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Anatomy Training Guide

V D Posted:
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Ultima Online: Anatomy Training Guide

MMORPG.com Ultima Online guru V D writes this short guide to the Anatomy skill in the game, defining what it means for each score bracket in both Strength and Dexterity.

If you are a fighter, then there is absolutely no reason to not complete your Anatomy training. Anatomy is essential for all fighting characters. Being well skilled in anatomy provides your character with the knowledge of where to hit opponents for the most damage. Also you will have the ability to heal if you possess any healing skill, and a good anatomy skill will make you able to heal a higher number of points. For example, when you reach 61% you can cure poison, 80% (and 81% healing) you can resurrect another player using bandages. When you reach GM level, you will cause 20% extra damage with each successful hit to your enemy.


There are three ways to raise anatomy; by using the skill directly, through healing and through combat! 

Using the skill directly  

By using the skill you can raise it passively, which really only works at a very low level and isn’t worth doing past 30% (if you can stand to do it till then). By clicking the little blue gem next to anatomy in your skills list you can use it, and then select any living creature as your target.

Through healing

Each time you heal someone with bandages; there is a chance of gaining skill in anatomy. This is a better way to raise your anatomy than by just using the skill directly. A smart method, though, if you want to raise anatomy this way: Raise your healing skill first, because it is harder to raise than anatomy, and it is also very useful to have anyway.

Through combat

Whenever you use melee skills or archery you gain anatomy. Each time you hit a target, be it though archery, fencing, macing, swordsmanship or wrestling, there is a chance you might get some more anatomy. As long as you’re hitting a living thing with a painful object, you’re going to get something out of it.

On a side note, if this is how you want to raise your anatomy skill, do avoid magical weapons. They are good for fighting creatures normally, but when it comes to training a skill it makes you kill the creature way too quickly. Be sure you have a weapon that you can fight with well, but try to make sure the creature stays alive for some time… We are aiming for a slow painful learning experience, so have fun!    


So now that we have trained up our Anatomy skill, or are on the way to do so, let us figure out how to use it, shall we? When you click the blue gem next to Anatomy in your skill list, you can then select any living thing and it will tell you three things. You will learn their dexterity, strength, and also a percent of their stamina remaining.

Dexterity and strength will be told by the following quotes:

Skill Response (DEX) Skill Response (STR) Stats

"Like they barely manage to stay standing."

"Like they would have trouble lifting small objects."


"Very clumsy."

"Rather Feeble."


"Somewhat uncoordinated."

"Somewhat weak."


"Moderately dexterous."

"To be of normal strength."


"Somewhat agile."

"Somewhat strong."


"Like they barely manage to stay standing."

"Like they would have trouble lifting small objects."


"Very agile."

"Very strong."


"Extremely agile."

"Extremely strong."


"Extraordinarily agile."

"Extraordinarily agile."


"Moves like quicksilver."

"Strong as an ox."


"One of the fastest people you have ever seen."

"One of the strongest people you have ever seen."


"Superhumanly agile."

"Superhumanly strong."


As far as passive usage of Anatomy is concerned, you benefit from having this skill each time you are engaged in combat. Your anatomy skill is taken into consideration to calculate final damage output by you character with each successful strike!