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Dark Elf Early Quest Guide

John Lisenby Posted:
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Warhammer Online: Dark Elf Early Quest Guide

MMORPG.com Warhammer Online guru John Lisenby writes this guide to the early quests for the Dark Elf race in Mythic's RvR game. The guide gives information on quests, givers, rewards, locations and more.

Here is a guide to all the starting quests if you start out as a dark elf. These are in no particular order, just the order in which I did them. You will find coordinates, and notes on each quest. These quests are easy to solo with the exception of the Public Quest. These quests will get you from the Elf starting location to Akrana's Storm. Quests from killing Dark Sprites to releasing Cold Ones to feed on your kin. I did not include any storyline as that would take up a massive amount of room. The coordinates listed are for the center of where the item, NPC, or MOB is located. I hope you enjoy this guide and it becomes of use to anyone who is starting the game.

Explination: From: Who you get the quest from. Name: The name of the quest. Description: A description of the quest. XP and Money: Experience and money gain for completing the quest. Chose: Means you get a choice of one item from 2 or more items. Note: Notes of interest for the quest. Numbers inside the ( ) are coordinates where you will find the item, NPC, etc

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Narthain Beach From: Gorthan Rakar (15514,6912) Name: Blood Feud Description: Kill Sea Guard, they are along the Narthain Beach. Return to Gothan Rakar at the Dark Elf galley on the western side of the beach. Item: Sea Guard 0 of 4 XP: 1000 Money: 52 brass Chose: Initiate's Warming Draught or Class Boot armor Note: The Sea Guard is located west of Gorthan at (20070,7168). Kill any 4 of them. You can even kill one that an NPC is in combat with.

From: Gorthan Rakar (15514,6912) Name: The Joys of War Description: Go to the Reaper Bolt Throwers along the dunes on the southern side of Narthain Beach. Use the artillery to fire on the approaching Spearman and Mages. Kill several in this manner. Return to Gorthar Rakar on the western side of Narthain Beach afterwards. Item: Reaper Bolt Thrower Victims 0 of 4 XP: 824 Money: 52 brass Chose: Initiate's Fleeting Potion of Clout or Initiate's Fleeting Elixir of Allaying Note: Go south of Gorthan and you will see four Dark Elf Bolt Throwers located at (17227,9961). Right click on any one of them and then click the target icon in the center of the 3 icons that pop up. You will then see a four-point target rectacle on your screen. Point it at your target and wait for the four points of the rectacle to close in and stop. You are then locked on your target. Left click once to fire and then repeat once the thrower is reloaded. Once you have killed 4 targets you will be kicked off the thrower.

From: Gorthan Rakar (15514,6912) Name: Lingering Darkness Description: Kill the Dark Sprites along the cliff side leading from the beach to the Black Ark. Speak with Nehmora the Hag afterwards. She is in front of the Black Ark landing bridge. Item: Dark Sprites 0 of 6 XP: 915 Money: 52 brass Note: You should have already spotted the sprites. They are southwest of Gorthan all along the path going up the hill. Nemora the Hag is located at Black Ark Landing (4344,11385)

From: Janesa (15514,6912) Name: Tomes of Knowledge Description: Climb the hill and look down over the shore. Return to Janesa with your findings. Item: "The Black Arks" Tome entry unlocked 0 of 1 XP: 703 Note: Just travel the path leading up the hill southwest of Janesa. You will have to go close to the edge of the cliff to get the Tome entry. Just travel to (8988,10036) and you will have it.

From: Janesa (15514,6912) Name: Tomes of Knowledge Description: Speak with the nearby librarian, Valanak, to receive a reward for unlocking "The Black Arks of Naggaroth" Item: Speak with Valanak XP: 703 Note: Valanak is between the Merchant and the Career Trainer just north of Janesa. You can see Valanak from where Janesa stands.

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Black Ark Landing

From: Nehmora the Hag (4344,11385) Name: Dance of Khaine Description: Join the fight taking place in the ruins of Narthain and slay five Sword Novices for the glory of Khaine. Return to Nehmora the Hag near the Black Ark when done. Item: Sword Novices 0 of 5 XP: 1450 Money 52 brass Note: The Sword Novices are located at (6816,19848). You will also see Witch Elf Novices (NPCs) killing them. If you stand close to one of the Witch Elf NPCs they will help you in killing the Sword Novices.

From: Nehmora the Hag (4344,11385) Name: Fallen Kin Description: Kill the Narthain Shadow Warriors found in Seawind Glade. Return to Nehmora the Hag at Black Ark Landing when complete. Item: Narthain Shadow Warriors 0 of 6 XP: 1461 Chose: Class Belt armor or Potion (sorry I lost what the potion was) Note: Narthain Shadow Warriors are located at (14605,13407). They are located all through the wooded area here.

From: Nehmora the Hag (4344,11385) Name: Lucrative Intrigue Description: Find Tiritha Venomfire near the fountain in Isha's Garden and blackmail her over her larcenous ways. Item: Tiritha Venomfire Warned XP: 380 Note: Tiritha Venomfire is located at Isha's Garden (10935,19174). This is where you will be doing your next set of quests so you can wait till you finish all the ones at Black Ark Landing and then turn it in when you go there to quest. All you have to do is turn the quest in to Tiritha.

From: Uthorian War scout (5318,12658) Name: Khaines Embrace Description: To queue for the scenario, click on the War Symbol to the left of the mini-map, select Yes when asked to join a scenario and select either to join solo or with a party. Choose the Khaine's Embrace Scenario, and click ready to join the queue. Return to the Uthorian Warscout when done. Item: Khaine's Embrace 0 of 1 XP: 2194 Money: 1 silver 6 brass Note: This is an RvR battleground scenario. You can queue up for it and continue on questing until your queue hits. Be sure you are in a safe place when you enter the scenario as you will respawn there when the scenario ends. Your stats will be boosted to level 8 if you are lower than level 8. Khaine's Embrace is for levels 1 - 12. You can also turn this quest in at the Uthorian Warscout in Akrana's Storm if you are closer to him when you complete it. Akrana's Storm is located at (12957,32281)

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From: Overseer Rathus (8838,14231) Name: For Amusement's Sake Description: Find a Narthain Blade-Walker deep within Seawind Glade. Target him, open your backpack, and select the Quest inventory tab. Right click on the Phaos Gem in your inventory while the Narthain Blade-Walker is still targeted. This will mesmerize the Blade-Walker. He will follow you, lead him back to Overseer Rathus before the charm wears off. Item: Use the Phaos Gem 0 of 1 XP: 1290 Money: 52 brass Note: Go to the camp located at (15729,12583), they will be located around the camp itself. To complete this quest faster you can drag the Phaos Gem out into your Quickbar and activate it from there. Once you mezmerize a Blade-Walker just run back to Overseer Rathus. You will have to run up close to him. The quest will not complete unless the Mezmerized Blade-Walker gets within 30 feet of Rathus. I did notice that the Blade-Walker will lag a bit, just stand next to Rathus and give it a minute and he will catch-up.

Isha's Garden

From: Tiritha Venom fire (10935,19174) Name: Pages of Power Description: Look for pieces of the missing ritual parchment throughout the Ruins of Narthain, west of Isha's Garden. When found, click on them to retrieve them. Return to Tiritha Venomfire at the fountain in Isha's Garden when you are done. Item: Ritual Parchment 0 of 4 XP: 1493 Note: The parchments spawn at different locations, but mostly around these coordinates. (6366,22694) (3820, 20447) (5917,18799). When you find one just right click on the parchment to pick it up.

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From: Tiritha Venom fire (10935,19174) Name: Halls of Aenarion Description: Venture into the Halls of Aenarion beneath the spires of Narthain. Ensure that the four Tomes of Aenarion found throughout the halls are open. They are inside alcoves in four corners of the hall. Once all tomes are open, Aenarion Eidolons will become visable. Defeat one of them and return with it's essence to Tiritha in Isha's Garden. Item: Essence of Aenarion Eidolon 0 of 1 XP: 1931 Chose: Initiate's Potion of Clout or Class Chest armor Note: Go northeast of Tiritha through the left arch. You will then see the building you need to enter right in front of you. Go down the spiral stairs. You will see a circle on your mini-map of part of the dungeon with 2 alcoves off it. You will find 2 of the Tomes there. Then go to the southern room and there will be 2 alcoves on either side of this room. (they do not show up as alcoves on the mini-map). When you open the last tome the Aenarion Eidolons will spawn. One should spawn in the same room you are in so be ready. The Eidolons will despawn after 1 minute.


From: Tiritha Venom fire (10935,19174) Name: Competent Scion Description: Bring Tiritha's Missive to Kerryn Darkwater. He and his band can be found south of Narthain, just outside of Nimosar. Item: Speak with Kerryn Dark water XP: 886 Note: Kerryn Darkwater is located at (12957,32281)


From: Beastmaster Maughann (12957,32281) Name: Guiles Strength Description: Release the Cold Ones from their Corral. Return to Beastmaster Maughann when done. Item: Release the Cold Ones 0 of 1 XP: 1103 Note: The corral is located on the south side of Isha's Garden. Just right click on the corral gate to release the Cold Ones.


From: Beastmaster Maughann (12957,32281) Name: Use of Allies Description: Kill five Narthain Archers in the Ruins of Narthain, and loot their bodies. Take their "shines" to Thamp'zum the Goblin nearby. Item: Shinies 0 of 5 XP: 1463 Chose: Initiate's Screening Potion or Class Glove armor Note: The archers are located on the south side of Isha's Garden within site. Thamp'zum is located just south of the archers at (11534,24042)


From: Beastmater Maughann (12957,32281) Name: Lionbane Description: Find and kill the Narthain Lions prowling throughout the forested area on the southen edge of Narthain, in Lionwalk Grove. Return with their flanks to Beastmaster Maughann by the fountain in Isha's Garden. Item: Narthain Lion Flanks 0 of 5 XP: 1463 Note: Lionwalk grove is located at (15504,25915). It is just off the road if you travel down the south road from Isha's Garden.


From: Beastmaster Maughann (12957,32281) Name: Maughann's Challenge Description: Find one of the Silverlake Sisters in the forests of Lionwalk Grove. Take her life, and claim her blade as a trophy. Afterwards, return the blade to Beastmaster Maughann by the fountain in Isha's Garden Item: Silverlake Blade 0 of 1 XP: 1521 Chose: Class Weapon or Initiate's Fleeting Coporeal Screen Potion Note: Located in Lionwalk Grove (15504,25915). You should have seen Silverlake Sisters while doing the quest "Lionbane".


From: Master Kaltarn Name: Leading the Way Description: Kill one of the Narthain Archers or Narthain Sword Novices at the Ruins of Narthain to receive a Narthain Gem. Deliver the gem to Akrana, who abides to the south in Nimosar, as a token of Master Kaltarn's esteem. Item: Narthain Gem 0 of 1 XP: 1332 Note: The archers and swordsman are located on the south side of Isha's Garden. Same place as the "Use of Allies" quest. Arkrana is located at (12957,32281) as is the next questing location.


Chapter One Public Quest - Spires of Narthain

Part 1- Kill Narthain Soldier 0 of 30.

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Note: Plenty of them around to kill all over the area.

Part 2- Narthain Sun Mage 0 of 15

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Note: They will spawn in two spots near the center of the Spire.

Part 3- Sunlathir 0 of 1

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Note: The Public Quest boss mob. He is a level 4 Hero.



  • Initiate's Draught of Allaying
  • Initiate's Warming Draught
  • Initiate's Lasting Elixir of Allaying>li>
  • Initiate's Lasting Screening Potion


  • Class Glove armor
  • Class Boot armor


  • Class Weapon
  • Class Chest armor

You can only chose one reward from each level. One basic, one advanced, one elite.


John Lisenby