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Dark Elf 1-5 Guide

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Warhammer Online: Dark Elf 1-5 Guide

MMORPG.com Warhammer Online Correspondent Jessica Maxson writes this basic guide to get Dark Elf players from Level One to Level Five in Mythic Entertainment's most recent RvR title.

The Dark Elf Disciple of Khaine is a mixture of fierce swordsmanship and gentle healing. Balancing the scales between when to attack and when to heal comrades is tricky, especially in the heat of battle. Fortunately, you will always be fighting since you need kills to keep your essence meter full so you can perform heals. If this runs out you cannot heal until you either kill more enemies or use the skill Blood Offering, which sacrifices your health for essence.

Your starting zone for the dark elf is The Blighted Isle and your starting area is Narthain Beach. You start off with the spells Cleave Soul (this spell deals ten spirit damage), Fist Of Caine (which deals twenty damage and can attack and enemy long range which is useful for pulling one enemy away from a particularly brutal mob), and Restore Essence (this does exactly what you think it does, restores thirty-three essence to an ally or yourself. Blood Offering, this converts for five seconds thirty action points to thirty essence energy that is used for healing spells).

To get started first take a look around this place, it’s dreary, dead, lots of fighting and there are battle ships around you. Take note of Gorthan, he has a quest for you, “Blood Feud.” The requirements for completion are to kill four sea guards. You should ignore Janesa for now. Go east of Gorthan to the fighting that’s happening by a burning ship (check your map if you are lost, the red circles are your quest areas!) The Sea Guard are all aggro, so you might want to fight the ones that are already fighting someone so you don't have to travel too far into the fray. Slay four of these guys and head back to Garthan. He has a new quest for you “The Joys of War”. Go to the reaper bolt towers (you can pick up “Tomes of Knowledge from Janesa now but don't do it yet) the towers are southwest of Garthan. They are spread out in a row and look like catapults. Pick one and right click it to choose snipe mode. White arrows will now come up on your screen. Choose an enemy and they will zero in on him or her turning red, left click and you will snipe them. Kill enough to end the quest and return to Garthan.

He will now give you the quest “Lingering Darkness”. Killing six dark sprites is easy. Just go southwest of Garthan to the imp-like enemies hovering in the air. These guys are not aggro, so you don't need to worry about running into the middle of them and getting attacked. Upon killing your last sprite, you should now rank up to level 2. Before we go back to hand in the quest, continue up this path until you see “Black Ark Landing' come onto the screen. Hug the right cliff ledge (but don't fall!) to complete Janesca’s quest. Let’s go back to Janesca. Continue “Tomes of Knowledge” by speaking with Valnak, who is to your right by the boat. Complete it and you are done with this starting zone. Sell any loot you want to get rid of to the merchant and then go to the Career Trainer, select “core training” and get the new skill “Consume Strength”. It will deal seventeen damage and sap your enemy’s strength. Alright, moving on!

Go back up that path to Black Ark Landing. Continue until you get to a new outpost with lots of NPCs standing around. Nehmora the hag is where you hand in the “Lingering Darkness” quest and also to pick up the quests “Dance of Khaine” and “Fallen Kin“.

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Uthorin Warscout offers a scenario quest, you may not be ready to do this yet so let’s not. Let’s do the quest, “Dance of Khaine” instead. You are to kill five Sword Novices, go south out of Black Ark Landing and follow the path. You will see a cave you can’t go into, so to your left go up the hill. The Sword Novices are there. They are aggro if they aren't already fighting someone, so attack the ones already fighting so again you don't get too far into the fray and attacked by multiple enemies. To the East, you will notice more people. Saril will give you XP, and Rathus will give you the quest “For Amusement’s Sake”. We can do this one while doing “Fallen Kin”, since we will already be inside Seawind Glade.

Seawind Glade is behind this place so just go around it to a forest area. Shadow Warriors lurk everywhere in here. Kill six of them (aggro) to complete this quest. After you've done this, look around for a Blade Walker in the middle of this area. Use the Phaos gem on him to mesmerize it and quickly return to Rathus. You have only three minutes, so avoid fighting if you can and hand in this quest. Saril will give you more XP. Now go back to Black Ark Landing and hand in “Dance of Khaine” and “Fallen Kin” to Nehmora. You'll now be Rank 3! Pick up the quest “Lucrative Intrigue” and go to the career trainer to get the skill “Soul Infusion” which gradual heals your target two hundred sixty health over a period of fifteen seconds.

For your next quest, you need to go to Isha’s Garden and blackmail Tintha Venomfire. Go southeast out of Black Arc Landing (the middle path). You will come to the Ruins of Nathan and then Isha’s Garden. It’s a pretty place, isn't it? Tinitha is on the left, take the quests “Pages of Power” and “Halls of Aenarion” from her, also from the Beastmaster, pick up the three quests “Guile’s Strength“, “Use of Allies“, and “Lionbane”.

We will do “Halls of Aenarion” first, since the reward is a new piece of armor. Go east out of this place through the spires of Narthian (there is a public quest here). Be careful if you see a huge dragon. Don't go after it and stay far away unless you want it to attack and utterly destroy you. Go left of the dragon to a spire that will lead you down a twisting flight of stairs. You should see Hall Keepers here. Make your way through the maze-like halls opening tomes of fury in the alcoves. They are guarded by Hall Keepers, so be prepared to fight a lot! When you have all four tomes opened the Eidelon will appear and you will have to fight him. After you kill him make your way out of this place and return to Tintha and get your new armor.

Now, let’s do “Guile’s strength”. All you have to do is go to the corral on the southwest side of this place (near the Career Trainer) and release the Cold Ones from the corral (the look like dinosaurs). Return to the Beastmaster and complete this quest. You should now be Rank Four.

You can pick up “Covenant of Vitality” from the Career Trainer now. “Pages of Power” is our next quest to complete. Go to the Ruins of Narthain in the west and find four ritual parchment pieces.

There are Narthian Archers here. Kill them if they get in your way, the pages are just that, glowing white pieces of paper on the ground, find four and return to Tirithna. She will give you another quest, “competent scion”. This one is farther away, so let’s do the other two quests first.

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“Use of Allies' wants you to kill Narthian Archers and loot them for their “shinnies“. We just saw them when getting the parchments and you might have even killed a few so just go back and slay the rest you need. You will have to find Thamp'zun the goblin to hand in this quest. He is a bit of the way south past the Career Trainer. Follow the road. He is on your right. Now let’s do the quest, “Lionbane”. Go along the path a bit more south and you will start to see some White Lions. Kill them to get five of their flanks and return to the Beastmaster. He will give you the quest “Mavghann’s Challenge”. We will do this one since the reward is a weapon. Go to the forests of Lionwalk (where the white lions are). You have to find one of the Silverlake sisters and kill her. She is not far into the forest (on your left) and is in a very tree heavy area with a rock that she will most likely be walking around. You can easily recognize her as the only human in the place and by her shield. Return to Beastmaster to hand in the quest. You should be half way to Level Five now. “Competent scion” is our only quest now, so let’s go do that one. Go far past the White Lions until you reach the Mistwood. Kerryn is in the tent. Take the three quests from her: “Hated Kin”, “Must Have” and “Legend and Infamy“. “Legend and Infamy” is an epic quest meaning that it’s very long and can be very hard.

Ularis has the quest “Nimosar’s Fall”, Telathor has “Dark Ambition”, Urathos has “Need to Know” and “Prize of War”. Dark Isle Shadows are parked east of Mistwood for the quest “Nimosar’s Fall'. Kill five of them. Be careful not to confuse them with any of the other enemies that are in this area or you might be fighting battles you don't want to. Go back to the camp. Rikuld will reward you with some XP. Drop off the quest you just did to Ularis he will give you another quest that you should take. Go far south past the guardians and to Volric on your right (a great Wing Crag Wing will be on a rock near her), talk to her and get the rewards. You will get the next part of this quest. Go back to where you killed the Isle Shadows and go father into the forest to kill Shadow Warriors. Kill eight of them and get their heads. You can kill anyone in this forest and get a head (observing shadow, isle shadows, or dark walkers). When you have eight heads, go back south to Valruc. Click the glowing pikes and you will set the heads on them two at a time. Once you have this completed you will now be Rank Five. You can now go back to the Mistwood to pick up the skill, “Lacerate’ from the Career Trainer. You can also do some of the Public Quests or the Scenario Quest if you like.


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