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Greenskin Starting Area Guide

John Lisenby Posted:
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Warhammer Online: Greenskin Starting Area Guide

MMORPG.com Warhammer Online Correspondent John Lisenby writes this guide for players in the Greenskin starting area, going over available quests and more.

Here is a complete guide to the starting area of the Greenskins. It will carry you from Da Start where you first spawn into the game, through Stunty Mountain ending you up at Stouts' Pens which is the next questing area. You will find coordinates for where things are located and any special notes for each quest. There is no special order the quests are in. I just listed them as I did them.

If you take a quest you can always find out where it is by checking your map "M" key. By default the setting are set to show the quest tracker on the UI and the quest location on the map. The quest location is marked by a red cicle around the area where the quest is or the next part of the quest.


From:--- Who you get the quest from Name: --- The name of the quest Description: --- The quest text. I only included the important part of the text. Item: --- What you need to do or kill to complete the quest. Note: --- How to do the quest and any special notes. XP: --- The amount of xp you receive Money: --- The amount of money you receive Choose One of: --- You get a choice of 1 or 2 or more items. Class Armor items are for the class you are playing. Coordinates: The coordinates listed are like this 42624,52454. You can find the coordinates from the map "M" key. Where you point the mouse on the map the coordinates for that point will be shown at the middle top of the right side of the map.  


Big 'Un's Mound

From: Scribbiz cord-42624,52454 Name: Two can play at dat (part 1) Description: Interact with the nearby Bloody Sun Banner to receive a tome entry about the Bloody Sun Boyz. Return to Scribbiz near Da Start after you are successful. Item: "Bloody Sun Boyz" tome entry unlocked 0 of 1 Note: The banner is west of Scribbiz just a few yards. Right click on the black and white checked banner at 41395,52531 to get the tome entry. XP: 632 From: Scribbiz 42624,52454 Name: Two can play at dat (part 2) Description: Speak with Assistant Librarian Gruzuk near Big 'Un's Mound to receive a reward for unlocking the Bloody Sun Boyz tome entry. Item: Speak to Assistant Librarian Gruzuk Note: Gruzuk is southwest of Scribbiz at 41549,52992 XP: 632 From: Skarzag 41626,52301 Name: Stunties is fer Smashin' Description: Head down the hill to the Southeast and kill Ironmane Oathguards in Da Stumps. Return to Skarzag at Big 'Un's Mound when finished. Item: Ironmane Oathguard killed 0 of 3 Note: Go southeast to 44698,55296 to Da Stumps and kill 3 Oathguards. XP: 308

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Money: 52 copper Choose One of: Initiate's Warming Draught or Feet gear for your class

From: Skarzag 41626,52301 Name: Save da Choppas Description: Go southwest to the waters edge. Search the battlefield for wounded Bloody Sun Boyz and take their coppas from them. Return to Skarzag at Big 'Un's Mound when finished. Item: Choppas collected 0 of 2 Note: Go to 41472,55603 and right click on 2 of the Bloody Sun Boyz laying on the ground to collect the choppas. XP: 317 Money: 52 copper


From: Skarzag 41626,52301 Name: Crazy Gits Description: Follow the path west out of the village and then north down the hill. Enter the cave called Spore Rock and collect mushrooms. Bring them to the Shaman Gubnash Facebiter at his hut near the road on Lobber Hill.

Item: Sticky Mushroom 0 of 2, Smelly Mushroom 0 of 2, Tasty Mushroom 0 of 2 Note: Spore Rock cave is located at 40013,47846. You will find the mushrooms spread all through the cave and plenty of them. There are Squigs and Fungal Tenders in the cave. The Squigs are aggressive but the Fungal tenders are not. Also you might want to stop and see Wobna Slipsquig at 40166,54528 before going to the cave. He is a kill collector from squigs and this will get you extra xp for killing the squigs. The best way to do this quest is to just go through the whole cave as there is an exit at the other end that will put you right in front of Gubnash Facebiter where you turn the quest in at. Also when you need to train again you can go to the trainer Sogsnag Grubsnout at 39936,52301 to train and turn in the kills you collected to Wobna Slipsquig. Turn quest in at: Goblin Shaman Gubnash Facebiter 36403,49382 XP: 427 Money: none Choose One of: Class Belt or Initiate's Draught of Allaying Special Note: Inside the cave you will find a "Glowy Mushroom" This Mushroom gives you the following quest. It spawns in random locations in the cave. From: Picking a Glowy Mushroom Name: Mushroomin' Good Time Description: Bring the Glowy Mushroom to the Goblin Shaman Gubnash Facebiter. You can find him outside his hut near Lobber Hill Note: You will have to look around the cave for this mushroom but you turn it into the same person as the quest "Crazy Gits" at 36403,49382. Turn in to Gubnash Facebiter XP: 275 Money: none

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Reward: Glowy Mushroom Spores (A grey item of no use that I could find)

Da Stumps

From: Crankz 43622,55450 Name: Sumfink in da Water Description: Inspect the barrels along the waters edge. Return to Crankz in Da Stumps when finished. Item: Barrels Opened 0 of 3 Note: Go to cord. 42010,56141. You will find barrels along the beach there. It will be the shaking barrels. Right click on a barrel to open it. Once you open a barrel a Stuntie will spawn from it and attack you. Open 3 barrels. You do not have to kill the dwarf, but they are aggressive and usually attack you anyhow. Return to Cranks XP: 294 Money: 52 copper Choose One of: Initiate's Fleeting Potion of Clout or Initiate's Fleeting Elixir of Allaying From: Crankz 43622,55450 Name: Pile it Up! Description: Grab a handful of mud from one of the nearby mud piles in Da Stumps. Then target a statue and use the mud in your inventory to hurl it at the statue. Once the statue looks more like Gork, return to Crankz in Da Stumps. Item: Handful o' Mud 0 of 1 Gorkified Statue 0 of 1 Note: There are several mud piles around Da Stumps. The easiest to get to is at 44774,55219 straight east of Crankz. You usually only have to fight one mob to get to that mud pile. You will see three big dwarves statues south of Crankz (can't miss em. They are big). The best way to do this if you are solo is to go down to the edge of the water west of Crankz. Run along the edge of the water to the statue closest to the edge of the water. You will usually only have to fight one or two mobs going this way. Target the statue and open your backpack "B". Click on the "Quest Items" tab in your backpack and then right click on the "Handful o' Mud". This will fling the mud on the statue. Return to Crankz XP: 275 Money: none

Lobber Hill

From:Gubnash Facebiter 36403,49382 Name: Lob it Good! (part 1) Description: Follow the road south up to the Rock Lobbers, and speak with Degrot on Lobber Hill. Item: Speak with Dregrot Note: Just a few yards south of Gubnash. XP: 232

Warhammer Online ScreenshotMoney: none

From: Molorg the Seeker 36557,49843 Name: Harnessing a Vision Description: Search Lobber Hill for the things Molora needs. Locate Orc Ichor from the wounded Bloody Suns, Stunty Bits from Meat Barrels in Da Slop, and a Shiny Mushroom from inside the hut behind Gubnash. Return to Molora on Lobber Hill when finished. Item: Orc Ichor 0 of 1 37709,53299 Stunty Bits 0 of 1 38707,51072 Shiny Mushroom 0 of 1 36787,49690 Note: Orc Ichor you can find off a dead Bloody Sun just south of Lobber Hill. The Stunty bits in a barrel at Da Slop pit. The mushroom is in a hut right behind Gubnash and you can see it when you accept this quest. XP: 995 Money: none

From: Dregrot 36250,50995 Name: Down in Da Slop (part 1) Description: Travel east from the campfire on Lobber Hill and find Da Slop pit. Speak with Belchgut to see if he'll give you Dregrot's teef. Item: Speak with Belchgut Note: Belchgut is located in Da Slop pit at 39552,50150. XP: 995 Money: none From: Belchgut 39552,50150 Name: Down in Da Slop (part 2) Description: Search the Slop Piles and Squig Corpses nearby Belchgut for things Belchgut can use to make a special drink for Dregrot. Return to Belchgut in Da Slop when done. Item: Stunty Boot 0 of 1, Dead Squig Bits 0 of 1, Dregrot's teef 0 of 1 Note: These are all within sight of Belchgut. The mouse will turn into the interactive hand icon when you mouse over them. You will see 2 brown piles of slop in Da Slop pit itself and a Dead Squig bits in Da Slop also. They are all in the green looking Slop Water. XP: 995 Money: none From: Belchgut 39552,50150 Name: Down in Da Slop (part 3) Description: Take Belchguts vile-smelling brew to Dregrot on Lobber Hill. Item: Speak to Dregrot 36250,50995 Note: Return to Dregrot and speak to him. XP: 995 Money: none

From: Dregrot 36250,50150 Name: Lob it Good! (part 2) Description: Using any one of the Rock Lobbers on Lobber Hill, lob yourself up onto Stunty Mountain, and bash in a few stunty heads. Report to Skarzag at Big 'Un's Mound when your'e done. Item: Ironmane Cannoneer 0 of 3, Ironmane Hammerer 0 of 2 Note: Just right click on any one of the catapults (Rock Lobbers) located near Dregrot. It will then launch you up to Stunty Mountain. Once you land wait long enough for everything to spawn. It can take a few seconds sometimes. There will be a Quest giver there. It will save you time to get his quests also as you can do those while you are doing this one. The Cannoneers and Hammerers are just down the ramp where you land and to the right along the walls. XP: 481 Money: 52 copper

Stunty Mountain

If you die on Stunty Mountain you will respawn at Lobber Hill. Don't worry just jump back on a Rock Lobber and get lobbed back on the mountain. From: Mugrush Gutsticka 41549,58829 Name: Stunties if fer Stuffin' Description: Travel south and search for an Unconscious Beardling. Then find an Empty Beer Barrel near Mugrush Gutsticka to place him in, and kick it off the ledge. Speak with Mugrush on Stunty Mountain afterwards. Item: Unconscious Beardling 0 of 1 42010,61517 Note: Travel down the ramp and go straight forward. You are able to see the Unconscious Beardlings from where Mugrush is. XP: 319 Money: none Choose One of: The offer is one of 2 trophies for your class.

From: Mugrush Gutsticka 41549,58829 Name: A Head Apart Description: Kill an Ironmane Runewarder on top of Stunty Mountain. Get his head and place it on a pike by Crankz in Da Stumps. To get to Da Stumps from Stunty Mountain, head down the mountain either by way of the eastern goat path, or find yourself a faster route. Item: Ironmane Runewarder 0 of 1 42010,63283 Note: South down the ramp and straight as far as you can go. You will see a runewarder at the center. Then go down the goat path located at 42010,61517 (on the right as you go back towards Mugrush). You can just jump off the mountain if you wish. However, there is a Tome Unlock for History and Lore on the goat path you will miss. If you want the Tome unlock you have to go down the goat path as there is no other way to get to the unlock. Also be sure you have completed all the quests on Stunty Mountain before leaving so you do not have to return. Item: Ironmane Runewarder 0 of 1 42010,63283 Stunty Picked 0 of 1 43622,55450 (at Crankz) XP: 995

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Money: none Choose One of: Initiate's Fleeting Elixir of Allaying or Class Chest Armor From: Mugrush Gutsticka 41549,58829 Name: Cannon Smasha Description: Go west over the top of Stunty Mountain and destroy a Dwarf Cannon. Return to Mugrush on Stunty Mountain when finished. Item: Cannon Destroyed 0 of 1 40550,60979 Note: Same location as the Ironmane Cannoners and Ironmane Hammerers you need to kill. Just destroy any cannon one of the cannoners is using. Down the ramp and to the right. XP: 995 Money: none

From: Mugrush Gutsticka 41549,58829 Name: Barge Stunties Description: Board the stunty ship and slay Bergin's Guards. Keep any eye out for Bergin; he's a tough one! Return to Mugrush on Stunty Mountain when done. Item: Bergin's Guards 0 of 2 Note: You will see the stunty ship (can't miss it). Down the ramp and to the right. If you are a ranged class you can pull two of the guards off the ship onto the ramp leading to the ship to avoid further agro. You only need to kill any two guards and do not have to go down into the ship or way up on the top deck unless you like. Be careful of Bergin Ironfist he is a level 3 Champion. I have only seen him on the top deck of the ship. XP: 995 Money: none Choose One of: Initiate's Screening Potion or Class Glove Armor From: Skarzag 41626,52301 Name:Stunties if fer Bashin' Description: Follow the path west out of the village and then north down the hill. Follow the Road west until you reach Snouts' Pens. Speak with Snouts near the center of the pens when you arrive. Item: Speak to Snouts 31258,49766 Note: This is the quest that leads you to the next area to quest in. Also leads you to the Chapter 1 Greenskin public quest Ugrog's Rage. XP: 995 Money: none

Tome Unlock History and Lore

Note: As you go down the goat path from Stunty Mountain back to Da Stumps you will see a giant telescope located at 46694,56602. Put your mouse on the telescope and it will say "Observation Point". Right click on the scope and it will give you the Tome entry of "Simple Minds" and 104 xp. You can only get to this point from Stunty Mountan as it is at a cliff that you have to jump off of to get into the stumps.


From: Sploop 33792,49613 Name: Spotling Description: Go north into the woods and search for the Pile of Junk. Search the junk pile and discover what the little Snotling is up to. Item: Junk Pile 0 of 1 33101,48384 Note: Sploop is a small snotling beside the road on your way to Snouts' Pens. The junk pile is just behind him a few yards. Right click on the pile and end the quest. Five Snotlings will spawn and attack you. They are easy kills, just kill them and you are done. XP: 850 Money: none

Persons of Note in this area.

Wobna Sipsquig -- Kill Colletor -- 40166,54528 -- Gives 90xp for each squig kill Sogsnag Grubsnout -- Career Trainer -- 39936,52301 Gagdush -- Merchant -- 40243,52070


John Lisenby