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Black Desert Online: How To Prepare For The Land Of The Morning Light

Anthony Lowry Posted:
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Black Desert’s Land of the Morning Light expansion is going to be pretty massive, with new boss rush gameplay, a slew of new features and reworks, and of course, new gear. Whether you’re a life skill main, or hardcore grinder, there’s something here for you. I know a lot of new and veteran players are full of questions, even after looking up some information, and I’m here to provide some direction on where to go and what to plan for, here and now.

If you are a newer player, don’t fret, and don’t rush

This content is made for players new and old alike, as the new boss rush can be done right out at the start of the season. As of this writing, 90% of your stats will come from the boss rush-specific attribute system, where you will collect jewels throughout the story and lower-ranked bosses in order to progress to higher difficulties. Basically, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with this new content, even if you aren’t the most experienced player. You won’t miss out!

If you are a veteran or are geared, start working on Hexe

If you are in it for the grind, then Elvia Hexe Sanctuary is the place to be for the foreseeable future. This is because Dawn’s Gloves will require 500 Embers of Hongik, which can be obtained by exchanging Crystallized Despair; two for one.

Elvia Hexe Black Desert Online

As far as stats, they follow the exact same stat progression as other pieces of gear:

At TET (Damage Reduction version) 

  • Accuracy: 50
  • Defense: 82
  • -  Evasion: 38 (+90)
  • - Damage Reduction: 44 (+31)

(Evasion Version)

  • Accuracy: 25
  • Defense: 84
  • – Evasion: 45 (+115)
  • – Damage Reduction: 39 (+29)

Additionally, you can change the stats of these gloves at anytime, via a quest, requiring the gloves and 200 Scorching Sun Shards (approximately 1 billion silver at this time), so if you decide to change your stat priority, the option is there.

Figure out what new crystals you want to get

A lesser talked about thing that is new to the Land of Morning Light is the slew of new crystals. I want to focus on the combat crystals here.

Source: Black Desert Foundry

There’s a lot to take in here, but we’ll keep it succinct: Tear crystals are best in slot, but you can only use one, which one you choose depends on your class and build, but I will likely go for the Kirin’s Tear for PvE grinding, mostly for the additional Drop Rate (the stats aren’t bad either), the Phoenix Tear is also very good for raw stats, and the Haetae’s Tear looks pretty good for PvP.

After that, there are Harmony Crystals which power up the Gervish, Macalod, and Hoom family of crystals. I do not know if these crystals will be worth using, but there might be a place for Macalod in some builds in PvE.

Lastly, there are Slaughter, Cold, and Dark Crystals. These are unique crystals, with their own group, and the maximum amount you can equip in a single group is two. I am strongly in the Covert Dark Crystal camp for PvE, as having 24% Back Attack damage in total is incredibly good for places like Gyfin Underground, Oluns, and Elvia Quint Hill. Evasion builds will very likely want to have the Frozen Cold Crystal.

There’s a lot going on with such a massive piece of content, but I am certainly looking forward to experiencing the Land of the Morning Light first hand. I’ve already started my Hexe grind to get an early start on obtaining my Dawn’s Gloves, and I hope I can get a good start on obtaining some of these crystals each week. This kind of content is exactly what the game needed, and while I hope the weekly lockout will be alleviated a bit, I certainly look forward to what these bosses have to offer!


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