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A Beginner's Guide

Michael Hoyt Posted:
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After you have registered for your GPotato account, click the download tab. Select the website you want to download the client from. Depending on what browser you use, click the link and run the file. Keep everything already written such as file names and folders that contain major information. After a while you will see a download status bar. Usually it will say that you have hours to wait. This is not a joke. FLYFF does take some files from the internet while downloading. Therefore it is not advised to download FLYFF on a wireless computer. Even on a high speed internet computer it is advised to leave the computer alone, do nothing on it while the game's client is downloading, and relax. Soon it will finish downloading and a message will pop up. Click the finish button and you're done downloading the client. Now pat yourself on the back and say "Well done".

Assuming you already have the FLYFF game client, run it, select your server, name and design your character, and play. After the loading screen, you can see the character you made. Go toward the first bridge you see that leads out to a field. You should see a bunch of bat-like eyeballs. One of the items they drop will look like a gem. You want at least ten of these before you go to another kill. The item you see is only dropped by that certain monster and usually only drops for low levels. If you want you can get more for those people that need them for classes. Yes I said classes.

Once you get to level 15 you can change from a vagrant class from the class of your choice. Still the best class that has worked for me was assist for first class. The second class that has worked best for me is Ringmaster (I got to level 68). Still other people have different preferences. Assist bases on buffing, Acrobats on range, Magicians on magic, and Mercenary on closed combat and strength.

Here are some leveling tips:

  • Level 1: The best way to level is by killing monsters. Before you start off though you should talk to Pang the Penguin for some buffs.
  • Level 2: It is recommended you still fight Aibatts for items.
  • Level 3: You receive you first skill. Move further east and hunt. DO NOT put points into vagrant skills. They are useful for class skills.
  • Level 4: By now you should have quite a few items. Go to Bobuku and sell all items that do not heal that you can not use or have extras of.
  • Level 5: At this point you should head north to hunt Pukepukes.
  • Level 6: Same as level 5
  • Level 7: At this point you can start doing quests. If you go to the quest office in Flarine you should have 3 quest available for you to take. One of the quests requires you to give items dropped by Pukepukes this is why you should have hunted them for 2 levels.

  • Level 8: After you reach level 8, you will want to make sure you have at least 10 Peakyrinds before you come back to town for the next quest from the Quest Office. When you get there, there should be a new side quest made available to you. Talk to SsotTta to receive the quest called Doridoma Sushi. He will ask you to get 5 Muchurine Secretions from Captain Mushpangs and 12 Doridoma Keratin from Small Doridoma. The Captain Mushpangs can be found directly north of the quest giver, across the bridge over the lake. They are only level 4, and can be quickly disposed of. As you kill them, the Muchurine Secretions will immediately appear in your inventory. The Doridoma can be found slightly north of where you found the Peakyturtles and Captain Peakyturtles, near the area called Billeting Place By High Dwarpet. They are level 11, and can be quite difficult to kill for a level 8. Using special attacks will help you so that you don't miss quite as often and helps you defeat them before they do any major damage to you. If you feel that you aren't quite ready to fight Doridoma fight Demians in Madren Town until you are level 9 or 10.
  • Level 9: You should at this point have the skill to fight Demians. Make sure you pick up the Poporam the Demians drop. They will be used in quest you get at level 11.
  • Level 10: At this point you should join or invite people for a party and start earning items for your job.


Michael Hoyt