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Community Class Builds - The Hidden Viper

William Murphy Posted:
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As a part of our ongoing Inside ESO content, we've begun a new regular column devoted to the community's own creativity: the Elder Scrolls Online Community Class Builds. This week, we asked you all to submit your best ideas for an assassin-themed build, and while we received a load of great entries, one truly stood out: TheLegitFreeman's Hidden Viper.

A stamina-based Dragon Knight build, we chose The Hidden Viper from our pile of submissions not only because of its ingenuity, but because of the wonderfully written companion text to go along with the build's description. A mixture of dual-wielding and long-ranged bowmanship, the Hidden Viper is just as capable of sneaking around the shadows as he or she is blasting you with the cleansing heat of flame. You can find the build here on ESO-SkillFactory.

Without further ado, here's TheLegitFreeman's Hidden Viper:

The Hidden Viper (AKA Llasni Daverel) is a female Wood Elf born in Arthenia. After her mother died in child birth and her father died in unknown circumstances, she was put up for adoption. As it happened, a Dumner traveller by the name of Naddu Daverel spotted the young child in the orphanage whilst asking for directions to the nearest tavern. He decided to adopt her, seeing as he had lost his only family, his wife during the Akaviri invasion years prior. He took her back to his small cottage just outside of the city of Vivec, naming her Llasni, after a sweet girl he used to like in his youth. 

He made a living out of making and selling potions and cures as a master apothecary. He taught Llasni all he knew about alchemy and when she was old enough, he gave Llasni her first dagger, a tool which would serve her well, for cutting herbs and plants so she could help in the shop. She also acquired a natural aptitude for archery and used magic to harness the powers of the earth and fire, something which Vvardenfell has plenty of.

One day when she returned from cutting herbs, she returned to her father laying dead outside the house, with a single embroidered arrow in his neck. She broke down crying, the only family she had has been torn from her, leaving her alone once more. Out for vengeance for her father, she swore to draw her fathers murder's blood. As she was searching through her father's study, she noticed a draft of wind through the wall. And uncovered a hidden backboard to a room in the bookcase. In this sealed room lay a old, dusty suit of chitin armour, with a single embroidment on the right sleeve, the same as on the arrow. The same logo associated with the sudden passing of many good men - The Morag Tong.

Image Courtesy of Beebichu

From that day forward, she vowed to follow in her father's footsteps, but distinctively contrasting the organisation that led to her father's death. She would travel the battlefield of Cyrodill, assassinating alliance officials at the beginning of the war. Cold, Calculative and Cunning, she used a mixture between tainted weapons and poison magic to attack her foes, let the poison  play its course whilst she uses her brewed invisibility potions to make her escape. When things got personal, she used her fathers dual daggers, for the elegant striking blows.

After travelling back from Bravil, she was captured by the Worm Cult and sacrificed to Molag Bal.  She would take the fight to the Lord Of Schemes, join the pact for her beloved Morrowind and join the 'Guild Of Thieves' in Abah's Landing to try to discover more knowledge about her father. Yet, she has only just come to the attention of a organisation catered to her talents with a mutual vendetta for the Morag Tong...The Dark Brotherhood. This is where her true story starts.


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