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Agility Overview

Faisal Baig Posted:
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Runescape: Agility Overview

MMORPG.com Runescape Correspondent Faisal Baig writes this article outlining the Agility skill in the popular old-school MMO.

Many people play RuneScape without actually realizing all that you can do in it. The first step is to learn about all of the different skills you can train and practice. Many of the skills will help you have a bigger range of ways to make money. Each time you practice a skill you will gain experience or p and when you reach a certain amount of experience, you'll gain a level in that skill. The total amount of experience required to obtain the next level is the same for each skill, for the most part. The problem many encounter is that there aren’t any fun skills in non-members worlds, but rather in members. You can get past this problem if you learn to utilize the skills in the right way. The best way to start is by finding out what each skill’s primary role is! For my next few articles, I will be going in depth on all or most of the skills.

This article will be about the Agility skill. This skill comes in handy, but can only be used if you are a member. Many of the higher level quests and mini games require a certain level of Agility. In some areas, in order to pass or use a shortcuts, you must have a minimum Agility level. To begin training this skill, talk to gnomes in the Tree Gnome Stronghold and try the obstacle course set up there. One very important reason to train this skill is because your Agility level will influence how long you'll be able to run. The higher your Agility level, the faster your energy will increase, thus allowing you to run for longer periods of time. Your energy will also regenerate much faster depending on your Agility level. Click on the wrench icon at the bottom of the game screen to see how much running energy you have left.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that it would be an excellent choice to try the obstacle course in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You will receive approximately 86 Agility experience after completing the entire course in order. Head northwest of West Ardougne to reach the Stronghold. First you must cross the log, run forward and successfully climb the net, climb up the tree branch, balance on the rope and climb down the tree. Lastly, run forward and climb over the net, climb through the pipes and begin again! Please refer to the picture for help. There is no risk of losing life, getting hurt, or failing in this course and it is an excellent way to earn Agility experience.

There is an enormous number of Agility courses, minigames, and quests. I will focus on a few of them and show you how to do them.

Skullball is an excellent game to play after reaching level 30 Agility (this will assure that you will win). The course is southeast of Mazchna the Slayer Master, next to Canifis (a city close to Varrock in the kingdom of Morytania). You have to be wearing a Ring of Charos and have completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest in which the ring is obtainable. You should find a Werewolf in a small hut in the swamp there. Talk to him and climb down the ladder to enter the Werewolf lair. Talk to the Skullball boss to begin the game. The objective is to get the all a skull, into the ten goals. The faster you can do them, the better chance of gaining a lot of experience you have.

Tap - Moves the Skull 1 square ahead. Kick - Moves the Skull 4 squares ahead. Shoot - Moves the Skull 10 squares ahead.

Another excellent course is the Barbarian Outpost Course found northeast of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Before entering you must have completed The Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl. If you haven already done so, then speak to the Barbarian guard at the outpost to get started. He will give you a Barcrawl Card. In order to finish the mission successfully, you must venture to ten specific bars throughout RuneScape to collect special drinks. Here is a list of the bars you must visit and where they can be found:

  • Seers' Village - Forrester Arms Pub
  • Falador - Rising Sun Inn
  • Varrock - Jolly Boar Inn
  • Varrock - Blue Moon Inn
  • Port Sarim - Rusty Anchor
  • Karamja - Karamja Spirits Bar
  • Brimhaven - Dead Man's Chest
  • East Ardougne - Flying Horse Inn
  • Yanille - Dragon Inn
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold - Blurberry's Bar

Now, back to the course. Once you complete the Barcrawl you will be able to enter the area. Climb through the pipe to begin training. After completing the course to its full extent, you should be able to get 163.2 experience in agility with the added sum of completion (117xp) and bonus points (46.2xp)! Here is a nice table that explains all that has to be accomplished:

Obstacle Agility Experience



Rope Swing






Balancing Ledge


3 Low Walls






The last agility course I will be explaining is the Monkey Agility Course. You can get there by teleporting to Ape Atoll. You will need level sixty-four magic, two fire runes, two water runes, two law runes, and a banana. The other way is to speak to Dairo in The Tree Gnome Stronghold tree. He will take you to a room full of gliders and gnome pilots. Speak to Waydar, the pilot, and ask him to fly you to Crash Island. Look for another gnome names Lumdo and tell him that you wish to travel to Ape Atoll. Once you get there you need to have an Agility level of 48 or above to use the course along with an Archer or Ninja Monkey GreeGree. First you must transform into an Archer or Ninja Monkey. Cross the Stepping Stones and climb up onto the Tropical Tree. Then climb the Monkey Bars, run aside the Skull Slope, swing across the river (Rope Swing), and then lastly climb down the last tree.


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