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A Beginner’s Build Guide to the Ranger

William Murphy Posted:
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In just a couple more days, the gates to Black Desert Online will be open to all, not just pre-order head start buyers.  There are loads of systems in BDO that need explaining, but one that often goes overlooked is the skill system and what skills each class should focus on when just starting out. Today, we’re bringing you a quick beginner’s guide for all the Ranger players out there who want to know the best way to fill enemies full of arrows.

The Ranger, as the name and countless fantasy tropes imply, is Black Desert’s archery-themed class. Low on defense, but high on mobility and damage, she’s a fantastically fun class to play and one that be downright deadly if played well in both PVE and PVP. This guide is not seeking to be the definitive word on how to build a ranger. For that, we suggest you watch Hakurai’s video below. Though his translations are off since it was from other Regions, the info is still good.


Bow Skill – This is your basic attack. Though it might seem weak compared to your higher cost skills, you’ll want to rank this one up. Its damage and special effects, including mounted attack damage, increases greatly the more you rank it up, and it’s quite useful in prolonged battles. Don’t neglect it!

Spirit Healing – Absolutely essential. Some of the Ranger’s best skills are very heavy on mana usage. Spirit Healing passively increases how fast you regenerate mana while in combat stance. And since each rank only costs 3 skill points, it’s advisable to rank this up early and often.

Charging Wind – This skill, activated with Shift + RMB, is not very impressive early on. Get it, use it to knockback charging Imps and the like at low levels. But at late game? You’ll want it ranked up all the way for its impressive PVE damage. It’s Ultimate is weakened greatly in PVP though, cut by 50% damage and has no knockdown, so keep that in mind.

Kiting with Moving Shot & Evasive Shot – Evasive Shot and Moving Shot are godsends for players that like to be mobile rangers… so everyone.  At top rank Evasive Shot can be paired easily with other skills and you can weave in other skills to restore mana and be highly mobile in PVP and never running out of mana.

Round Kick, Crescent Kick, Charging Kick – For PVE, these are mainly used if you get surrounded and need a little window to get away and kite enemies some more. But they are useful in PVP as you’ll often find yourself swarmed by melee players and need to be able to defend yourself.

Dagger of Protection – Speaking of defense, your default right mouse click is this handy little melee skill. It’s never a power house in the damage department, but it’s a frontal AOE cleave attack that slows enemies (in PVE and PVP), and allows you to get the distance you need. It’s even usable when sprinting.

Tearing Arrow – This is one of your first main DPS attacks. It roots you in place, but then allow you to fire tons of rapid arrows for high damage at enemies. It also stuns, and the last shot knocks down the target.  Bear in mind this immobilizes you, and you’re left wide open for counterattacks, but if you can land this from afar in group PVP situations, well… your party, clan, or guild will love you.  It does massive amounts of damage at the cost of being immobile.  The more points you put into TA and the earlier, the happier you’ll be.

There you have it, folks. That’s our quick and dirty guide to your early days as a Ranger in Black Desert Online. Be sure to head to BlackDesertTome.com for the best skill calculator out there too, if you feel like messing around with levels and the points needed to get your ideal build going.


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