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Chaos Online is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Aside from the standard features that you'll find in most MMORPGs, the Growth System is a unique aspect of the game. This system allows the players to create and upgrade their equipment. With it, a player only needs to create a single set of equipment. You can upgrade each item both in terms of level and quality; including weapons, armor, eudemons, gems and even mounts. The War system within Chaos is unlike any other MMORPG. Race war is extremely breathtaking since there are two different races (three in the near future) fighting it out and nobody knows who will win the war. As an added bonus to race war; Chaos Online also has an event called Border War which is held five days a week in preparation for Resource War. The winning race of the Resource War controls the battle field mines until the next Resource War. In addition, there are many other extreme challenges you can join in on.

Looking at the image below, you can see all of the different aspects of the game's user interface:

  1. Character Information
  2. Mini-map
  3. Chat Window
  4. Hotkey
  5. Weapon Experience& Level
  6. Window 1----Community, Guild, Quest, Mail
  7. Window 2----Characters, Items, Skills, Team, System Setup
  8. Weapon Hotkey, Mount Shift F9, F10 &F11
  9. Attack Mode Shift
  10. Equipment Repair Reminder
  11. Exp. Bar ( Blue Bar shows your current experience)
  12. Target Character HP
  13. Shopping Mall Entrance
  14. PK Protection is On
  15. Emotion System
  16. PK Protection On/Off
  17. Robot On/ Off


Q --> Quest B --> Back Pack C --> Character M --> Map S --> Skill P --> Mail T --> Team F --> Friends G --> Guild

Chaos Chat System

There are six different channels on Chaos Online:

Public: The people around you can hear you. Whisper: Only the target can hear you. Team: Only the members of your team can hear you. Guild: Only the members in the same guild with you can hear you. Race: Widely used channel. People in the same race with you can hear you. (Requires Vitality to use) World: Used to talk to everyone on chaos online. (Need a loudspeaker to broadcast to world.)

Beside the chat box, you can find a smile icon. Click it and it brings up the emotion icons and you can click to use them. In system settings, you can easily change the chat font colors.

How to create a team and set up team.

You can create a team to invite other players to join, or you can simply join other players' team to gain extra experience.

Click the Team icon on the quick bar (Hotkey: T) to bring up the team panel. Set up the team and press the OK button. There are different settings within the team panel, this is what they do:

Auto-Team: If your team is not full, you will send to the team invitation to others automatically. Forbid-Team: The team is closed and other players can not apply to join the team. Experience Distribution: You can set up the team experience distribution. Owner means the experience is not share; Average means experience is averaged and each team member get the same experience. Item Distribution: You can set up the dropped items' attribution to owner, or free: anyone can pick them up or random: items are randomly distributed to the team member.

Once you have clicked the OK button, you will find a Team List Information panel under your avatar. The more people a team has, the more extra experience will be gained. You get 4% extra XP per person on the team, regardless of their level. As long as they are on the same map as you, you will get that bonus toward your XP when you kill a monster.

How to join an already existing team.

Ctrl+Right Click and click Team to join a target's team. The team leader will see a request panel and simple click OK or cancel to make a decision.

Getting from Level 1-20.

In total, getting to level 20 will take between one and two hours. So log in and you'll find yourself at Myth Village since you're a Natarian. Talk to the Novice Guide and claim your Newbie Gifts and you'll get a Treasure Box. These boxes will only open at levels: 10, 15 and last but not least, 20. Then they will disappear forever! But don't worry, at level 10 you will get a Random Mount ranging from a Motorcycle, a Horse or a Tiger. At level 15 you will get an antique from the Treasure Box that can sell for 50K (50,000) Gold to any NPC that sells items. There is a downside to the Newbie mount...It will only last for seven days!

Do all of the novice guide quests so that you can get familiarized with the game. You will also learn a few skills, one of them is called Crystallize. This skill allows you to make level one Crystals when your Cosmo Energy is filled up (Blue Stuff at the top left next to your Character Name/Level). Click the letter 'S' on your keyboard and the Skills Menu will pop up. Drag the skills you want into the 'F' spots. For example: F1,F2,F3 etc. After you've done the Novice Guide quests you will have perfect level eight armor and a ring or so.

Don't forget at level ten to open your Treasure Box for that cool new mount of yours! Remember that Newbie Mount that you got will only last for seven days! You should either start saving up 500k or buy Diamonds and purchase a Mall Mount. After you're level ten or so you should click on one of your City Plumes. Once you are at Paradise City, you should click 'M' on your keyboard for your Map. Scroll all the way down on it and click South Paradise. Once you get to South Paradise you should kill Sama Stone Evils which shouldn't be too hard. This will take about an hour at the maximum time. Okay so you got to level 15? Click your Treasure Box and you'll get an Antique. Since you're level 15 you'll need to start killing a new monster! Attack Nipolan Beasts until you're level 20 and hopefully you have learned where to train from now on!


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