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How to Unlock Flying in Heavensward

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One of the big new features in Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion, Heavensward, is that players will be finally taking to the sky on flying mounts.  But, as with all things FFXIV, there’s a bit of a process when it comes to learning how to ride said flying mounts. Plus, you're probably wondering how to get that snazzy new Black Chocobo in the expansion too. In this quick-start guide, we hope to help you figure it out and get into the air as fast as possible.

What’s really cool about Flying Mounts in FFXIV is that some of the previously ground-only mounts like your Company Chocobo will be able to fly. So flying isn’t so much about obtaining an actual mount, as it is about learning how to fly from the denizens of the new areas in Heavensward.

As with many things in FFXIV, the ability to fly comes via the Main Scenario Quest, or specifically the quest called “Divine Intervention” which is not too far into the 3.0 content.  It’s worth noting that flying mounts won’t work in all areas of the game, rather just the locations specific to Heavensward such as Ishhgard and Coerthas Western Highlands.  For those wondering if there are other benefits, you’ll be happy to know that flying speed is 200% as opposed to the typical 100% on the ground.  When on the ground, flying mounts still run at 100%, not 200% though.

Your first step should be completing the Main Scenario quest (Divine Intervention), which will reward you with your Black Chocobo and the Aether Compass.  What’s the Aether Compass? Quite simply, it’s the item you’ll use to track down Aether Currents across Heavensward’s zones, which are needed to unlock flying in each of the expansion’s zones.  Because of how often you’ll use the compass, which acts as a way to triangulate the currents, we suggest placing it on your hotbar.  If you lose it somehow, you can always obtain a new one from Gibrillont at the Forgotten Knight POI.

There are 15 currents in all of the Heavensward zones, and all of them must be attuned to before you can fly in that zone. The only zone that this does not hold true for is Azys Lla.

So let’s recap. How do you unlock flying in FFXIV: Heavensward?

  • Do the main scenario quest “Divine Intervention”
  • Use your Aether Compass to find and attune to currents.
  • Continue to do main scenario quests in each progressive zone to unlock the other five currents in each zone.

Comprende? It seems a little daunting at first, but once you realize that you only need to fly in each zone after you get attuned, you realize that this is just part of the progression and exploration in Heavensward. We hope this quick start guide to flying in FFXIV: Heavensward helps you get into the skies, and look forward to more coverage of the expansion in the coming days.

If you want all of the locations to the Aether Currents and their quests, keep reading. Cheers!


Thanks to the ConsoleGamesWiki, we’ve copied all of the known locations for the Coerthas Western Highlands Aether Currents below.  You can find the rest of the listings at the link above. Only read past this point if you don’t mind spoiling the hunt.  Bear in mind that some currents are found with the compass while others are found by completing quests. To fly in a zone, you’ll need to unlock them all.

Coerthas Western Highlands Locations

Unlocked via Compass

Coordinates          Description

(x30, y33)           ---

(x25, y27)           ---

(x11, y18)           On the Dreaming Dragon, jump up onto the darker rocks just below the current.

(x21, y34)           South of The Bed of Bones

(x13, y7)             Peak of a snowy outcropping

(x24, y8)             Go east from the Dusk Vigil entrance, it's tucked in a little nook

(x29, y24)           Next to Black Iron Bridge

(x23, y9)             At the very top of a large rocky out cropping

(x34, y26)           Come in from the north side of The Warrens, and look for a little landing to drop down to. 

(x31, y11)           Gorgagne Mills, climb the stairs, jump to the small roof and shimmy round the side

Unlocked via Quests

Quest Title  |  Level  |  Location  |  Other Info

Bridge Over Frozen Water  |  Level 50  |  (x32, y35)  | Unlocks after completing "Disclosure"

For All The Nights To Come  | Level 51  |  (x16, y22)  | Unlocks after completing "Sounding Out The Amphitheatre"

Baby Steps  | Level 51 |  (x16, y22)  |  Unlocks after completing "Sounding Out The Amphitheatre"

Protecting What's Important  | Level 51  |  (x16, y22)  | Unlocks after completing "Camp of the Convictors"

Purple Flame, Purple Flame | Level 51  | (x16, y22)  |  Unlocks after completing "Camp of the Convictors"


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