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Ultima Online: Animal Tamking Skill Guide

MMORPG.com's V D has provided us witht his guide to the Animal Training Skill in Ultima Online.

Animal Taming is an important skill to have if you want to have impressive pets beyond ones you can own normally without any special skill required, such as are horses, pack horses, llamas, ridgebacks, beetles, ostards, and swamp dragons. If you have one of these and they go wild, you will be able to re-tame it since it was already yours. Aside from those animals, you need to know Animal Taming in order to own and control pets.


The problem with Animal Taming is that it’s a huge pain to train in. It is fully difficulty based, so sticking with the same type of creature or even same creature does not work. Traveling around and taming random things is ultimately the best plan to train this skill:

Skill What to Time


Buy skills from Herdsman NPC or Veterinary


Cow, Goats, Pigs, Sheep


Hinds, Timber Wolves


Polar Bears, Walruses, Brown Bears (from 61.1)


Great Harts, Grizzly Bears




Dire Wolves, Ridgebacks


Armor * 3.7, party and raid members within 45 yards get +5% spell critical chance, your spell critical strikes regenerate 2% of your mana


Ki'rins, Unicorns

As you start working your way up this skill, you move on to harder and scarier creatures to tame. Depending on your other skills there are different ways to help you out with this. If you have worked on your peacemaking skill then you can try using that, it is the most ideal because it will not affect the animal stats. Of course, stats are only important if you plan on keeping the tamed animal. If you don’t care much about the animal then I suggest paralyzing it and then trying to tame. Paralyze the creature, stand back a few tiles, and start taming. If it doesn’t work, paralyze them again before you try again since it probably wore off. This is best if you don’t want the creature as a pet, because if you realize you can't tame it, it is much easier to run before it eats you.

When you have worked your level up to the point that you don’t know what to tame but you still have room to grow, then you can try re-taming another animal. After a pet has been tamed once it is harder to retame, and after two-three other times, it is very hard. Aim for having it been previously tamed only once or twice before, and see where you go. One more thing to note, you can only gain skill once from same creature. So when you are done taming a pet, and don’t want him, do release it. Leaving them tamed helps no one else who is trying to train same