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Getting Started with The Elder Scrolls Legends

Michael Bitton Posted:
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With The Elder Scrolls Legends now in open beta, we thought it might be useful to put together some helpful tips for getting started with the game.

Complete the Campaign

Logging into The Elder Scrolls Legends for the first time will take you right into the game's campaign. The early chapters double as a tutorial, slowly introducing you to the game's various unique mechanics, but you shouldn't hop out into the game proper once you make it far enough to do so. Progressing through the rest of the campaign will set you up with a number of premade decks that are useful for starting out and you'll also collect some decent cards to expand your overall collection, including a number of free legendary cards.

Choose Your Avatar

You'll choose your avatar at the very beginning of the game, but you may want to switch it once you've gotten into the game proper and got a feel for some of the different premade decks and looked through the collection. Your race choice will determine the bonus cards you collect while leveling up, and these can be helpful to filling out your ideal deck if you know what you want to do. For example, at level 24 you will be rewarded with a guaranteed legendary card. Select a Dark Elf as your avatar, and you'll get a Dark Elf legendary. As someone who plays a blue/green deck focused heavily on Dark Elf cards, choosing the Dark Elf avatar early on helped speed me along in collecting useful cards.

Spend Gold Wisely

It may be tempting to spend gold on packs, but the best thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the arena. For 50 more gold, you can gain entry to either the solo or versus arena and you'll always be rewarded with a pack no matter how far you get. Over time, you're likely to improve your arena drafting skills and this will allow you to earn additional packs, Soul Gems, and cards, with every run.

Figure Out Your Playstyle

Decks in The Elder Scrolls Legends are a lot larger than Hearthstone's 30 card limit (50 minimum, with 70 cards maximum), and legendary cards are not all unique, so deck lists can end up being quite expensive to put together if you're not willing to shell out cash for a ton of packs. If you're going down the F2P grind route, you'll want to focus, and the sooner you do that the better. It's a good idea to take a look at some of the dual colored cards in the collection to get some insight on the identity of the game's various color combinations. Alternatively, you can look up decks at Legends Decks to find a list that appeals to you and get started on putting it together.

Prophecy and Deck Building

If you prefer to put together your own deck over netdecking, my one tip would be to keep an eye on how many Prophecy cards you include in your list. You want to try and strike a balance here. Prophecy cards are great when you draw them off of a rune shattering (duh), but they tuned to be weaker for their mana cost when drawn normally as a tradeoff, so you don't want too many in your deck. I'm sure there are a lists out there that utilize more Prophecy cards than most as they expect to be taking more face damage, but it's a good guideline to keep in mind when deckbuilding overall. As someone who got started with Hearthstone, Prophecy cards add an additional layer of complexity to account for, and it took me a little while to find that balance, so start thinking about it early!

Do you have any tips to share with us for getting started in The Elder Scrolls Legends? Post 'em in the comments below!


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