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Damage Sram Guide

Nathan Swanson Posted:
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Dofus: Damage Sram Guide

MMORPG.com Dofus Correspondent nathan Swanson writes this guide to an interesting Sram build for Ankama's MMORPG, Dofus.

Here's an unconventional build for a Sram - a +damage build (levels 1-90). You might see these kinds of build in other classes, but not Srams (none that I've met anyway). I stumbled on this build when the Turko Set was made available to be crafted for the first time. I wanted the extra AP, and as a side-effect I got a bunch of +damage. To make a long story short, I realized that a lot of spells that are typically looked over by Sram players suddenly become quite useful - namely, tricky trap (can you believe it?), poison trap, and leek pie (fire damage from Sram, YES!!).

The basic idea here is that multiple, little sources of damage suddenly add up to a lot of damage when it's all said and done. I found that often times you can do more damage this way than you can with more traditional one-element builds. Plus, there's the versatility. You can spread out the damage to lots of little targets, or one big target. Normally, you're stuck with one or the other. Also, when you get to higher levels, you can get more weapons that have more than one element attacks on them. Once you get used to that additive damage counting multiple times for every swing, it's hard to go back. Or, once you hit level 70, you can go for a Royal Gobball Sword (with all four elements), and watch the damage stack up. It's a lot of fun to play, and it's just as much fun to listen to the surprised reactions of other player who have never seen such builds before.

Let's start with player vs. player advantages. First and foremost, people expect Srams to have limited range. Well, with Leek Pie (level 5), you have considerable range and damage. I mean, you can cast that sucker three times in a turn! With 30-40 damage for each shot, you're looking at about 100, long-range damage every turn - that's pretty good for a 50-60 level Sram. You can keep your distance while Leeking them to death. Usually by the time your opponent realizes what's going on, it's too late. As an alternative, pushing them into a poison trap, going invisible, and then hiding in a corner is also very effective. It's free damage you give them every turn, and there's usually very little opponents can do about it. The really nice thing is that you don't even have to level up poison trap (though you certainly can). The additive damage is what you rely on, and not the base damage of any given spell.

The same strategies apply to fighting monsters as well. I can't stress enough how good it is to have a decent damage-dealing spell like Leek Pie at long range. Furthermore, having a good fire-based spell, which usually isn't a part of the Sram arsenal, makes it less likely you'll be stuck fighting through high elemental resistances. There are plenty of earth and air resistance-based monsters out there. There are much fewer monsters that are highly resistant to fire as well.

Finally, since additive damage comes from your equipment alone, you're still free to put your characteristic points wherever you like and still have a great damage character. On the other hand, if you try out a damage set and don't like it, there's no reset quest involved to go back to a more traditional build. You just buy different equipment.

Let's go through several sets that give good +damage. You can customize these easily, as there are many pieces that give similar amounts of +damage:

Level 17:
There really isn't a whole lot before level 17 as far as +damage goes. What becomes available is the Bandit Set:
Lars Amulet
Robber belt
Gangster Ring
Robber Daggers
The remaining pieces should be anything you want with 2-3 +damage over-maged on them. You can also over-mage additional damage on the Robber Set pieces as well. Before level 17 you're pretty much stuck with over-maging damage on random pieces.

Level 38:
You can do a great Prespic Set/Robber Set combo here. The Prespic Set pieces are Prespwig
Prespic Cloak
Prespic Belt
Prespic Ring (remove the Robber belt)
You're still left with your over-maged boots from before. What's nice about this combo is that your wisdom take a healthy jump as well.

Level 50:
Now we're talking! The Turko Set not only give great damage, but it also gives wisdom, AP, MP, prospecting, an extra summon, vitality, and agility. I'm sure you're getting sick of being constantly dodge locked by now, unless you're an agility build. It's a great set.
The remaining pieces can be filled in with previous pieces. At level 52 the Xelor Amulet becomes available. This not only has 6 damage to give, but also another AP. This brings your total AP to 8. You'll get used to having good AP. At level 58 the Nonsenz Ring is available to wear, and I would recommend switching your second ring to that. It not only gives 5 damage, but also 5 damage to traps. You can also over-mage some damage onto the Turkocape, but be careful because each fail to mage runs the risk of losing the MP bonus.

Level 70:
Royal Gobbling Sword - watch the damage stack up. It hits all four elements, so all your damage will be counted four times for every swing. Since you have 8 AP, that's two hits every turn. You are now a close-combat powerhouse in addition to a long-range pest. Oh, the joys of life...

Level 80-90:
At level 84, the Event belt becomes available, with 8 damage, 8 critical hit, and 2 range. It's wonderful. The only thing is that this sucker's expensive. A less pricy option at level 90 is the Royal Rainbow Blop Belt, with 8 damage as well. Your amulet should be upgraded to the Royal Rainbow Amulet at level 90. Another even more expensive option to the Event Belt is the Powerful Dazzling Belt at level 80. It's only 5 damage, but it gives yet another AP - bringing the total to 9. With 9 AP you can level up Deviousness and have 3 good, medium-ranged attacks per turn. You can use this in conjunction with Leek Pie to have some element variance in your ranged attacks.


Nathan Swanson