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How to Unlock New Classes in the Ascension Atlas

William Murphy Posted:
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Skyforge is now in early access for its Open Beta, meaning throngs of people who paid for founders packs are now playing what’s essentially the launch version of Allods Team’s and Obsidian’s Free to Play MMORPG.  And if there’s one thing Skyforge does different from its predecessors, it’s the class system and its accompanying Ascension Atlas. Today, we’ll explain how and when you’ll unlock Skyforge’s many available classes.

There are three base starting classes in Skyforge: the Lightbinder (support), the Paladin (tank), and the Cryomancer (DPS). If you’ve purchased a founder’s pack, you also get the Berserker and Gunner (both DPS) unlocked early so you don’t have to work towards them in the Ascension Atlas.   And while you can unlock the upper level of the Ascension Atlas playing any class, you can only progress towards the other classes from one of the three base starter classes (Lightbinder, Paladin, and Cryomancer). These serve as the “core” of the Atlas, and where you spider out to unlock the game’s 10 other currently available classes.

Best advice? Pick a class from the three (or five if you’re a founder) you like the most and stick with it for a bit, at least until you unlock the upper Atlas level. When does that happen? At a point in every base class progression tree (see video below), you’ll unlock a node called “Path of (Class)”. Once you hit this node on your first class, you’ll unlock the upper Ascension Atlas, and the ability to progress towards all the other classes.

From there, it’s just a matter of time and choosing what node to go toward next.  You can even handily right-click any class you want to aim for and hit "Find a Path" and the game will use a dark blue dotted line to show you how to get there.

Each class seems like miles away, but as long as you just keep playing the game, you’ll wind up getting enough Sparks and Badges (for class specific progression) to keep things moving. I’ve only just begun to delve further into Skyforge, as I avoided the beta due to the myriad performance issues and not wanting to spoil my review period and I’m glad I did.  Obsidian’s and Allods’ new game is proving to be a pretty fun experience and I’m happy I missed out on the earlier less-content filled beta periods that everyone talks about. I’ve still had to repeat a couple of instances to progress the story, and the jury is out if this becomes a trend moving forward, but Skyforge is already a damn sight better than any other new MMO we’ve been treated to in 2015.

Check back next week for our first Review in Progress piece, and be sure to follow us on Youtube for more videos over the next few weeks.


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