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Ultima Online: Animal Lore

MMORPG.com Correspondent co-ordinator V D provides us with this guide to Animal Lore in the classic MMORPG, Ultima Online.

Animal Lore is a very valuable skill to have if you want to have a pet, and it is a skill that supports both Animal Lore and Veterinary very well. The level of your animal lore will determine how well your pet listens to you, or if he doesn’t listen at all.

Below 100% skill you can view the following for any tame creature, with 100% any tamable creature and 110% any creature:

  • Numeric values for Skills, Strength, Hits, Dexterity, Fatigue, Intelligence, Mana and Barding Difficulty
  • Any pack instincts the pet may have
  • The preferred food
  • A general description of how well you can control the pet based on your skills, the taming difficulty, and current loyalty
  • Elemental resistance and damage percentages


The most effective way to raise your Animal Lore is not though direct use, as that would take a very long time. Alternatively it is though passive gains from Taming and Veterinary. You best bet is to pick one of these you would like to train in as well, and if you want both than that’s all the better, and just get going. By healing pets and taming creatures you gain more animal lore. Having Lore and Taming will influence the control you have over your pet. Having Lore and Veterinary will affect how well you can heal your pet, 60% in both will allow you to cure poison, and 80% in both you can resurrect a bonded pet.


Also described as "happiness", loyalty level can be found out by using the Animal Lore skill directly on the creature. The lower your pet's loyalty, the less likely it will listen to your commands. If your pet is “confused” he will most likely never obey. Spamming a command is more likely to drop loyalty even faster and cause the pet to go wild. The best thing to do is to feed the pet immediately, because full tummies equal happy pets.

Loyalty Levels  

"wonderfully happy"

maximum loyalty

"extremely happy"

"very happy"

"rather happy"



"content, I suppose"


"rather unhappy"

"extremely unhappy"


very likely to go wild, also the state of newly tamed pets before feeding them

Feeding Information

Appears in the Lore message as: What Items to feed:


All uncooked fish items (fish steaks, whole fish, big fish, small fish, magic fish) * fish steaks carved from sea serpents count as meat, not as fish!

Fruit and vegetables

All fruit and vegetable items


Sheaves of hay


Sheaves of hay, some animals also accept ears of corn


Leather, leather items and hides


All metal items


Raw eggs


All cooked or uncooked meat items except cooked ribs, also (non-player) body parts * fish steaks carved from sea serpents count as meat, not as fish!


All vegetable items