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Christy Bazell Posted:
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Dofus: Baking Profession Guide

MMORPG.com Dofus Correspondent Christy Bazell writes this look at the baking profession in Ankama's MMO.

How would you like to make kama fast, fast, fast?

Making Kama fast is easy, make and sell a product that everyone in game has to have....what is that you ask?

Bread of course!

Bread is the amazing healing food that every player needs; Sacs and Iops especially. Every time a player takes damage they lose a health point (HP). Health points need to be replenished or your character will die. There are 3 options for refilling HP; resting, potions or bread.

Resting is great if you are either low level, need to step away from the computer, or are very patient. Resting to regain HP requires you to take the time to sit and do nothing......hmmm sounds fun to me! Okay, I must admit that you can meet some very interesting people while sitting at a zaap.

Potions are good but inconsistent. Mini healing potions restore 11 - 22 HP where as Superior mini potions 21 – 40 HP. What this means how much HP you gain is a gamble. With bread you get what you pay for restoring anywhere from 10 - 700 hp. Not only will bread restore your health but it can also restore energy of course this will depend on type of bread you purchase.

How to get started:

  • The most affordable way to start a baker is by starting with a high level farmer. Have your farmer stockpile flour and wheat. This way the only kama you spend is on water and yeast, both of which sell for 1 kama each. But of course, to learn your new career you will need to buy a kneader. These can be purchased from the baker workshops from Kelog Hornflex (3,0) Sam Croa (2,-16) Harry Cobbe (4, 13) for approximately 10 kama depending on the server you are on.

Water can be purchased at any Inn or drawn from a well. A well is free but inconvenient since you will be using valuable pods to carry it around. You could always store it in the bank, but will have to pay to make a withdrawal, or in your house chest. Another downside to drawing water from the well is that the wells are located in some pretty random locations and you have to water for the well to refill. Both hunting for wells and waiting wells to refill are time consuming. The last thing you want to do with any profession is to waste precious time.

As for yeast, it can be purchased at the head baker, at the baker’s workshop with NPCs, when you go to make your bread. Yeast can also be made by an alchemist whom you may already have a connection with from selling them hemp if your first profession was a farmer. However, it is still 100% more convenient to purchase your yeast in the workshop.....my apologies to any alchemists I have just offended but this is a baker’s guide!

Remember when collecting your supplies and heading to the workshop equip your rolling pin (kneader)!

If you are using a weapon that is strength based you will have a higher level of available pods then when you have your rolling pin equipped. What happens then is you will get to the workshop change to your kneader and be overloaded, which means no moving or baking until you drop something or change weapon. So be sure to have you professional tool equipped before loading up for the workshop.

Great ways to level fast

To level your baker you start with two slot recipes. The cheapest one to make is Amaknan Bread use this recipe until you reach your super seller 4 slot recipes. Wholemeal bread recipe will make you the fastest kama and most affordable to bake of all the 4 slot recipes. The up side is that wholemeal bread will sell faster than you can finish putting it up for sale so bake lots.

Field bread (5 slot) and Cereal bread (6 slot) are also great money makers. Both of these breads restore 100 hp when eaten, making them a popular and affordable to make. These are only a few of your options for baking. Your options for baking will only be restricted to the flour you can purchase or create. So have fun and experiment since you will be your own best customer.

Recipes for fast leveling and faster sales

  • Amaknan Bread
    • 1 water and 1 wheat flour
  • Wholemeal Bread
    • 1 Water, 1 Baker's Yeast, 1 Wheat Flour, 1 Wheat
  • Field Bread
    • 1 Water, 1 Baker's Yeast, 1 Wheat Flour, 1 Flax flour, 1 Malt Flour
  • Cereal Bread
    • 1 Water, 1 Baker's Yeast, 1 Wheat Flour, 1 Barley Flour, 1 Oats Flour, 1 Rye Flour

Another option for bakers is to make candy.

Candies also restore HP. However the candies work similar to potions in that they are inconsistent in the amount of HP they restore. Candies are made by combining jellies, red, blue or green. These jellies are harvested from Jelly monsters on the Jelly Peninsula or in Jellith Dimension.

Instead of making candies to sell, use the candies to make Multijelies which are a combination of all three candies. These multijelies are a great option since they act as the key to Jellith dimension. Depending on your server and supplies multijelies sell on average for 25,000 each. The downside is that they can be costly to make unless you farm the jelly to make the initial candies.

Now you have an idea of what to make you may ask where can I bake the bread. There are workshops in every city centre, Amanka forest and scaraleaf plains. Of course, city workshops are more convenient to use and often are busy places.

Once your friends know you are a baker they will be asking you to bake for them. This is a great way to make trades and friends. So be sure to keep a full supply and the market stocked. Then sit back and watch your bank account grow and grow.


Christy Bazell