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Grim Dawn Articles

The Illusionist Lets You Customize Your Style

The Grim Dawn forum has been updated with the latest Grim Misadventures developer blog. In it, fans are introduced to a new NPC that will arrive with the forthcoming expansion. Called "The Illusionist", the character will be able to provide players with cosmetic appearances for any item slot based on other items from that category. Think of Diablo 3's Mystic and transmogrification.

Legendary Weapon Artwork - Like Power You've Never Seen

The latest Grim Dawn "Misadventures" newsletter has been posted on the official forums that gives an inside peek at the artwork behind new legendary weapons that are set for release in the forthcoming expansion, something that devs are hard at work on. The team will be ready to talk more about it in the coming weeks, surely good news for fans.

Inquisitor Class Revealed, Coming in Expansion

The latest Grim Dawn Misadventures has been posted to the official forum that reveals some pretty exciting news for players: The introduction of a new class, the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor is a specialist at Ranged combat but isn't afraid of close combat as well. Both forms of combat allow Inquisitors to unleash the power of fire and storm at enemies

Third Roguelike Dungeon Revealed in New Post

The latest Grim Dawn update has been posted to the game's official forum. In it, the team lets players know that the next update is on schedule for deployment in the middle of December. In addition, the third roguelike dungeon that will deploy with the update, The Fall of Valbury, is revealed as well as some new "monster infrequents" that can be dropped -- here's to sweet phat lewt!

Aetherial-Themed Rogue-Like Dungeon Coming in December

The latest Grim Misadventures has been posted to the Grim Dawn forum. Rather than tease out more information about the forthcoming expansion, the team is showing off The Fall of Port Valbury content update that contains a rogue-like dungeon and all coming to the game in mid-December if everything goes according to plan.

Two More Creatures Revealed, Hints of New Classes Too

Crate has updated the Grim Dawn forum with the latest "Grim Misadventure". For the last few updates, the team has been teasing out information about gear, locations and creatures that players can expect to find in the upcoming expansion. In this edition, a pair of new monsters are revealed as well as the possible tease of a pair of new classes coming to the game.

Amazing 'Common' Armor Showcased in New Blog

One of the things coming in the upcoming Grim Dawn expansion is some amazing looking new armor models. In a brief post on the game's forums, a new image was posted of the "common armor" that serves as a baseline for the creation of other items.

Latest Patch Brings The Loot Hunt  for Endgame Purposes

Grim Dawn has been patched with a new update that developers call The Loot Hunt. Players will find twenty eight new Legendary items "distributed among seven new four-piece sets". According to the blog post on the Grim Dawn forum, these items should make play at the endgame more "versatile".

First Expansion Teased in New Blog Post

The Grim Dawn site has been updated with a new developer post to tease players with forthcoming content that will arrive with the first expansion to the critically acclaimed title. Players will have the opportunity to adventure through new areas, face off against new enemies including Aetherial Imps, Ugdenbog Spikeshells, and more.

The Crucible DLC to Launch August 3rd

Grim Dawn players looking for an extra challenge will be pleased to hear that The Crucible DLC will be released on August 3rd. The Crucible pits players against 150 waves of ever-increasingly difficult enemies complete with new mechanics. The further a player advances, the better the reward.

Grim Misadventures Promises High End Content in the Future

The latest Grim Misadventures (#100!) has been posted on the Grim Dawn site. In it, the team takes a brief look at the past four years and some of the additions to the game as well as its overall approval from players. From there, the letter takes off in a direction that is sure to please high level players.

The Crucible to Challenge the Toughest Hardcore Players

The Grim Dawn forum has been updated with 'Grim Misadventure #99' that lays out the first details about the game's survival mode called The Crucible. Originally a KickStarter stretch goal, the team wanted to deliver more than just players taking on increasingly difficult waves of monsters.

Half a Million Plus Copies Sold

Just a very quick Saturday note to let you all know that the Crate Entertainment team has posted that Grim Dawn has sold over a half a million copies of the game. For one of the earlier crowd-funded titles that just hit final release earlier this year and that has added builder tools since that time, that's a major feat!

The Hidden Path to Launch This Week & An Expansion Incoming

The Grim Dawn forum has been updated with great news for fans. According to the team, "barring any unexpected complications", the Hidden Path will be ready for launch later this week alongside the next major patch update as well. In even larger news, however, is the announcement of an expansion seemingly called "The Crucible" that will launch in Summer 2016.

Modding Tools to be Released this Week

Grim Dawn players with a hankering for creating their own encounters will be happy to hear that the modding tools will be released later this week. These are the same tools that were used by the development team and are simple for beginners but with many features that advanced users will appreciate.