisible to you (it will be obvious if you see a teammate attacking invisible monsters or monsters attacking an invisible ally), then you may need to "reset" your presence in the dungeon so that you can properly recognize mobs again. To "reset", simply teleport out of or exit the dungeon and re-enter.

I Want More Equips!

Don't forget to collect Water Dragon Scales, Insect Shells, and Dust of Deaths from ID90, ID94, and ID98, respectively. By visiting Merchant Mercurius in the Bazaar, these drops can be exchanged for their respective dungeon's equipment. 200 Water Dragon Scales are needed for one piece of equipment ; 200 Insect Shells; 250 Dust of Deaths.

If you want to increase your number of these drops, don't forget to take advantage of the new Jackpot System.

Lastly, the bosses will, on occasion, drop the reward box of their respective dungeon.

You have the information now. So go forth my students; let's get to killing some mobs already!


Andrew Corpuz