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Echoes from the Past & Bright Future - Gloria Victis is Better Than Ever!

A lot has happened in the Gloria Victis development over the last few months. One of the most important changes, crucial for the game’s open world PvP and non-target combat formula, is the recently applied huge synchronization & controller update.

Sponsored The Combat Update is Live!

It is a pleasure for Black Eye Games to announce that the long-awaited Gloria Victis combat update is finally live! Introducing brand new motion-captured animations, reworked controller and new synchronization system. The update brings the entire gameplay to a new level, enhancing immersion and focus on the player’s own skill, adding a lot to the idea of the skill-based PVP. So, what is the combat update about?

50 Updates Deployed In Less Than a Year!

9 months ago Gloria Victis came to Steam Early Access. Over these 9 months we were able to deploy 50 regular updates and likely 3 times more smaller fixes! It wasn’t easy to maintain such high momentum all the time, especially being a small independent studio, but continuous support of our awesome Community keeps giving us a power boost. Let’s take a look at the progress done over last 9 months of Gloria Victis development.

Sponsored Early Access Has Launched!

Two years after getting Greenlit, thanks to the intensive full-time work of our team, Gloria Victis finally moved to Steam Early Access. We have waited with launch until now to make sure the game will be polished enough to meet your expectations. However, we know that we can achieve a lot more together, so we encourage the players to discuss the game and its core features, as well as the recent progress and future development plans.

Expanding the Territory Control System

The world of Gloria Victis is a place of everlasting conflicts. Day by day wars plague the lands and their inhabitants; for one glorified warrior a dozen dies lonely. However, the history is written by the victors and they are the ones who take profits from waging a war.

April Update - Final Stretch Before Steam Launch!

The last few weeks of the Gloria Victis development were very intense. Many important improvements came to life, either enhancing the user experience and immersion or resolving the reported issues.

A Look Back at March's Progress

March was a really successful month for development of Gloria Victis, bringing to life lots of important improvements to the gameplay formula, user experience and immersion.

New Opportunities

As Gloria Victis is coming closer and closer to the Steam Early Access launch, there is a need to expand the currently available content and continuously improve the newcomers experience – therefore Mereley, with its fort, village and fishing docks, has just been completely overhauled.

Fame, Disgrace & Becoming a Legend

Delivering messages through the lands plagued by wars or taking care of the wounded; joining Crusades to seek redemption or forging the world-known, breathtaking swords; slaying dozens of foes in gruesome battles or raising architectonic pieces of art – in Middle Ages, times when the tale about a man could have more meaning than his life, every action performed by a person would affect their standing.

Improving the User Experience

As Gloria Victis is moving closer and closer to the long-awaited Steam release, improving the newcomers’ user experience becomes a key goal of the development process. It means not only improving the performance or fixing issues of any kind but also introducing the players into the gameplay mechanics in an intuitive, user-friendly way.

The World is Changing

Everything is changing (except for war – war never changes), and the world of Gloria Victis is evolving as well, filling up with breathtaking locations, more credible reactions of its inhabitants to the actions performed by the players, and new ways of building up the immersion.

Full Alpha Released & What You Can Expect

The last month of development of Gloria Victis has been very busy but extremely effective. The version 0.5 update – the biggest one so far – finally went live! This is one of the biggest achievements during the entire development process.

Sponsored New Official Gameplay Trailer

The new gameplay trailer of Gloria Victis has just been released, as the version 0.5 is very close to being finished and released. It will introduce the long-awaited UI overhaul including the wipe of characters, as well as switching to Alpha.

Adding More Life to the World

As it had been said many times before, one of the fundamental principles of the development of Gloria Victis is to create a living, credible world that offers as much immersive experience as possible. But the term “immersion” does not limit to the NPC guards patrolling the roads and commenting the latest events out loud or to a realistic day and night cycle.

Redefining the Crafting System

Although still in development, the crafting system in Gloria Victis has reached an impressive level of complexity and authenticity, which were the fundamental goals of its development. However, to make sure that becoming a master craftsman will not be achieved through mindless, tedious repetition of gathering exactly the same materials to craft exactly the same items over and over.