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A Guide to Stark Tech in Marvel Strike Force

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Stark Tech is a new form of progression introduced to Marvel Strike Force in update 2.0. The system allows for players to spend Alliance Credits earned through daily Alliance donations to apply Origin-wide upgrades to their roster. It’s a good, but not super interesting new layer of customization for players, that can also be a bit confusing or overwhelming.

Let’s start out with the basics. The first thing you’ll need to do is join an Alliance (obviously) and from there you’ll want to go the Alliance screen and then into Alliance Donation. You can select from a number of options for donations here, ranging anywhere from 10K credits to hundreds of Power Cores. Donating 10K credits daily is enough and you’ll get the cost refunded to you if the Alliance is regularly donating.

Donations feed experience to your Alliance helping it to level up. Stark Tech upgrades are gated by Alliance level so in the beginning you’ll only be able to upgrade things just a bit before you’ll start running into Alliance level requirements. In exchange for helping your Alliance grow, you’ll be rewarded with Alliance credits. To spend these, you’ll want to go to the Stark Tech section of the Alliance Donation screen.

It’s here that you’ll be faced with an understandingly overwhelming amount of options. There are separate tabs for each type of character, such as Bio or Mutant or Skill. Which types should you bother upgrading? And what stats should you focus on? The answer: it depends.

Obviously, you can take a look at your teams and focus on the most common types of characters you field. Maybe you run an all Tech team. Or maybe you’ve unlocked Nick Fury and Friends and you have the luxury of going all in on Skill. There are still priorities to consider and they can sort of differ by type.

Whichever types of characters you intend to focus on, your best bets in Stark Tech will be to upgrade Damage & Health. Health is a sort of no-brainer since the bonuses are percentage based and HP is the largest pool. It’s also just a super useful stat to upgrade in a game where losing a single character on a campaign node is the difference between two or three starring the node. Damage is fairly straightforward as well. More damage is always good. I did say that this system wasn’t super interesting in the beginning, didn’t I?

There are a couple more things to consider depending on type, if you want to dig in a little deeper. Mystic types will likely want to focus on, well, Focus because the characters in that group tend to emphasize the application of debuffs. If you want to aim for type strengths, you could also go for things like armor and resist for Bio characters, since a lot of the game’s most popular tanks live in this space. Aside from those two considerations, you’ll do well to simply focus on Damage and HP for your most common character types.

Well, there you have it. I’d have loved to see something a lot more interesting from Stark Tech. Something like the ISO Crystal upgrades in Avengers Alliance 2 would’ve been great if properly balanced. What’s your take on Stark Tech? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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