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Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising Articles

Subscription Fees Waived

According to a new post on the Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising forum, the game will be adopting a free to play revenue model. Until such time as the reworked hybrid model goes live, all subscription fees will be waived and the game price will drop to $9.99.

Book Preview & Upcoming Dev Chat

The Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising site has been updated with a new preview from the upcoming book, "Blood and Laurels", based on the game developed by Heatwave Interactive.

Week Long Free Trial Offered

Heatwave Interactive has announced that a new free trial period for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising has been implemented. Players opting for a subscription after the free trial will not lose characters or progress.

Server Patch Incoming

Beginning at 12:00 p.m. CST, Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising servers will be taken offline to deploy the latest patch to the game. The update features bug fixes, quest updates, and adjustments to combat & feats.

Free Trial Announced

Heatwave Interactive has announced a new free three-day trial for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising.

Interview with Anthony Castoro

MMORPG.com Community Manager Michael Bitton sat down for an interview with Heatwave Interactive CEO Anthony Castoro to discuss all things Gods and Heroes.

Scout Screens and a Video

Fresh on the heels of Thursday's announcement that the newest game patch would include the new class; The Scout, the Gods and Heroes team have released a series of screenshots, and a video, celebrating the new class.

Latest Patch Adds Scout Class

Heatwave Interactive has deployed the latest patch to Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. The patch includes a new class, the Scout, in addition to the usual bug fixes in gameplay, minions and more.

Featured as Steam's Deal of the Week

Folks interested in trying out Heatwave Interactive's Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising will want to head over to Steam. Gods & Heroes is Steam's "Deal of the Week" and can be purchased for $14.99 USD.

New Content, Community Reward and a Slipping Box Price

The Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising team have announced today that they'll be lowering the price of the box of Rome Rising to $29.99 for both the retail and digital sales of the game's core content. Heatwave will also be rolling out a new class, the Scout, next week and a new character, Batillus, the long dead arches, the will be made available to players who have purchased and subscribed by July 31st.

Et Tu, RipperX?

In his latest game overview video, MMORPG.com's RipperX takes a look at Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. Ripper takes his first baby steps in the world and offers his thoughts about the game. Check it out!

CEO Talks Production Priorities, Poor Growth

Heatwave CEO and Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Executive Producer Anthony "Romulus" Castoro recently took to the game's official forums in order to address what appear to be clear issues with the growth of the game's population, as well as the team's plans to address those issues in the very near future. Additionally, Castoro also provides an outline of where the team's production priorities lie, outlining some of the changes and additions players can expect to hit the game soon.

Second Thoughts: Magister Mundi Sum!

The MMORPG.com tandem team of Bill Murphy and Adam Tingle have been independently playing a lot of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising over the last weeks and have each written their own review of the game. In our Second Thoughts review, Adam Tingle offers his thoughts on the game. Check it out and then be sure to read Bill Murphy's review as well.

The Official Review

In our official MMORPG.com site review of Heatwave Interactive's Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, Managing Editor Bill Murphy puts the game through its paces to see how it measures up. Read the official review and then be sure to swing by Adam Tingle's Second Thoughts: Magister Mundi Sum to see what he thought as well. Be sure to share your opinions in the comments below.

Wield the Power Trailer

Heatwave Interactive has released a new game play trailer from Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. Called "Wield the Power", the video shows off in-game footage of the recently released MMO.