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How to Unlock Flying in Draenor - Fury of Hellfire

Suzie Ford Posted:
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With the release of the World of Warcraft v6.2, Fury of Hellfire, update, players can now begin to work on earning the Draenor Pathfinder meta-achievement which is an account-wide unlock for all player characters at level 90 and above. The most important thing to remember when working on gaining the meta-achievement is that most of these can be multi-tasked and can be completed concurrently while questing / exploring / gathering.  Here then is the quick how-to of how to unlock flying mounts in Draenor.

Achievement: Explore Draenor

This achievement, above all others in this case, is the most straightforward. It requires players to thoroughly explore each of the six zones in Draenor: Frostfire Ridge, Gorgrond, Shadowmoon Valley, Spires of Arak and Talador. It’s more than just discovering each zone, but rather involves visiting each of the sub-zones within.

Exploration achievements are a staple of World of Warcraft and features an account-wide progression so that multiple characters can be participants in gaining the achievement, though the same character needs to explore each area of a given zone.

Achievement: Draenor Loremaster

Loremaster of Draenor is about finishing the major quest-chains in the five Draenor zones. A Horde character will need to complete the relevant quest arcs in Frostfire Ridge, and an Alliance character will need to finish those in Shadowmoon Valley. The other zones are not faction specific and any character can complete the quest lines within.

IMPORTANT: While the achievement is account-wide, the same character needs to complete the whole quest-chain for it to count towards the meta-achievement.

Achievement: Master Treasure Hunter

While on the quest to explore the Draenor’s zones or finish your Draenor Loremaster achievement, you can work on gaining the Master Treasure Hunter related to finding 100 out of 200 treasures scattered around locations (Author’s note: Tanaan treasures do not count towards the progress).

After you have completed the Loremaster achievement for a zone, you can buy a Treasure map for 100 gold which will show you all the treasures in the zone you haven’t found yet. The treasures are individual for each player and disappear after being looted.

Another quick way to find the missing treasures is to download addon called HandyNotes, it will mark the treasures you are missing on your map and mini-map when you’re close enough to it.

Achievement: Securing Draenor

For this achievement your character needs to be a level 100 with Tier 2 or 3 Garrison, as it requires to complete 12 daily Apexis quests by accessing Command Table in your Garrison.

Alternatively, you can purchase missives for 200 Garrison resources from the Quartermaster in your garrison if you don’t want to wait for the right quest to show up.

All achievements but Tanaan Diplomat can be done simultaneously. While you work on exploring a zone or finishing its quest line, you can look around for treasures (thanks to HandyNotes!) and grab missives that will grant you Apexis dailies taking place in the same zone.

  • Frostfire Ridge: Assault on Iron Siegeworks, Assault on Magnarok, Assault on Stonefury Cliffs
  • Shadowmoon Valley: Assault on Darktide Roost, Assault on Pillars of Fate, Assault on Socrethar’s Rise
  • Gorgrond: Assault on Everbloom Wilds, Assault on the Pit
  • Talador: Assault on Shattrath Harbor
  • Spires of Arak: Assault on Skettis
  • Nagrand: Assault on the Broken Precipice, Assault on Mok’gol Watchpost

Achievement: Tanaan Diplomat: (Alliance / Horde)

This achievement was not possible to complete before the release of 6.2 as it requires getting Revered with three new factions in Tanaan. As a side note, two of the factions are not aligned with either Horde or Alliance, while the third is.

According to WoWHead:

Hitting Revered means you need to grind out a total of 21,000 reputation:

  • Saberstalkers can be ground out, theoretically, in a day if you constantly kill elites and don't bother with daily quests.
  • Order of the Awakened will take 14 days, since it's only one daily after one initial quest.
  • Hand of the Prophet/Vol'jin's Headhunters has some variance. 2200 reputation is earned through initial quests, with a guaranteed 1000 reputation from dailies. It will take roughly 19 days at most to hit Revered, but there is a chance of getting another reputation quest for an extra 250 rep.

Level 3 Trading Post additionally increases the reputation gain by 20%. Unlocking the blueprint requires getting exalted with any single Draenor faction. In addition to that, you can use Guild Battle Standards or Darkmoon buffs to speed up the process.

Meta Achievement Earned!

After completing all of the steps and achievements above, players will be rewarded with a Soaring Skyterror mount. Oddly enough, and until some indistinct future time, the mount cannot be used for flying as the ability to actually do so has not yet been added. Blizzard did not have adequate time after the change of heart regarding flying to add in the necessary back end mechanics and promises that it will be on its way into game soon.

With that said, enjoy flying in Draenor (when the ability is added to WoD at a later date)!


Suzie Ford

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