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Gloria Victis Articles

Gloria Victis Upgrades Their Engine - Promises Better Graphics and Stability

If you've been playing Gloria Victis then you may be aware of a new client-side engine version that has been running alongside the older client for months. Black Eye Games decided to completely make the switch to the new engine at the end of March.

Gloria Victis Claims Beta Victory - 'Made by Players, For Players, and With Players'

Black Eye Games says Gloria Victis has reached a milestone, and is ready to transition into its beta phase. As they rightly toot their own horn for this accomplishment, they want their players to know that they couldn't have done it without them, and thank them for their trust, patience, help and cheering them on.

Gloria Victis: Siege Survival Available as Free Prologue, Available Now

If you are a Gloria Victis player that also happens to love survival games, then today is your lucky day. A free prologue has just released on Steam, Siege Survival: Gloria Victis.

Gloria Victis Outlines New Mounted Combat Update

Gloria Victis has shared an update on horses and mounted combat.

Gloria Victis Receives Several Updates to Bring Long-Awaited Features to Players

Over the past several weeks, Gloria Victis has received a number of updates to bring many long-awaited features to its players alongside some brand new content. The updates see new siege engines, world events, rankings and improvements to the guild heraldry system brought into the live game.

Catapults Fling Themselves Into Gloria Victis as Part of the Deadly Harvest Update

Gloria Victis players can now use the just-arrived catapults to fling things at their enemies. The deadly machines arrived in the game as part of the Deadly Harvest update that also brings a new world event where nations are trying to capture as much territory as possible.

Gloria Victis Team Adds Frontline Battles to Enhance & Improve Open World PvP

The Gloria Victis team has sent word that the open world PvP system has been improved with the addition of Frontline Battles that pit two factions against one another with the goal of capturing the enemy's location. In addition, the update also brings new balance enhancements to the three playable nations "helping prevent the visible domination of one faction in the continuous wars over lands".

Gloria Victis's 155th Update Includes Holiday Fun

The Gloria Victis team has updated the game for the 155th time to bring three special Christmas events into the game. Players will be able to earn free items, "including high-quality equipment and free Christmas-themed skins" for the recently added furnaces that are used for metallurgy and cooking.

Long-Awaited Crafting Update Arrives in Gloria Victis

After a long wait, Gloria Victis developers have finally deployed the crafting update that brings in a new type of crafting and "expands the crafting gameplay by creating the metallurgic materials" The challenge is finding the right fuel to create the required temperature.

Gloria Victis Brings Open PvP to Bear Along with New Quests & Much More

Gloria Victis has been patched with a number of new features and improvements. Most notably, "Open PvP" has been added with four new guild locations for groups of players to battle over. Within those locations, there are a variety of structure sizes -- forts for smaller guilds to capture and mid-tier castles and more.

Players Can Now Place Plants, Tents & Campfires In Game

The latest Gloria Victis update has been deployed and players now have the opportunity to place items in the game world. These items include plants, tents and campfires. For instance, players interested in farming can plant seeds, but will need to tend them in order to see them grow to a harvestable state. While outside of settled locations, players can pitch a tent and place a campfire nearby for a spawn point.

It's Hard to Wage War When You're Hungry - Cooking System Added

The Gloria Victis team has sent word that aspiring chefs may want to check back into the game thanks to the addition of the cooking system. There are tons of meals and recipes that can provide boons to those partaking. Guilds bringing along a field cook are wise as the food both provides strength and a blessing.

Ranked PvP Duels Anchor Latest Update

Gloria Victis has been patched with a significant update that brings a number of new features and improvements to the game. The patch is anchored by the arrival of Ranked PvP Duels that include leaderboards and arena-based battles that take place "in a fair environment where their own skill determines the outcome of the battle".

Playable Female Characters Added Along with New Combat Mechanics & More

The latest update has been deployed to Gloria Victis that brings a number of big features into the game, most notably playable female characters. The introduction of female characters included reworking all armors and garments in the game to make them fit properly.

Lordly Haven, a Massive Fortress, Added in Big New Update

Gloria Victis has been updated to bring Lordly Haven online. Lordly Haven is a huge fortress and is one of the largest areas that players can conquer as it sits between Midlanders and Azebs. According to devs, "it is meant to help out the Open PvP balance. Conquerors will gain access to stores of high-tier resources that can be used to craft high end gear.