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A Guide to the Green Goblin

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Last week, we offered up some early first impressions of the Green Goblin, but now that he’s been out in the wild for a couple of days, we thought it would be great to put together a bit of a guide on how I am playing the character, as well as some item recommendations.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Goblin’s movement build, but it’s not quite fully cooked. Goblin Gunner is still fairly clunky to use and the damage just isn’t really there. That’s said, I stubbornly continue to use it because it’s so cool and it works, even if it isn’t the optimal choice. My movement build is a bit different from some of the others you may see out there, as I’ve gone ahead and taken Serrated Blades for my OsCorp Laser specialization. This removes one less button from my bar, adds a strong bleed on dash, and should offer a nice ability to proc Sabretooth’s Furry Mane once Gaz (hopefully) adds the Bleed tag to Impaling Boost when Serrated Blades is selected.

For this build, you’ll be maxing out the following abilities:

  • Goblin Gunner
  • Impaling Boost
  • Strength Over Sanity
  • Remote Control Dive
  • Rocket Barrage
  • OsCorp Laser
  • Gas Pumpkin
  • Carpet Bomb

My rotation is fairly straightforward here. I toss in a Gas Pumpkin before dashing through my target with Impaling Boost to apply the Serrated Blades bleed and then I use my cooldowns Remote Control Dive followed by Rocket Barrage and three hits of OsCorp Laser. I’ve found that using Dive first will reposition my character properly so that I can land Rocket Barrage and OsCorp Laser with better accuracy. Signature is used on cooldown, of course. Goblin Gunner is used as filler.

For items, I am currently using the following:

Artifacts: A.R.M.O.R. Anti-Reality Grenade, Gem of the Kursed, Black Cat’s Advanced Grappling Hook, and Advanced Metasensory Array. The fourth slot can be occupied by an Iron Legion Armor Sheath or Spider-Clone Serum if you need the HP or a Flag of the Skrull Empire if you want something a bit better than the AMA (I don’t have one just yet).

Medallion: Red Skull Medallion, but I am hoping to get a Cosmic War Skrull Medallion once they fix the drop bug on that one. Rhino Medallion can work if you want extra crit hit rating for your movement abilities, but I’ve also been experimenting with an Elektra Medallion for a sustain build involving Relics of Lemuria and a Life on Hit costume core. The combined LoH is actually incredibly potent and the Elektra Medallion also provides an incredible amount of spirit sustain. You give up significant levels of damage by going for this setup, but it may be something worth exploring.

Relics: Relics of Atlantis or Relics of Lemuria. Lemuria’s LoH does not have an internal cooldown, so it synergizes quite well with Goblin Gunner’s insane 10/s attack speed.

Uru: The Power Doop. There really is no substitute here. Goblin is a hybrid energy/physical hero and as such he can make use of the Power Doop’s most potent affixes.

Legendary: Level 80 Gungnir. Goblin is able to hit fairly high brutal strike ratings, but his critical hit rating leaves much to be desired. Gungnir is a great level 80 option for most hybrid characters, but it also serves a dual purpose in shoring up my critical rating. You can opt for The Power Cosmic if you want to give up a bit of damage for some additional durability (+1500HP). I’ve seen builds running M’Kraan Crystal for the spirit sustain, but I don’t feel this is necessary in general for Goblin and especially less so when using the movement build.

Ring: Midtown Guardian’s Signet. This ring is a staple in all movement builds, and it’s no different here. The Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Class Ring is an option here as well, especially if you needed the HP. 

Uniques: I use all five of Goblin’s Uniques, which works out fine since I am actually using Goblin Gunner.

Insignia: Thor, Wonder Man, Quake, and Quicksilver are all great options here. Ideally, I’d want a Wonder Man insignia with either full damage (CHR/CDR or CDR/BDR) affixes or one with HP+DMG affixes.

How are you playing the Green Goblin? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!


Michael Bitton

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