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Chaos Early Quest Guide

John Lisenby Posted:
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Warhammer Online: Chaos Early Quest Guide

MMORPG.com Warhammer Online guru John Lisenby writes this guide to the early quests for the Chaos race in Mythic's RvR game. The guide gives information on quests, givers, rewards, locations and more.

Here is a guide for some of the starting area of the Chaos. You will find co-ordinates, notes, and other things that will lead you from Sturvall (the Unshakled Host) to Wolfing (Sorcerer's Axiom). These are listed by the quest giver and in no particular order. But they are in the order you will find the quest givers. To save space no storyline from any quest was listed. Though the storyline is great and I suggest you read them. You will also find some Tome Unlocks listed as you should run into them. Though the main focus of this guide are the quests. Tome unlock-- "Chaos Portal" -- If you turn around and go towards the portal when you first enter the game you will get the Tome unlock.

Skurlorg Blackhorn (29082,11059) Name: Dark Fate Description: Go to the cemetery northeast of Skurlorg Blackhorn by the Thorshafn Crypt, and kill the Restless Dead for their bones. Once you have collected enough pieces report to Kaltira the Daemoncaller. She awaits you at the center of the cemetery. Item: Bones of the dead 0 of 4 XP: 725 Money: 52 Brass Choose 1: Initiate's Warming Drought or Class Boot Armor Note: The cemetery is east of Skulorg.(32666,8397) Just right click on the gates and enter. The Restless Dead spawn all over the cemetery. Kaltira the Daemoncaller is located at the center.(32666,8397).   Name: The Will of Change Description: Venture into the Beastman camps west of Skurlorg Blackhorn. Kill Gors and Ungors, then find the Herdstone and corrupt it. Report to Dyre the Heartrender at the edge of Thorshafn, northeast of the Beastmen camps. Item: Unruly Ungors 0 of 4 Unruly Gors 0 of 4 Herdstone Corrupted 0 of 1 XP: 1421 Note: The Beastmen camps are located at (27546,16384). Kill the Gors and Ungors along the road as this will lead you to Dyre the Heartrender. You will find the Hearstone next to the road, just right click on it.   Garik Bludfist (30208,11469) Name: Of Carnage and Conquest Description: Investigate the glowing rune near Garik Bludfist to discover something about the Raven God. Return to Garik Bludfist after you are successful. Item: Investigate the glowing rune nearby 0 of 1 XP: 703 Note: You will be able to see a glowing blue rune on the ground just southeast of Garik. There is nothing to click or do. Just walk into the center of the rune and you will get the tome unlock "Raven God".   Name: Of Carnage and Conquest Description: Speak with Ranulf, the librarian, to receive a reward for unlocking the Raven God tome entry. Item: Speak with Ranulf XP: 703 Note: Ranulf is just east of Garik, you can see him from where Garik stands.   Kaltira the Daemon caller (32666,8397) Name: To Conquer Description: Defeat the Awakened Spirits in and around the Thorshafn Crypt, north of Kaltira the Daemoncaller. Return to Kaltira in the center of the cemetery once you are finished. Item: Awakened Spirits 0 of 5 (31027,5939) XP: 580 Money: 52 Brass Note: The Spirits are just north of Kaltira, the look like grim reapers. You can also find them inside the crypt just north of Kaltira. (Also Vorque is inside the crypt with a quest, see his entry)   Name: Daemonic Strength Description: Go feed the parts of the dead to a Hellcannon. The Hellcannons are located at the edges of the cliff, east of the Thorshafn Crypt. Return to Skurlorg Blackhorn near the Chaos portal at the Unshackled Host, west of the Cannons, when finished. Item: Fire Hellcannon 0 of 1 (38502,9626) XP: 445 Money: 52 Brass Choose 1: Initiate's Fleeting Potion of Clout or Initiate's Fleeting Elixir of Allaying. Note: Just right click on a cannon once it fires it will complete the quest for turn in. Skulorg Blackhorn is located at (29082,11059) Tome unlock -- "Hellcannon" -- There is an "Ammunition Pile" next to the center cannon (38502,9626). Just right click on the ammo pile to get the tome unlock.   Vorque (27750,4096) Inside the Thorshafn Crypt Name: Wicked Things Description: Recover Vorque's Sackbag, inside the Thorshafn Crypt. Return with it to Vorque inside the Thorshafn Crypt when finished. XP: 445 Reward: Vorque's Green Dust (grey item) Note: You should have gone past several sackbags on the way through the crypt to Vorque. Get the quest and go back up the stairs. You should find one at the top of the stairs and one just a few feet from there. You only need one sackbag to complete the quest.   Seer Thaena (30925,10854) Name: The Heart of Battle Description: Search the Mausoleums in the cemetery before the Thorshafn Crypt in the northern mountains. Recover from one of them the Thorshafn Ancestral Chronicle. Return to Seer Thaena at the Unshackled Host, just outside the south gate of the cemetery. Item: Ancestral Chronicle 0 of 1 (32154,6554) XP: 1030 Note: It looks like a book with a bottle sitting on it. When you get to the Crypts look at the eastern ones and you should see them.   Name: The Heart of Battle Description: Proceed into the village of Thorshafn. Open your inventory and use the Ancestral Bane inside the graveyard to call out the spirts of the villager's ancesters. Destroy the Thorshafn Ancestors, and then report to Madgr the Soulreaper at the Unshackled Host. Item: Use Ancestral Bane 0 of 1 (46285,15360) Thorshafn Ancestors 0 of 3 XP: 1861 Choose 1: Initiate's Potion of Clout or Class Chest Armor  

Raven Warmonger (29389,12390) Name: Defilers of the Castle Description: To queue for the Scenario, click on the War symbol to the left of the mini-map, select Yes when asked to join a scenario and select either to join Solo or with a Party. Choose the Nordenwatch Scenario, and click ready to join the queue. Speak with a Raven Warmonger when done. Item: Play Nordenwatch Scenario 0 of 1 XP: 1484 Money: 1 Silver 6 Brass Note: Join and play the scenario. You must play until the scenario completes. You can keep questing while you are in a queue. Though when you join the scenario make sure you are in a safe place as you return to where you joined from. There is also a Raven Warmonger at Wulfseige to turn into (35738,33280)   Sturmvall Dyre the Heart render (31949,13107) Name: Destruction Description: Use the kindling surronding the smaller Thorshafn homes at the front of the village to set them ablaze. Report back to Dyre the Heartrender across the west Thorshafn bridge when you're done. Item: Buildings Burned 0 of 2 (36045,15974) XP: 935 Money: 52 Brass Note: The kindling is right next to the buildings. It looks like a tall standing stack of wood for a campfire. Just right click on one to set it ablaze.   Name: Pillaging Description: Search the Village of Thorshafn for anything of worth and take it for the Raven Host. Return to Dyre the Heartrender across the west Thorshafn bridge when complete. Item: Brimming Barrel 0 of 5 Secured Chest 0 of 3 XP: 1314 Note: You will find the barrels and chests at two locations, the watermill at (39834,12595) and the tower at (43110,12083). Also they spawn in various other places around the village. But the mill and tower are the best locations as they spawn in groups there.   Name: Blood Description: Kill five Empire Spearmen inside Thorshafn. Return to Dyre the Heartrender across the west Thorshafn bridge when complete. Item: Empire Spearmen 0 of 5 XP: 990 Choose 1: Class Belt or Initiate's Draught of Allaying Note: You can do this quest while doing the "Destruction" quest. The Spearmen spawn all throughout the village.  

Name: The True Test Description: Find and kill the Captain of the Guard in Thorshafn. Return to Dyre the Heartrender across the west Thorshafn bridge when you're done. Item: Captain Von Wilke 0 of 1 (43110,12083) XP: 613 Choose 1: Initiate's Screening Potion or Class Glove Armor Note: You will have to complete the quest "Blood" before you can get this quest. It is best to complete it along with the quest "destruction" so you can do this quest and "Pillaging" at the same time as they are at the same location.   Tome unlock -- "Norse Tribes" -- (35021,12186) You will see a Host tree with an eye on the ground. Just go up to the tree and it will unlock the entry.   Kill Collector -- (32765,12698) -- Collects kills on Thorshafn Soldiers and give 75 xp per kill.   Lodkr the Fallen (33382,14234) Name: Sinister Allies Description: Find the Dark Elf Corsairs on the other end of Thorshafn, west of the Chaos Portal, and behind the Bright Wizards Tower. Speak with Cerivith Thrallmonger Item: Speak with Cerivith Thrall monger (47616,15565) XP: 990 Note: You can do this quest along with "The Heart of Battle" as they are next to each other. All you have to do is turn it in to Cerivith, he gives no quests at this time.  

Name: Merciful Strength -inster image merciful strength- Description: Explore the buildings throughout Thorshafn. Find a Marauder who has shown weakness, defeat him, take his weapon, and bring it back to the merchant Gautr. He is east of the Chaos Portal in front of Thorshafn. Item: Weak Marauder's Weapon 0 of 1 XP: 935 Money: 52 Brass Note: You can find a weak marauder at (40448,15462) and (41779,16998). The quest test is a bit misleading. Gautr is not at the Chaos Portal, he is just a few feet away from Lodkr and is not a game merchant.   Madgr The Soul reaper (33792,13517) Name: The Soulreaper Description: Kill Tower Guards inside Thorshafn. Report back to Madgr the Soulreaper across the west Thorshafn bridge when you're done. Item: Defiant Souls Drained 0 of 5 XP: 1418 Choose 1: Shadow grey dye or Graveyard earth dye Note: The Tower Guards are at the same tower as previous quests (43110,12083).   Name: None Shall Escape Us Description: Track down and kill the Empire Courier that is attempting to flee past the Lynsk River into Wulfsiege Forest. Next head south and speak with Surtsen the Deceiver at the Sorcerer's Axiom. Item: Empire Courer 0 of 1 XP: 1580 Note: Go to (40038,17818) the crossroads in Thorshafn, The Courier always runs past there, sometimes you will also see one sitting at the wagon that is turned on it's side.   Name: Promise of Power Description: Find the Mutilated Livestock used in the Dark Ritual outside Thorshafn. Seach it to recover an Orb of Change. Then report back to Modgr the Soulreaper across the west Thorshafn bridge. Item: Bulbous Orb of Change 0 of 1 XP: 717 Choose 1: Class weapon or Initiate's Fleeting Corporeal Screen Potion. Note: This quest is located in the Chapter 1 Public Quest at (39424,20070). You will see the mutilated livestock on the ground there, just right click on it and you will get the Orb.   Tome unlock -- "Daemons" -- Next to the mutilated livestock at (39424,20070) you will see an Host eye on the ground. Right click on the eye to get the tome entry.  

Name: Show of Power Description: Ascend the Thorshafn Tower and face the Bright Wizard Acyolte on the top floor. Report back to Madgr the Soulreaper across the west Thorshafn bridge when complete. Item: Bright Wizard Acolyte 0 of 1 XP: 1354 Choose 1: Class Trophy one will go on shoulders, other will go on belt.     Chapter 1 Public Quest Part 1: Kill Thorshafn Militimen 0 of 25 Note: Easy to kill and you can solo this part if you wish Part 2: Harvest souls from the Tombstones 0 of 25 Note: Not easy to solo as level 2 champions spawn at this part and you will have to defeat them to get all the tombstones. Just right click on a tombestone to harvest the soul. Part 3: Kar'thok the Bloodhowler 0 of 1 Note: The chapter quest boss. He is a level 3 Hero and I do not suggest trying to solo him.


John Lisenby