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Granado Espada Online Overview

Granado Espada Online, originally known as Sword 2: Revelations, is a free to play, item shop supported fantasy MMORPG from IMC Games, Redbana, and HanbitSoft. There are the usual assortment of storyline quests and regular quests, but the game distinguishes itself in several key ways. The game's look was inspired by Baroque period European artwork, and the combat system allows players to control up to three characters at once, adding a degree of strategy and depth to GEO. They can simply switch between characters, but if they choose, players can control several through direct orders or an AI order system.

You can set each to a characteristic mode to reflect your style. This combat mode eliminates the need for a party if a player is inclined to solo, though players may also team up with others. Another notable feature is the RNPC or recruitable NPCs, who you may call upon exactly once to join your party for a mission. They give you a calling card, which may be traded with other players. PvP is also featured, and players can take on duels up to massive guild battles staged in various cities. Updates are released regularly.


  • Multi-character Control | Allows you to control up to three characters at once, whether it's fighting or gathering.
  • Stances | An array of combat stances are available for each class, giving them more powerful skills, abilities, and weapon options.
  • Skills | Several skills available for each stance. As stances level, new skills are learned.
  • UPC | Unique Player Characters can be gained through quests, and help bring a wider degree of diversity to gameplay with their learned stances.