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Chaos Magus Tier 1 Combat Guide

Andrew Bobb Posted:
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War: Chaos Magus Tier 1 Combat Guide

MMORPG.com Warhammer Online Correspondent Andrew Bobb writes this guide to combat for the first ten levels of the Magus career in Mythic's RvR game.

The Magus is the ranged damage dealer of the Chaos forces. However, this servant of the Raven God is gifted with a versatile skill set including single and multi target close combat spells as well as the standard long range magic expected of casters. Though still fragile, the Magus does have decent defenses for a caster, thus complementing the multi role skill set. While not a true pet class like the Goblin Squig Herder, the Magus can summon Daemonic servants that add to the disc riding caster's firepower.

The multi role ability of the Magus is shown right from the start with the skills Flickering Red Fire and Daemonic Maw. Flickering Red Fire is a long range elemental damage spell with a two second cast time and no cooldown. Daemonic Maw is a melee range ability that casts instantly and has no cooldown. In addition to dealing damage, Daemonic Maw will cause a hexed target to lose forty percent speed for ten seconds.

At level two Rend Winds becomes available. This is a medium range spell that casts in one second and deals damage in three rapid strikes. Now all three range levels are covered, you have ad effective combination to cast on a closing target: Flickering Red Fire, Rend Winds, Daemonic Maw.

Level three gives you what you have probably been greatly anticipating, your first Daemon: a Pink Horror. The Pink Horror is your long range Daemon. The summoning takes two seconds and has a five second cooldown. The passive skill Daemonic Fire is for your Pink Horror, and provides a fireball attack for the Daemon to use. You will also receive the skill Strengthen Thrall to heal your summoned Daemon.

All of the Daemons have three attack orders you can set for them on the display which appears directly above your skill bar. You can have it act aggressively, attacking any target in range. You can have it act defensively, attacking a target that is attacking you. Or, you can have it attack whomever you are attacking.

Infernal Blast, a short to medium range area of effect spell, is available at level four. This instant cast spell deals elemental damage over nine seconds to all targets in a cone shaped blast. Infernal Blast has a ten seconds cooldown, but, since it has a nine second duration, you will have plenty of time to continue the onslaught with Rend Winds and Daemonic Maw.

At level five you get the grab bag of punishment known as Glean Magic. This medium range spell casts instantly and reduces the spiritual resistance of enemies within a short area around the target. This is fantastic because a large number of your spells, and your Daemons, inflict spiritual damage. If that wasn't enough, Glean Magic also deals a small amount of damage over twenty seconds.

Your Blue Horror, and its skill, Warping Energy, are available at level six. The Blue Horror is your medium range Daemon, as it deals spiritual damage in a cone shaped spray of blue fire. You will also receive Daemonic Leash, a melee range tentacle that whips around to strike all targets in your front arc. It is also instance cast and no cooldown. So, use Daemonic Leash for close support of your front line, and to frustrate enemy healers.

Horrifying Visions is a defensive spell you will receive at level seven. This long range spell will cause an opponent to deal half damage to you, and you will stop attacking after you cast it. The effect will end if you attack a target you have detaunted with this spell. Horrifying Visions does have an excellent offensive use too. You can cast it on the enemy's ranged support or melee attackers other than the one you wish to attack; just be sure not to use area of effect spells that will hit the detaunted targets.

Your short range Daemon, the Flamer, is available at level eight. Its skill, which is called Flame of Tzeentch, deals a steady stream of damage per second. You will also have access to Mage Bolt, your first rank one morale skill. This is a long range instant cast spell, activated via the icon on your morale bar in the bottom right of the user interface, which deals very high damage. You will have to wait a full minute before you can cast it again though.

Upon achieving level nine, you will be able to learn Baleful Transmogrification. This long range hex casts instantly, has no cooldown, and deals elemental damage over time for fifteen seconds. Aside from the fire and forget terror you can distribute across the battlefield, this spell also has an excellent defensive application. Since it is a hex, you can cast Baleful Transmogrification, followed by Daemonic Maw, giving you a quick one two punch that slows your aggressor while you Flee.

With level ten comes Surging Violet Fire. This is a long range spell that casts instantly and deals elemental damage. However, it has a ten second cooldown. That said, Flickering Red Fire is your only option for maintaining a long range barrage while Surging Violet Fire refreshes. You do have many instant cast spells at this point though, so using them in an advancing sweep is quite effective. Dropping off a Blue Horror or Flamer at the end of your advance is icing on the cake.

The Magus does not deliver the same single spell damage output that a Sorceress can produce; however, the overall shorter casting times of a Magus' spells allow rapid delivery of high volume fire. You will need to watch your AP bar with this class, as you can run yourself dry very quickly. AP potions will help with this, so Apothecary is a worthwhile crafting skill to pursue.

Your versatility and Daemons provide a large number of tactical options. You can mix and match long, medium, and short range positioning to fill many roles. Another excellent use of your Daemon is to leave it at an objective and watch its health bar as an early warning of opponents behind your forward progress. Meditate on the ever changing nature of The Warp to become one with the multitude of options available to you. The Lord of Change is watching.


Andrew Bobb