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A Look at Squadrons

Benjamin Buske Posted:
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StarQuest: A Look at Squadrons

MMORPG.com StarQuest Online Correspondent Benjamin Buske writes this look at the different squadrons in the space-based MMO.

Devilray Squadron 

Devilray Squadron is a Squadron of the 2nd Fleet of the United Systems Alliance Starfleet. It is also the biggest Squadron of the 2nd Fleet with currently four ships in its roster. It is heavily role play orientated and military structure is enforced quickly. Devilray Squadron is offering players a wide range of possibilities, ranging from exploration and PvE up to PvP. The squadrons' main responsibilities however are the exploration and PvE encounters. PvP encounters do happen once in a while, but however are not a regular occurrence. The squadron is best for players, who are looking for role play as well as for a healthy mix of action and exploration, PvP and PvE. Devilray Squadron has GMT players as well as American ones and thus covers both major time zones. This fact is opening Devilray Squadron for everyone, offering all players interested the chance to find others to play with.

We are now looking at each ship of the Squadron individually. 

U.A.S. Avenger  

The U.A.S. Avenger is a Ticonderoga Class Heavy Cruiser and has been in the Squadron since its construction was finished. It is the big lady of the squadron, always there if big guns are needed. Even though a heavy cruiser, the Avenger is mainly a PvE ship and explorer, going out into deep and unchartered space to find new planets and make interesting discoveries. The Avenger is mainly a European ship with its player base mostly located in GMT. 

U.A.S. Gagarin 

The Gagarin is a manning class frigate, used by the Congregation of Scientists (COS) to explore deep space far away from Alliance Space. The main task the COS has given to itself is the exploration and scientific research. Combat is here definatly not the first choice and players interested in a lot of action and big fights are probably at the wrong place here. The Gagarin is mainly an American ship, with the player base located in EST time zones. 

U.A.S. Francis Drake 

The U.A.S. Francis Drake is also a manning class frigate and the only PvP ship of Devilray Squadron. The crew of the Francis Drake spends most of the time with fighting player controlled enemies wherever possible. Players joining this ship can expect a lot of action, but surviving in PvP combat does also require a decent skill and fast learning and is defiantly not made for everyone. The Francis Drake is American based and mainly located in the EST time zone. 

U.A.S. Douglas MacArthur 

The U.A.S. Douglas MacArthur is the third manning class frigate of Devilray Squadron. It is a newly commissioned ship with the purpose of exploration and PvE. The Francis Drake is also the only ship in Devilray Squadron, which has a mixed crew of GMT and EST players aboard. As this is a brand new commissioned ship, there is not much to say about this vessel yet. We shall look closely at it and see where its way will go. 

Cavalier Squadron 

Cavalier Squadron is a new squadron, which has just recently been reactivated. The main purpose of this squadron is the simulation of military life and strict military role play. The players in this squadron are highly interested in role play and military structure. It is the perfect place for hardcore role players to be in but it is certainly not made for everyone. If you are just looking for plain action or simply want to play the game, not bothering with role play, Cavalier Squadron isn't where you want to go. The Squadron is currently PST based, but is looking to acquire GMT players interested in role play as well. 

Cavalier Squadron is currently having only one ship, which is the U.A.S. Cooper, an American based manning class frigate, under the command of Commander Taj Helms. The Cooper is a multipurpose vessel, engaging in all kind of activities. 

87th Hard Chargers 

The 87th Hard Chargers are the elite PvP unit of the 2nd Fleet, maybe even of the whole Starfleet. Located at the forward outpost at Starbase Gamma, they were founded for only one purpose - The destruction of the enemy whenever and wherever possible. Role play is not much of a priority here and nor is exploration. In this squadron only one thing matters and that is the fun, the fun of combat and defeating the enemy. If you are looking for a lot of action, this squadron is definatly the place where you want to be. No matter if you heal wounded as a medic, create stat boosters as a scientist or participate in a boarding party as security officer, there will be always something to do. 

The 87th Hard Chargers are mainly based in American time zones, especially EST and MST, but are also looking to expand their European player base to offer the fun and action of PvP to those players as well. Currently the Squadron has two ships, at which we now want to look in detail. 

U.A.S. Crematoria 

The U.A.S. Crematoria is a manning class frigate, used as support and supply vessel of the 87th Hard Chargers. The ship is mainly based in EST time zones and participates in PvP combat and support-/supply operations.  

U.A.S. Trident 

The Trident is a Ticonderoga Class heavy cruiser and the battleship of the 87th. The Trident is the big guns of the Squadron, housing the best and finest PvP officers of the 2nd Fleet. Like the Crematoria, the Trident is located mainly in the United States, with only limited opportunities for European players. However, the squadron is more than willing to accept players from all time zones. 


Benjamin Buske