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Guardians of Ember Articles

Guardians of Ember Shutting Down in February

MMO Guardians of Ember announced it will be shut down on February 14.

Gameforge Version of Guardians of Ember Now in Open Beta

Gameforge has revived Guardians of Ember and the game is now in open beta. Those interested in trying the game out can download the client from the Guardians of Ember site. All players who took part in any beta phase will be rewarded with an in-game title. Every player will also receive "special items and freebies" for their participation.

Gameforge Invites Everyone to the Guardians of Ember Open Beta Next Week

Gameforge is inviting all players to head into the Guardians of Ember open beta that is scheduled to begin next week. Existing players can leverage the Veterans' Rewards program once the game launches into open beta to "give them the VIP treatment for being among Olyndale's earliest heroes," the PR reads.

Guardians of Ember to be Republished by Gameforge - Beta Underway

You may remember the scandal with Insel Games' Guardians of Ember and how it was removed from Steam for manipulating reviews. It didn't take long for the game to end up for sale and for Gameforge to snap it up. It appears that Gameforge is ready to relaunch the game and is offering interested players a chance to beta test its version in preparation.

Gameforge to Publish GoE Starting Sep 1st Minus Any Insel Games Involvement

According to a new post on the MMORewards.com site, Guardians of Ember will be published by Gameforge beginning on September 1st without any involvement from Insel Games, the publisher that was booted from Steam for review manipulation. Gameforge will be taking over publication duties for both North America and Europe, with news about account and game data migration set to be announced soon.

Cathedral Abyss Brings Endless Tower Mode

Guardians of Ember has been updated to bring Cathedral Abyss to the game, essentially an "endless tower mode". Players who work through the tower will find new "bounty for clearing the Cathedral Abyss of any dangers lurking there". Players will find new monsters and bosses as well. The tower can be taken on as a solo player or in a group as long as all members are level 30 and have unlocked Endless Tower Mode via questing.

Valve Boots Insel Games' Portfolio Over Reviews Manipulation

Steam has removed all of Insel Games' titles from its platform as a result of an investigation into review rating manipulation. Valve said that Insel had been involved in making multiple Steam accounts to post positive reviews for its own games. "This is a clear violation of our review policy and something we take very seriously." the post reads.

Insel Games Introduces MMORewards Program

Insel Games has an interesting new way for players of Guardians of Ember and Wild Busters to earn some sweet loot in the form of what it calls MMORewards. It is essentially a loyalty program similar to that used by most airlines. The more you play, the more "Gold", or reward points, you earn. Trading in Gold allows you to access special perks in the Rewards shop and increases your membership level with Status XP to unlock additional features.

Beta Act 6 Brings Flaming Deserts & Ancient Cities

Guardians of Ember has been updated with the beta version of Act 6 that brings a new desert zone packed with deep canyons and ancient cities. While there, players will face off against Cyclops and the "serpent-like Iaculus". In addition, players will be able to get hold of the game's first legendary items.

Play for Free on Steam From Today Through November 5th

If you've been wondering about Guardians of Ember, this weekend is your golden opportunity. From today through November 5th, you can try out the game on Steam for free. There are no restrictions on what you can experience as you play through the weekend and all progress will be retained if you choose to purchase the game at a later date.

Leaving Early Access Behind, GoE Launches on Steam

Guardians of Ember has officially left Early Access after nine months and a successful IndieGoGo campaign. With today's retail launch, players will discover content that is nearly three times the size it was at the start of EA as well as full localization in German and Spanish. To celebrate the big day, Insel Games has released a brand new trailer.

Fish Out a Free Mount During Challenge Week

Guardians of Ember players have a chance this week to literally fish out a free mount thanks to the arrival of Challenge Week. This is the first of several custom challenges with which players will be presented over the coming months.

Act V Packed with Pirates & the Walking Dead

Guardians of Ember has been updated with the release of Act V. New content includes nine new regions, sixteen new dungeons, nearly sixty new quests, a level cap increase, new items to craft and discover. Lastly, a number of bug fixes and localization updates have been applied.

Act V to Arrive This Month, Horde Mode in May

The latest Guardians of Ember newsletter has been published on the Steam page to give players a bit of a heads up with regard to content coming to the game in the next couple of months. In April, Act V: Labato Fjord will arrive that brings nine new zones, sixteen new dungeons and a higher level cap. In May, players can look forward to Horde mode, a 5-player cooperative wave based survival mode.

Dark Knight Enters, Early Access Class System Complete

Guardians of Ember has been updated and now includes the final class, the Dark Knight. With the Dark Knight, the Early Access classes are complete and the team will be actively working on final development and balancing.