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Dailies in an Hour Thirty

James Wood Posted:
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World of Warcraft: Dailies in an Hour Thirty

MMORPG.com World of Warcraft Correspondent James Wood writes this guide to getting your character's dailies in a swift hour and a half.

With the introduction of the Argent Tournament in Patch 3.1, the time needed to finish Northrend-based dailies has been reduced and the potential gold output from completing 25 has risen significantly. And they can all be completed in one hour to one hour and thirty minutes.

The guide has a few requirements: (a) Have your Icecrown dailies unlocked; (b) Be Honored with the Sons of Hodir; (c) Be at least an Aspirant in the Argent Tournament; (d) Use a very fast flying mount and; (e) Have 14 empty bag slots. Anyone who falls under the third requirement will have 4-5 dailies left to do, so another list will be added to the end of the guide to fill that daily quota.

Each of the quests mentioned in the guide's steps rewards a minimum of 13 gold and 23 silver, can be done very quickly, does not require professions and minimizes your exposure to gankers.

  1. If you are only an Aspirant, Valiant, or Champion-only at the Argent Tournament, check your Wintergrasp timer. Leave when the timer has 50 minutes to 1 hour remaining and you're on the offensive team, then head to Icecrown. There will be an extra section at the end of this guide for the extra dailies.
  2. Collect these quests at either the Skybreaker or Orgrim's Hammer, depending on your faction: Drag and Drop, Retest Now, Blood of the Chosen, Not A Bug, Volatility (Horde) / The Solution Solution (Alliance), and Keeping the Alliance Blind (Horde) / Capture More Dispatches (Alliance). Head to the Argent Tournament next.
  3. Once at the Argent Tournament, start Jack Me Some Lumber and A Chip Off the Ulduar Block.
    1. Aspirants start Learning the Reins and Training in The Field.
    2. Valiants start The Grand Melee, A Valiant's Field Training and At The Enemy's Gates.
    3. Champions start A Champion's Battle, Taking Battle To The Enemy, Battle Before The Citadel and Threat From Above.
    4. Champions with a Secondary Valiant can retake the Valiant quests for other cities.
    5. All ranks should take A Worthy Weapon, A Blade Fit For A Champion, or The Edge of Winter.
  4. If you ended up with two lances, destroy one of them to save bag space and use the other to complete Learning the Reins, The Grand Melee or A Champion's Battle. Depending on your opponent, fights can take a few seconds to 3 minutes per combatant. Against the Valiant or Champion NPCs, engage them in melee until they start walking away. Back up as they do, as their retreat lasts for a certain amount of time and not by the distance made. Charge when you're at the minimum range and hit them with a normal attack when you're close. While you still have the speed buff, distance yourself from the NPC and use Shield Break before returning to melee attacks. Rinse and repeat.
  5. Turn in Learning the Reins, The Grand Melee, and/or A Champion's Battle, then destroy your lance.
  6. Head eastward and collect the quest items for A Chip Off The Ulduar Block. When you're done with the quest, remove the Goblin Chisel from your inventory.
  7. Go to Dun Niffelem next, then collect, complete and turn in Polishing the Helm, Thrusting Hodir's Spear, and Feeding Arngrim. End the quests with Thrusting Hodir's Spear to put you back in Dun Niffelem to turn in the quests and make a quick escape before someone takes advantage of your weakened state.
  8. Complete A Worthy Weapon, A Blade Fit For A Champion, or The Edge of Winter, then go to the Great Tree in Crystalsong Forest.
  9. Complete Jack Me Some Lumber, then head north to Icecrown. Like the Goblin Chisel, remove the Lumberjack's Axe from your inventory to save space.
  10. (Champions Only) When someone requests a group for Threat From Above, take the opportunity immediately. If all the members of the group are not near Chillmaw, continue with your previous quest until they are ready.
  11. Complete Volatility. If any of the Scourge attack you as you're collecting materials for the dummy, add them to your Icecrown Scourge Kills for Training In The Field, A Valiant's Field Training, and/or Taking Battle To The Enemy.
  12. Go to Ymirheim and kill 8-10 vrykul, then start Assault By Ground. The 3 packs of vrykul that you fight should be enough to fill your quota for Blood of the Chosen.
  13. Start and complete Assault By Air. After your 4th infiltrator has been deployed, eject from your plane.
  14. Start, complete and turn in King of the Mountain. The mechagnome's jump can be spammed, so getting to the top should be fairly quick, followed by a quick flight back to the quest NPC.
  15. Go southwest from Ymirheim to the Argent Tournament camp in Corp'rethar. Take a new lance from the racks near the horses, then complete At The Enemy's Gates and/or Battle At The Citadel. Low-Flying Boneguard Scouts can be defeated before their first attack with a Shield Breaker + Normal Attack combo, Boneguard Lieutenants can be defeated with Shield Breaker, Charge and 1 Attack. Boneguard Commanders are difficult to solo, often because of the extra mobs that get in the way during the fight. Pull the Commander back to the Argent Camp and stay within range of another horse as the Commander will attack you after your horse dies.
  16. Once done, travel north from Corp'rethar and find a safe spot either on the fields or the cliff to complete Capture More Dispatches or Keeping the Alliance Blind.
  17. Go northwest to the Shadow Vault and start, complete and turn in Vile Like Fire and Shoot 'Em Up.
  18. Head east to Aldur'thar. Once you've landed near the Enslaved Minions, drink the Diluted Cult Tonic and kill both minions and the Void Summoners. Kill the groups separately as a bug in Not A Bug can prevent you from collecting Dark Matter if two Enslaved Minions die too close to each other. Collect the Tainted Essence as well.
  19. Complete Not A Bug and kill some of the mobs near the summoning stone to add to your quota for Retest Now.
  20. Complete Retest Now. There are different buffs from the cauldrons. The western cauldron gives you attack power, the southern cauldron gives you stamina and the eastern cauldron gives you spellpower.
  21. Start, complete and turn in Riding the Wavelength: The Bombardment. Unless the Gargoyle Ambushers are attacking you en masse, don't restore your shields or put out the flames. You can kill all the required mobs before your bomber explodes and you're returned to the quest NPC.
  22. Fly south of the platform and complete Drag and Drop. If you still haven't filled your quota for Icecrown Scourge kills, kill the Bitter Initiates.
  23. Turn in Assault By Air, then return to Skybreaker or Orgrim's Hammer and turn in all the quests you collected from there.
  24. Return to the Argent Tournament and turn in your remaining quests.

If you're a Champion with both Champion and Valiant quests, then that will be 25 quests completed with a total payout of 374 gold and 5 silver if you pick all the Champion's Purses for the quests.

Aspirants will still have 5 free dailies, Valiants will have 4 free dailies and Champions will have 3 free dailies remaining.

Aspirants, Valiants and Champions

By leaving 50 minutes to an hour before the Wintergrasp offensive battle, you guarantee that you will be somewhere within Icecrown before the battle starts. Slay Them All and Defend the Siege can be completed quickly, but Victory In Wintergrasp risks the most time to complete and turn in, pushing your daily time past the hour-thirty mark if your side fails.

If you do succeed, turn in your Wintergrasp dailies, then go to the western end of Wintergrasp and fly to Coldarra. Do Aces High, and then head north into Sholazar Basin. If you have already unlocked the dailies for either the Oracles or the Frenzyheart, do either Chicken Party or Appeasing The Great Rain Stone, then return to Icecrown to finish the rest of the dailies.

If you fail or skip Victory In Wintergrasp, travel east into Dragonblight instead, then do the quest Defending Wyrmrest Temple. Though this quest only awards 9 gold and 96 silver, the time-reward ratio is better than other dailies located nearby. After completing the quest, go to the Borean Tundra and do Aces High, then go north into Sholazar for the quests mentioned.

Even with a few hiccups along the way, pulling off the 25 dailies in one hour and thirty minutes is quite easy. Kudos to Blizzard for making more opportunities to raise cash for our Ulduar repair bills.


James Wood