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Grim Dawn Articles

What's Next for Grim Dawn Now that Forgotten Gods Has Launched?

The Grim Dawn forum has been updated with a peek ahead at what players can expect to come to the game now that the Forgotten Gods expansion has launched. Two expansion features will be going under the microscope for tuning: The Shattered Realm will be receiving a tuning pass and better boss distribution; and some of the game's oldest sets are going to be reworked as "some of them have not aged well".

Grim Dawn Updated with the Forgotten Gods Expansion

Grim Dawn fans looking for new adventures will want to check out today's release of the Forgotten Gods expansion. Players will find tons of new content including the Shattered Realm, a new class mastery called Oathkeeper, a "massive story chapter", new locations to explore, and much more. The expansion requires the base game and will set you back $16.

Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods Finally Arriving on March 27th

If you've been waiting for the Forgotten Gods expansion for Grim Dawn, we have great news for you today: Crate has finally announced that it will be released on March 27th. The expansion will run $15.99 and it does require the Ashes of Malmouth DLC in order to play which is $17.99. Forgotten Gods brings a number of improvements and new features to players.

Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods Gameplay Trailer Celebrates the Game's 3rd Birthday

If you've been looking forward to seeing what gameplay looks like in the forthcoming Grim Dawn expansion, Forgotten Gods, today's your lucky day. Devs released the brief video to celebrate Grim Dawn's third birthday. Viewers will get a look at new locations and environments as well as some wicked looking damage from the player. In addition, the video shows the new Oathkeeper Mastery alongside some unique items and the dungeon mode called The Shattered Realm. Oooh lala, it's pretty!

Grim Dawn Team Reveals the Forgotten Gods World Map & Legendary Armor Sets

As the date for the release of the next Grim Dawn expansion, Forgotten Gods, nears, the team is revealing even more about it after months of relative quiet. In today's post, viewers can get a look at the final world map for Korvan Basin, "a forgotten land of the Korvan people who vanished following cataclysmic disaster". In addition, viewers can get a look at two of the expansion's Legendary armor sets: The Blightlord and Ghol's Malice.

Grim Dawn Devs Take a Look Back at 2018 & Ahead to the Forgotten Gods Expansion

The Grim Dawn site has been updated with a lengthy look back at all the game improvements and additions over the course of 2018. In addition, it provides a peek ahead at the upcoming year, most especially regarding the release of the Forgotten Gods expansion. Readers can also get a gander at some breathtaking new screenshots from the expansion and learn that the next game news update is planned for January 21st.

Zealous Oathkeeper is the 9th Mastery Coming with the Forgotten Gods Expansion

The Grim Dawn forums has the latest Misadventures, this time focused on more content coming with the Forgotten Gods expansion. Players will find the 9th mastery in the form of the Zealous Oathkeeper. "All Oathkeepers have two things in common: Unflinching loyalty and zealous fury" the post reads.

Forgotten Gods Expansion to Introduce Challenge Areas with Improved Loot Drops

The latest Grim Dawn "Grim Misadventures" newsletter has been published on the game's forum. In it, the team reveals a new feature coming with the expansion, namely Challenge Areas. As players venture through the game world, certain locations will provide extra challenges to their skills AND provides the chance at rare or epic loot. These locations can come with extra modifiers and mutators to challenge even the toughest player.

Shattered Realm Game Mode Sends Players Through the Veil

The latest Forgotten Gods preview has been posted on the Grim Dawn forum. This time, a new game mode is introduced called the Shattered Realm. When players take part, they are sent through the veil into a world beyond that is familiar...yet different and packed with increasingly difficult foes the further one explores.

Forgotten Gods to Include 9 New Constellations, 5 with New Celestial Powers

The Grim Dawn site has been updated with the latest Grim Misadventures, this time focused on the Forgotten Gods expansion. In this edition, developers showcase six of the nine constellations within the "Celestial Tapestry" that will be reappearing during the events of the expansion. Nine new constellations will manifest themselves, with five of them having "all new celestial powers".

Latest Grim Misadventure Previews The Guardians of Korvan

The latest Grim Dawn Misadventure has been published on the game's forum. Readers will be treated to a preview of one type of creature they will encounter when The Forgotten Gods launches later in 2018. Called The Guardians of Korvan, these are animated keepers "that were forged to resemble the celestial figures" that were prevalent in the area aeons ago. As players roam through the ancient ruins of Korvan, they will need to find ways around them.

Rune Augments to Bring Six Mobility Options to Players

The latest Grim Dawn developer update has been published on the game's forums. In this new "Grim Misadventure", the team talks about the Rune Augment system that is coming along with the Forgotten Gods expansion. Rune augments can only be applied to Medals and will provide players with one of six different movement abilities that can drastically change the way any class plays. These Runes can be earned via faction reputation or crafted in higher forms via blacksmith blueprints.

Next Update to Feature Nemesis Tracker, Crucible Shake Up & a Kraken!

The latest developer update for Grim Dawn has been published on the official site. This time, while acknowledging that the Forgotten Gods expansion is plugging along, the team shows off some nifty new things coming in the next free update (v1.0.6.0). Players will find a new Nemesis Tracker, a big shake up in the Crucible and the addition of Kra'vall the Ancient beneath the Ugdenbog.

Forgotten Gods Expansion Location, Korvan Plateau, Revealed in New Screens

The latest Grim Dawn Grim Adventures developer diary has been published on the official forums. In the latest issue, while no new Forgotten Gods expansion gameplay features are discussed, the team has unleashed a plethora of screenshots of one of the locations, Korvan Plateau.

Latest Forgotten Gods Dev Diary will Really Bug You

The Grim Dawn forum has been updated with the first in a series of bi-weekly developer diaries to introduce players to content coming in the Forgotten Gods expansion. In this first foray, readers are informed about a number of creatures including Korvan Scarabs. In addition, the armored dinosaur-like Sand Claw is profiled.