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A Beginner's Guide

Jason Alexander Posted:
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The Warlords is a MMORPG based on kung-fu. In order to get started you need to go to the game’s website located at http://wl.91.com/ There, you will need to register and downaload the game client. Try to download from official “Link 1.” This has the highest server connection rate so your download will be quick and efficient. If you aren’t able to download from the site directly and would prefer using Bit Torrent then there is also a BT download link.

There is a comprehensive beginner’s guide on the right side of the page. Though I know from experience that reading a guide isn’t what you want, until after you have actually played the game, so I will explain the basics here. Then, as you get more and more into it, I recommend that you take the time to read some of that guide. After the game is downloaded and updated, click enter on the auto patcher, or you can click high rez which will enhance your game play with higher quality graphics.

When you enter the game, you will be introduced to server selection. The game is still new so you only have one choice, Forbidden City. After you select that then you will see the log in screen. Log in with the registered screen name then choose your character type. The choices have explanations but choose wisely because you are only allowed one character per account. After creating your character, you will start out in a part of the city where there is no one else. Familiarize yourself with the controls.

When you first start the game you will have a beginner’s quest. Now this series of quests is important because you will learn the more advanced functions of the game. You will need to complete these quests as they will give you enough experience to get to level 20. Leveling on monsters alone is not a good way to level as the experience put out is low. Though there are several other ways to gain experience.

The interface is fairly easy to use. In the top left corner, you have your avatar which is your character’s “picture” that you select when creating your character. Beneath your avatar is your Fury Percent (I will explain fury later on as well). To the immediate right of that is your: Health (HP), Magic (MP), Stamina (SP), Vitality (VP), and Experience (EXP).

On the bottom right is a bar with several buttons. In this order: Equipment, Guards, Bag, Skills, Notebook, Quests, Trade, Team, Community, Battalion, and Options. To the left of this is your Kung-Fu level,which will be explained in another guide because it’s a fairly comprehensive system. Basically it’s a summary of your “power” and the higher it is the more damage you do and the more experience you gain in combat. Moving on, to the left of Kung-Fu are the hotkeys. This is where you will place potions, spells, scrolls etc. for easy use. In the top right corner is your Mini Map and Paths.

To keep your kung-fu level at its maximum, you will need to keep your equipment suitable for your level. For instance, if you are level 20, then you will need equipment that is at least level 20. If your equipment isn’t at a suitable level then there will be a flashing golden man toward the middle of the top of your screen. And an exclamation point next to the equipment on your character in the equipment window.

There are different grades of equipment. You have normal, average, fine, superior and flawless. Flawless is rare and you wont come across flawless equipment until far into the game. The different qualities of equipment improve your Kung-Fu rating which as I said before is a vital part of the game. There is an NPC to buy every different type of equipment you need. You will rarely find equipment as you progress through the game. Most of the time you will find silver which is the game’s main currency.

Navigating: the world is quite simple. Below your mini map you will see Paths. If you click that a sub menu will appear and you can select where you want to go and your character will Auto Path to wherever it is that you need to go.

Guards: These are your personal helpers that will fight alongside you all through out the game. You can capture new and different guards with Fury (below). Your guards will level with you, and die with you. You can equip your guards with better weapons as they level up. And use skill books on them to improve their stats. Valor is the most important part of your guards because the amount of your guard’s valor is added to your character’s Kung-Fu level.

Fury::Fury is a build up of energy that is continuous, meaning you don’t have to be fighting for fury to continue building up. When fury is fully charged you will see a flashing spell that will pop up on your screen it will say GET FURIOUS. When you click that you will be granted with a temporary spell that will cause mass area effect damage and your experience gained while in fury mode will be doubled. Plus if you are in a team, the experience from fury goes to you as well as any of your teammates in your surrounding area. Different attackable monsters (bandits) will have a peculiar shiny aura to them. These are bandits that you can capture and turn into your own personal guards.


Make sure to complete the beginning quests, as they will teach you everything you know about the game as a beginner. Keep your equipment suitable to your level. Use Fury whenever you can. And do quests whenever they are offered. The game has a unique starter pack that gives you good items every 10 levels up to 110. For a large beginners guide more comprehensive then this one visit WL.91.com and click Beginners Guide.


Jason Alexander