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BDO Warrior Guide 101

Robert Lashley Posted:
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 Next up in our series of introductory guides to the classes of Black Desert Online is the Warrior. We’ve already covered the Valkyrie and Ranger over the past week so now it’s time to turn our attention to one of the manlier classes. While it is true that all classes in Black Desert Online are gender locked Pearl Abyss did have the foresight to create a complementary male and female slab of beef that are very similar in design functioning primarily as a tank. Those two are the Valkyrie and the Warrior.

While not exact replicas of each other the Valkyrie and the Warrior both make fine tanks. Each of them use a sword for their main hand weapon and carry a shield in their offhand for defense. The minor differences being that the Valkyrie is a specialist in crowd control, damage mitigation, and healing while the Warrior focuses on crowd control, damage mitigation, and debuffing their opponent.

Early on the warrior is an easy class to play. You have high survivability and chances are you will not die unless you are trying to push your character to the limits and see just how many enemies he can take on at once. Early on you will be able to fight quest monsters that are labeled for a group on your own and live to tell the tale.

The key to using a warrior is learning to manage your resources, Warrior Points, or WP, and stamina. WP will be spent using some of your more advanced skills while stamina will be depleted while you are blocking. While blocking warriors will sacrifice mobility but also have the opportunity to regain their WP. In addition by using basic skills like slash warriors will regen WP. To help compensate for this lack of mobility while blocking warriors do have a few abilities that allow them to help close the gap on the battlefield. Shield charge will allow you to charge forward and stun your opponents. Sideways cut allows you to swing your sword while strafing. This also rebuilds WP.

Next we will go over a list of a few early warrior skills and what you will want to focus on. You’ll definitely want to spend skill points in the warrior passive ability Fitness Training as soon as it become available. This awards you alternating bonuses to physical, ranged, and magic defense.

Damage / WP Return

You have your basic attack. This is bound to the left mouse button (LMB) and slashes at your opponent. This is the primary way to regenerate your WP.

Forward slash. This is bound to W and LMB. This allows you to deal damage, close the gap, and regen WP.

Kicks. Bound to the F key kick will hit your opponent and stun them. As you advance this skill you will learn chop kick. Chop kick propels you forward to strike your enemy and stun them. Kicks also return WP. This works as a gap closer and a WP regeneration device.

Shield Play

Block is bound Q. Blocking can stop enemy attacks and also generates WP. Higher ranks of block generate higher defense, increases resistance to crowd control, and make you an all-around rock. While you are blocking you will gain access to three counter abilities:

  • Hilt Smash: Forward and RMB causes a 2 second stun that give stamina
  • Shield Smash: returns WP and staggers your opponent
  • Furious Blow. Back and LMB does AOE damage and causes a stun. Adds 10% of your HP as bonus damage.

Shield charge: While holding Q if you press space you will leap forward while blocking.

Shield strike: This is bound to your right mouse button. In addition to dealing damage this can also stun your opponent.


Heavy strike: LMB + RMB. Causes a decent amount of damage and causes a bleed effect.

Spinning slash: S + RMB. Spin at your enemies and has 100% crit. Yep, 100% crit. Well worth it. Works well as a combo attack too.

Ground slash: S + E. This is a pure damage attack. However it does not seem that it would be better than using spinning slash which has a 100% crit chance.


Take down is bound to the E key. This captures the enemy and slams them to the ground in front of you. This also acts as a form of CC.

Some of the following skills are not bound to mouse combos. These are on your skill bar.

Warcry. This lowers your enemy’s defense and is an AOE taunt.

Ground Roar: Slams the ground. This also lowers your enemies’ armor and pulls them to you.

Ground Smash: This is a high damage AOE knockdown.

Piercing spear: This is the warriors ranged attack. You throw a spear at your enemy and stun them.

You are now equipped with the basic fundamentals of the warrior in BDO. Hopefully this helps you decide whether or not the warrior is for you. He isn’t the fastest at killing enemies but he can take on large groups of enemies at once with a high chance of survivability. Mastering CC will be the key to more complicated engagements.


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