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Christy Bazell Posted:
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Dofus - Farming Guide

MMORPG.com Dofus Correspondent Christy Bazell writes this quick guide for farming in the Ankama MMO.

So you have created a character only to notice that you can’t afford to buy gear, a pet, a house or even bread. What can I do, you ask?

Well farming is a good start.

Farming is one of the few professions that you can level to 100 in without spending any kama. You will also have a number of ways to make kama: selling your cereal, flour, oil and seeds. Or, you can form a great combination of professions as farmer/baker. Create flour and then use it to make bread to sell to other players. This has kama kama kama written all over it......

To start farming you will need to talk to one of three NPCs to buy the tool needed, Scythe. For an initial investment 150 kama, return on your money is only limited by your ability to stay awake during your low levels.

You can start your farming career while in Incarnam by talking to Foreman Ikure outside the Inn at (3,3). If you have left Incarnam, there are 2 locations for you to acquire the scythe, Amakna by speaking to Farle Ingalsse at (5, 6) or by talking to Emia Elliesol in Astrub (7,-25). Once you have your tool you can begin farming.

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As a farmer, you will be able to gather cereal as well as process flour and oil. To process flour and oil you will need to find 1 of the workshops. Workshops:

  • Incarnam: 3, 3
  • Astrub: 7, -25
  • Amakna: 3 locations
  • (5, 6) (1,23) (2, 25)
  • Bonta: -30, -42
  • Otomai’s Island: 2 locations quest to access*
  • (-57, 11) (-50, 20)

All of the workshops are located in the fields, with the most convenient workshop being t 5, 6 right above the 5,7 zaap. To save on zaap fees be sure to have some potions on you (Bonta, Brak, recall, guild house or home) that way you only have to zaap one way.


Flours and oils require specific recipes which are unlocked as you level. You will have 1 slot at level 1 and your processing slots increase every ten levels of your profession to a max of 8. Shelling is accessible at level 1and is a 1 slot process.

Now let’s look at farming in general,

A few things you will notice as you are out farming are resource protectors and people who seem to farm twice as fast as you do.

Resource protectors will aggro you at random, meaning prepare to battle. If you win the fight with the protector, AKA scarecrow, you will be rewarded with a bag of cereal. Double click on the bag to open it. Once you have opened the bag 50 cereal will be added to your inventory. These fights will help you collect cereal faster, but with a risk.

The risk is not that you will die in the fight but that if your inventory is almost full the extra may put you over your pod limit. Meaning, you are over loaded and stuck until you drop something. This is where using a home or guild house potion comes in handy. Use the potion to get to a safe location to leave an item. Then, once in a safe location drop your bag of cereal where you can pick it up again after you have been to the bank.

Now being overloaded might seem like a major annoyance, but it doesn’t compare to watching a high level farmer clear an area before you have even finished cutting one bunch. But have no fear! As your farmer levels professionally you will notice an increase in the amount of cereal collected and a decrease in the amount of time it takes to collect it.


All cereal collection starts at 1-2 per cutting, as each resource comes available it will start at this base. However as your farming levels so will the amount you collect with an increase of 1 per five levels. At level 100 you not only receive a bonus of an extra 1000 pods added to your carrying ability but you also have a +5 bonus to your harvest. Not only will you be collecting and carrying more at level 100 but you will spend less time gathering resources.

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Gathering levels:

  • 1 wheat
  • 10 barley
  • 20 oats
  • 30 hops
  • 40 flax
  • 50 rye
  • 50 rice
  • 60 malt
  • 70 hemp

When you start farming it is a time consuming process. Your collection time is approximately 11 seconds, yes long and boring! Many many people have fallen sound asleep farming. There is hope though you will be farming so fast at level 100 that you won’t have time to sleep. The rate drops from 11 seconds to 2 seconds making you one of the annoying people clearing screens while newbie farmers struggle to stay awake.

Farming locations:

If you start your farmer in Incarnam you will need to remember a few key points: weight of the product, storage and your player’s level. Depending on your strength and the gear you are wearing you may not be able to hold a lot of product on your character. That leads us to storage, you can transport to Astrub and store items including wheat in the bank and return to Incarnam. However keep a close eye on your characters level, once you are level 16 you are unable to access the beginners area.

,b>Free to play farmers:

F2P players can only reach level 30 in any profession meaning that as a farmer you can only collect 4 cereal types, wheat, barley, oats and hops. You will be restricted to the areas of Incarnam and Astrub fields for farming. But on a good note all of the resources you will need to reach level 30 are available to you, the downside is this isn’t a large area to farm and is very competitive.

Pay to play farmers:

You have access to all areas so be kind and leave Atrub fields for f2p. The best locations for farming are south, south east of Bonta so enjoy your access to it. Everything you need to farm can be located there. You have a workshop located not far from Bonta’s south entrance which is handy if you are Bontarian.

Dofus Screenshot

A few things to remember while farming is that as you level and new cereals are available these new crops will give you more experience points toward your next level than previous crops. Once you can harvest flax, you can trade 100 flax for 100 flax strings. This exchange is done by talking to Edrige Valling (0, 3). You can then sell the string on at the resource market. Similarly at level 70 when you can harvest hemp, alchemists use hemp for potion of old age. This potion is a requirement for most potions, which means unless the alchemist is a farmer they will need to buy the supply somewhere.

So remember, you have options with your farmer. You can farm and sell the cereal, create flour and sell it for bakers or store your flour to become a baker after your farmer hits level 30.

Whichever option you choose farming will make you kama without the need to spend more than the 150 kama for your Scythe.


Christy Bazell